Halloween 2020 Event | World of Tanks Halloween 2020 Special Event Preview

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Halloween 2020 Special Event – Fighting Unexplored in Mirny-13. World of Tanks New Halloween 2020 Event Guide. World of Tanks Waffentrager Auf E-100 Comeback Event Combined With Steel Hunter. World of Tanks Halloween Special: Fighting the Unexplored in Mirny-13.

Information from:
► https://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/general-news/halloween-2020-announcement/

Today We are going to look at freshly released details about Halloween 2020 Event. They teased us with one very juicy and this Halloween Special: Fighting the Unexplored in Mirny-13 event.

What do you think?


  1. If it is more balanced than the Waffentrager event… Then I am all up for it! 🙂 What do you think?
    Enjoy your weekend, my friends! ❤

    • I only failed one time and that was with the harriers. I did 40+ times with the WT but when I completed the event I just gave people some fun and wins because I felt sorry for them.

    • @Paradocs yeah thats a good idea if you look at the enemy tanks in the post there is an alequin as well

    • I Think that when the tank got invisible it was destroyed because in my oppinion the tanks are going to be made by his dark stones

    • don’t think that was cloak tech…i think that’s what happens when you destroy them, they dematerialize! 😀

  2. I 100% know, that in Autumn 2020 will be a great season:
    Waffenträger, Mirny, and Steel Hunter = Greatest Storylines and Crossovers

  3. Aren’t those “invisible tanks” the wrecks disappearing?

  4. WG, a game company?(N)
    WG, a film company?(Y)

  5. I don’t think it will be an ability of disappear it’s just when we kill the bots they will vanish and no tanks racks left on the ground

  6. Finally, I can keep my clothes on…

  7. Is this going to be related to the Leviathan event from a few years back? It looks like that mode crossed with Dark Runners

  8. London isn’t my first language

  9. i think the event starts at the 21. of october. why else should they say twice that its “21 km from Mirny”.
    like … that wouldn´t be relevant if thats not a big sign for the date 😀

  10. In waffentrager – waffentrager leader said something like- this is prep for something worse. (When i played 2nd game as ,,survivor” idk name of this tank)

  11. Do you think the Panther II 3D style will be added again? I wanna get it this year as i couldn’t last year

  12. When was event Last Waffenträger, the voice of Max von Krieger was really interesting. He said for example: … like everyone see soon. I think, this was about hallloween event.

  13. Hi Dez love your videos men!! Keep them coming!!! Do you remember last years Halloween fiasco event that we never got?? Remember the 3D cammos that we could get in “compensation” for that mess? That missison where we could choose one of those cammos? (Cammos for T-49, T-54 ltw, AMX 13 90, M103 and Centurion) and we could buy a 3D cammo for Panther II (or E 50 im not sure by now LOL)… Remember that? I beleave that we are seeing those same tanks with that 3D stiles. I could be wrong but i dont think so

  14. Yes, wot has its problems, but when these events come out, oh boy they don’t disappoint.

  15. 8:00 can you say “london is not my first language” when you mean english?

  16. I don’t think the tank was turning invisible… it was being vaporized.

  17. 6:06 yeah actually its called random battles

  18. *50 000 people used to live here. Now, it’s a ghost town*

  19. WoT events usually sucks, sad but true. I wonder how much this will cost to complete. Maybe we get another scam boxes which will steal gold and you will receive same shit 4 times in row. WG has strange sense tricks. I wish they would just give up this all shit and put their efforts to game balance, and with it I dont mean op reward tanks/op cw tanks/premium tank spam, it’s already sad. Nice animation though.

  20. I wonder if you can let the searching steel hunter balls hit the enemy’s(mosquito cant escape) xD

  21. I Hope those op tanks will be AI controled, because waffel event was complete Hell at the end

  22. Those poor soviets stumbled into a portal into the wasteland.


  24. Lmao Cait wait for this event tho… Looks interesting

  25. Me: Nooooo you cant just makes tanks go invisible.. thats not realistic
    WG: Haha invisible tanks go BRRRRRRR

  26. Herbert Odilio Balsamo

    Will they add another footlocker/lootbox for this event?

  27. 7:58
    “London is not my first language.”
    I dont think its anyone’s haha

  28. It looks like it was a death animation rather than cloaking

  29. There was once a Halloween Mode in Blitz where u could go invisible it was called Mad Games but als Said it was on Blitz

  30. I don’t think those tanks are going invisible. In the trailer when they appear they come from some black stuff similar to the when that there is when they “go invisible” so I think that’s more of a death animation. 2:19

  31. Dez didnt tell me to stay naked. My disappointment is immeasurable, and my day is ruined

  32. I think it’s not a invisible mod of those tanks, it’s the moment when they are distroied.

  33. The energy generator thing has done the rounds, it was on the last years halloween event tanks too, but the energy was red/orange.

  34. PC WoT making amazing crap like this while damn consoles ruining itself

  35. ”London is not my1st language”, mistakes happen….7:56

  36. whats reward????

  37. That one picture looks like a double barreled GERMAN TANK :))

  38. Hey dezgamez the console version of WOT has the WTF auf E 100 available

  39. Its gonna be that shit mode they do each year where you fight bots

  40. What have they done to the game? Look how they massacred my boy ! 🙁
    EBRs with the speed of tesla model 3, more fantasy tanks and magic tank events… my god this game is desperate…
    But i stil enjoy watching Dez content! 🙂

  41. Very hard to win the last waffentragger event bicause to manny “HiGh IQ ” player focusing on WT to early.(impossible to win with random)

  42. Денис Канов

    Definitely not me

  43. WG: I dont know.

  44. Max De Kleijn De Kleijn

    Is ghost town their are sign wich say mirny 13 then in Russian their wil it happen arzagir 4.04 is close to ghost town

  45. Is that cloaking or tanks beaming in and out? 10 to beam up number 1 👨‍🚀💥

  46. 6:20 maybe this tank is disapearing like in Avengers infinity war

  47. Another game mode with a crappy reward tank or crappy rewards in general?

  48. Did it use a cloak or disintegrate?

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