Guys, they Buffed Rinoceronte! | World of Tanks Rinoceronte

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Source: DezGamez

of Tanks Rinoceronte Buff – Big Rebalance. World of Tanks Update 1.20 Patch Server.

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Next up in the tank buffing list is Rinoceronte. This tier 10 Italian heavy tank has been waiting for some buffs basically ever since it was released… Well, now it happened, but is it enough?

What do you think?


  1. What is your take or Rino overall? YAY or NAY?
    Have a nice weekend, Legends!

  2. It will be flavor of the month, then they’ll buff the next line in a never ending circle

  3. Why did you bounce the last shell on the 277? To put it simply, only because the RNG wanted you to bounce it no matter what.

  4. Why dont they buff the gun accuracy if they wont touch the dpm?

  5. Rino is going to be strong against lowtiers.

  6. LMAO, nice “”””buff”””” WG lmao.

  7. Soo …. rino will be a pain in the ass for the lower tiers and still a fart for the tier 10s …… ok then.

  8. Dude, it’s been far too long since the last batchat 25T video, we need another!

  9. Why dont they balance gold rounds?

  10. In sovjet russia green means red.

  11. This change in a nutshell: Tanks armour is better against normal rounds, but Premium still cripples this tank. Average wargaming buff

  12. Synthetic Danimal 90

    Im still waiting for e100 get some love.

  13. it need more

  14. “Premium ammo is not an issue”

  15. all russian body bags in the game ! RIP DON’T!!!

  16. Never a Rusian tank…great job WG !!

  17. What bad luck @DezGamez, rng gods werent on your side. Good game though.

  18. There’s no surprise.
    If you have above-zero game knowledge you already know the buffs to Rino/T57 are pretty much irrelevant.
    Those buffs will make the tanks feel a bit better but their positions in the game remain unchanged. They are still weak, they are still at the bottom of the list.
    And WG called that “tAnK rEbAlAnCe”.
    How ridiculous.
    Not to mention that Rino/T57 gets matched up again VZ.55 and Kran =)))))

  19. Who really cares, stop schilling so hard for War Gaming and do the right thing.

  20. Pffft. You weren’t robbed. It’s working as intended. Wargaming programs the kill shot to bounce, doncha know? Italiaski can’t kill Ruski without giving the Ruski another chance!

  21. The tier 9 Progetto 66 is an absolute monster. Even after the buff, the tier 10 is trash

  22. what about love for the ST-2?

  23. Mino is actuall heavy tank rino is actual td

  24. Rino just seems like an unpleasant gaming experience.

  25. While they could do more, I do like the fact they are taking it slow so we don’t have a repeat of the m4 54, though I think they should have removed the weakspot instead, since theres no point in having one if your whole tank is one.

  26. How about game rebalance? I’ve had lots of games that last like 30 seconds or 1 minute and 15:3 score. Every day lots and lots of these games.
    Not to mention being spoted from the other side of the map, getting penetrated by everybody and shooting confetti with t29….

  27. I think if they went for 225mm instead of 210mm that would have been enough of a difference. It will always have that little extra head on top of the gun that you can pen, so buffing the cheek armour will never be dangerous.

  28. time forgotten prince

    I’ve gone up to the tier 8 fully upgraded, and have gone no further.

  29. 3:50 average bobject player

  30. @Demi_5611_EU (Obj268 v4) youve just been exposed. LOL

  31. If they don’t want to buff the reload why not buff the damage? Give it maybe a 500 damage or 530.

  32. In face hugging situations I always try to shoot a spot that already has been penetrated. May not make a difference but that is what I try to do

  33. I’m one of the weird ones who like the Rino as well. I found it quite bouncy and just enjoyed it when I played it. When you first get a new tank, you get a feel for it and know if it will be good or bad. On my first day with it I was loving this tank, it just worked for me and my playstyle I guess. I’m not one for chasing damage but just long as it’s fun for me and it was. Really enjoyed this tank. Buffs are always welcome but that also means it will be harder when your up against it.

  34. From the first 20 sec we can understand how WG thinks. They create/buff tanks until you need to spend gold ammo to pen them so they profit even more. Other than that they don’t give a toss, end of mistery.

  35. The armour buff is minimal and not significant. The big problems with it are the terrible DPM and the really troll gun that means you miss making your DPM even worse.

  36. Haven’t played for years, but isn’t leaving this thing in it’s sufferings the best course of action? Hull down autoloaders pretty much combine two of the most lazy and powerful attributes a tank can have in this game. I don’t think that an auto-reloading kranvagn would be a good thing for balance.

  37. Rng that has to $&@% you without a reach around.

  38. great, another terrible goldspam armor that you need gold to pen, and you better not be in a light tank. Wargaming is so transparent.

  39. 4th shell to be added or leave this reload time and buff damage to 620

  40. I’ve said many times that damn this RNG is skewed. There are cases when the hell 3-4 shots don’t go through when the opponent has say 100 life. This happens all the time.

  41. thanks for all the information you are providing us

  42. -Making it impossible for low tier vehicles to fight the tank

    -Still tier 10 can pen anywhere with gold

    Classic WG

  43. Plus, the 277’s armor is like a weaker version of the 279’s.
    A small change in angle changes the armor profile a lot

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