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A sherman 1.0 br lower wow grape


  1. Can we get a yeee yee for the mosquito pilot

  2. Am I the only one that thought the title was a Jojo’s reference?

  3. Lovin it.. had fun with this one! keep it up!

  4. P51C. Pepperidge farms remembers.

  5. PHLY PLEASE play only using shrapnel shells.

  6. is it just me when he said marco i say polo

  7. 4:25 the Owen Wilson Wow

  8. Hey phly I’ve been watching your channel for a few years and I started playing 4 years ago and I’m only 6.3 can you give me a few tips and tricks for the US tech tree


    Hey phly stop complaining about to not be able to hear the enemy’s engine that’s bl I can hear the enemy’s engine with 10 bucks headphones and with my monitor’s default speaker

  10. Day 7 a2d1 in air rb as bomber

  11. I really miss your air rb games, told by a ground player

  12. 3:00 what the hecking vehicle is that?!?!1!!1?!

  13. I dont understand why those phly faces are just sorta stupid noobs but those who I face are all aces…

  14. The sounds in these last couple of patches are broken – a KV-2 fired at me from 50 meters, no sound of the gun and a sound of a MG on impact (just one example)

  15. 2:28 Phly.exe has stopped working

  16. I have trouble seeing tanks in rb

    So I play arcade

  17. im glad phly is having the same no sounds issues im having to

  18. You made me believe that war thunder is easy

  19. Gaijin should add a “premium” sound mode where player can hear the enemies better. For the non-premium, enemy tanks should be more muted!

  20. your team has not saved your life 3 times today.

  21. i found Phlydaily in WT i might not meet him cuz i’m on the other side of the country and it’s definitely not china cuz china is my country’s enemy

  22. “Hi! I’m Phly!”
    “Okay, let’s battle!”

  23. This is literally one of my favorite tanks

  24. Do more of these Shermans 🙂

  25. 2:00 that’s his autism meter shooting up through the roof

  26. This remember me when u play puma and my i run so fast that make my arty hit me and i die by my arty

  27. I’m eating gyros while watching this. Great!

  28. T-34-57 has entered the chat

  29. Use the bf 109 with 2 props and a tank that is pretty good at destroying tank and bouncing shells or cant pen

  30. Getting all theys ads saying did you hear about this government grant and I’m over here like did you hear about the gyroooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  31. I want to be members so bad but I’m still in school soon when I work Ill be in your service

  32. Man come on Gaijin fix the damn tank sounds, had this happen to me a few days ago, a bloody T55m got me cause I could not figure out where he was behind a group of houses and he popped me.

  33. Hey Phly – Have you ever done content on your key mapping and setup? Would love to see if you tweak the standard controls or adjust them – I’m looking at zoom for starters as this seems different to the stadard. Thanks!

  34. For a second i thought you were saying about Greek Gyros

  35. Phly, If I buy something thru your 3% discount, is Tigor going to come with it or is it a separate purchase on its own?

  36. ‘At 4.7, this is a whole Br lower than the 5.7’
    Big brain

  37. Phlyyyy can you please play the 3 inch bunker again, it can bounce tiger shots easily

  38. 6:51 preeeetty sure that should’ve been a direct hit

  39. I was super excited when I saw the thumbnail and THOUGHT that I saw a panzer 3..

    Then my hopes were crushed >..<

  40. how can you take different flaps without taking out your gear for a split second?

  41. I have one question Phly. Why dindt you shoot the ammo in the back of the flak? You whoud had saved a lot of ammo. Btw pls make a new video on the is-2.

  42. Alyosha The Dork Knight

    When are we getting a Video in the AMX-13 SS-11 ?
    That thing can hold a capture point against 4 tanks at once at 6.7 BR

  43. wholesome

  44. Actually the best medium tank of 4.0 letterally nobody can survive to his 76mm gun

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