H A M – Object 703 Version 2 – World of Tanks

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  1. Salah-Eddine SEMROUD


  2. what a bruh momento tank

  3. Wow, last time I was this early, Foch still uploaded to youtube 😉

  4. Circon clearly playing against paid actors here. Only possible explanation.

  5. I see you are in love with this tank 😉
    Enjoy the double-penetration!

  6. Enemies had their backdoors kicked the fuck in!

  7. It was cool to see this on stream

  8. More soviet balance on display !

  9. no gunmarks shown on barrel ?

  10. And this is the exact reason I stopped playing this shitty game years ago.

  11. to be fair sometimes i have those games where i do absolutely nothing. it feels like all shells miss or bounce no matter how i aim. and there are those games that doing 7-8k dmg is not enough to get a win as well.

  12. Heroic_Spirit_Gomikubi

    The “So anyway, I started BLASTING” line is just so much better when recontextualized as WoT lingo.

  13. I need that clip of jingles reading the gnome thing

  14. Mmmmmh , hundred of cows going fast to buy boxes trying to get this tank , some ppl are so fuck1ng easy to milk !!

  15. So why doesn’t t the red team ever just drive in front of my guns like this.
    Like this never ever happens to me where I’m attacking the guy and he backs out and shows me has side

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