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Source: OddBawZ

MR. JUMBO: https://www.makeship.com/products/mr-jumbo-plush

The Sherman Jumbo has always been a favourite in Thunder. Anyone who's ever played it has had at least one insane game. On the flip side, going through the Jumbo's armor can be a bit of a nightmare!

The Jumbo Sherman comes in two forms. The 75mm Jumbo and the 76mm Jumbo and trust me… 1mm can make ALL the difference. With 140mm of penetration, unangled Tiger Tanks and T-34's are practically !

Now that Gaijin has moved some choice German Tanks out of the way of the Jumbo, this makes it even more fun to play! 🙂

Also, I shot my own Nuke! 🙂




  1. I misread the title as “hail to the king” and thought it was a music video😂 I still like odd though

  2. I wish War Thunder was F2P friendly as I don’t have the money to get to higher tiers in a reasonable time so I, like thousands of other players, have to grind low tiers for hours on end.

  3. The reason its at 6.3 is probably because if its at 6.0 it has a chance. A tiny chance. One in a million chance to get a full downtier to 5.0 and if you remember the 75 Jumbo being at 4.7. Times that by 2x for the 76 jumbo at 5.0

  4. Carry on BawZ <3

  5. Jumbo 76 is an unstoppable beast in down tiers unless someone shoots you between your front armor plates.

  6. Il-2 (1942) please

  7. I shot one in the mantlet using a sturer emile from 5 feet away… didn’t do fuck all

  8. Ordered Mr. Jumbo immidiately. My Tigor Tonk needs a friend.

  9. For as long as this tank sees IS-6s and Tiger 2s it will never find peace and be playable for fun.

  10. Stop it… You’re forcing gaijin to put a poor jumbo on even higher br… That thing is already almost impossible to enjoy considering panthers lolpenning you. (Also the true king of heavy tanks is black prince)

  11. And yet when i use it it doesnt pen an unangled tiger’s weak pojnt and then every enemy aims from half a mile away and pefectly hits the mg port

  12. NotSoRacistRaspberry

    17 kills 6k rp. That is such a joke seeing as you can make around 5k for half of that.

  13. The Snail Takes What He Wants

    IS 7 vid when?

  14. Very rare face cam Bawz!

  15. I challenge you to get even 10 kills in tank arcade 8.0!

  16. I celebrate 1 kill in RB and it only taking 3 days to get a vehicle unlocked lol

  17. I wanted to get the Sherman for my kid when you released it. Sad it has the boobies joke on it.

  18. You keep commenting that you don’t understand what the enemy/ally teammates are doing. My brother, your kill streaks indicate that your positional awareness is superior. They are the ones that don’t know why they do the things they do. Poor baby birds. Their only hope is that OddBawz runs out of ammo.

  19. @OddBawz I forgot to say welcome back and good to see you again. I was just excited to see your videos back in my feed lol!

  20. wow, that rp was horrid.

  21. I dont understand why people get confused when a tank has wooden planks or logs attached to it. Like you understand that tracks arent perfect and the vast majority of what a tank does is drive and wait? While you’re doing those things it’s nice to have supplies allowing you to do many things. If your tank is carrying logs they can be used as a way to support the tank crossing deep mud. They can also be used for everything you might possibly need wood for like making fire or reinforcing a building or bracing a gate. Felling a tree and de-limbing it takes a LOT of time and effort and if you can just carry one with you anyway then you save time and effort, things that save lives in war.


    If the T20 and T25 still had their stabs, I would be using them still. Its unfortunate Gaijin shafted them by removing their stabs and increasing their BRs because of secretz documentz that they pulled out of their asses. Seriously. they almost only ever nerf everyone but Germany and Russia.


      We all know the real reason though, German mains go to gaijin crying saying “-insert tank- is op and keeps killing my invisible Tiger! I want to be like the famous german tiger ace!” Seriouslyy, whenever a tank is even slightly better than a german tank, it gets the nerf stick.

  23. i thought the jumbo got downtiered, damn

  24. spawn camper noob …

  25. I remember one of my very first matches with this thing and I think I got somewhere between 12-13 kills if I remember correctly. This tank is absolutely amazing!

  26. Just been a 105 Tiger with the caption, “The one she doesn’t tell you about.”

  27. Κωνσταντίνος Ιατρού

    Only in me the new sounds doesn’t work

  28. Dude you have great skin

  29. Yk its a good time when you win, and also have more kills than the rest of your team combined

  30. Slayer or SmoothGroov

    how do u get downtiers?? I played 10 games and every one was a max uptier

  31. Ewwwww warthunder

  32. What accent do you speak with? I’m just learning English.

  33. Got a question how did you get all those accessories on it like the netting and bike as there not in game items?

  34. Matthew Milkovich

    Interesting since the Sherman series was considered a medium tank

  35. OMG thats so mean.. I got 18kills with the jumbo a couple days ago and only got 60k SL (would be 100k if i had had prem) 😢

  36. Oooh so that’s what he looks like


  38. The whole nuke thing makes me not want to play

  39. Charles Courtwright

    still dont know how this is supposedly equal to the tiger 2p and the is2 1944

  40. HE don’t care about your wiggle, Dicker Max.

  41. I get 12 kills and dont get that much

  42. I avsolutely hate that tank, its such a seal clubber. Hide the front MG-port with a bush and you’re almost impossible to kill from the front. I get so much pleasure from slaughtering jumbos through their front armor with my jagdtiger

  43. Hilmar Heathkliff

    I remember a time i got over 20k rp in air arcade for killing 10 planes. Here you are in a tank 4 br above what i was using killing 17 tanks and getting less than a third of what i got for 10 airplane kills.

  44. lol bawz plays a jumbo and no one can go go through. I play a jumbo, and literally 10 tanks in a row go right through my machine gun port after glancing at me. Angle, no angle, doesn’t matter. Sigh.

  45. Wait, what exactly are the br changes??

  46. 12:04 I don’t know why but I made this as there is no difference in both sounds made here:

  47. I love the Jumbo and the Plushie
    these games were insane

  48. I still think the 5.3 is better br for br because of the sheer amount of new tiger players that think they can pen u anywhere

  49. That long range yeet from the M4A1 is legendary. Had to re-watch clip to make sure it wasn’t a collision, that shot may very well have saved Oddz as well because they may not have hit. truly epic shot

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