HALLOWEEN 2020 – Mirny-13 – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

Tanks Halloween 2020: Mirny-13 is released upon the server and all hell is breaking loose – here's all you need know!


is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. Michael Hornschuch

    I think I need someone to explain to me what you mean by Zero Skill Recruits. Are you talking about recruits that have literally no skills trained to 100%? As in fresh of the block and you’ll have to start training their first skill? Or, their skills are not set in stone and you can select them when you get them?

    Regardless of which is meant, the recruits from this event have no actual trained skills, just three free to 100% skills. In short, you get to choose three skills for free on them.

  2. Never Gonna Give you up Never gonna let you down

    Also quickybaby you can also click the tanks on the other side and the event is based on silent hill!

  3. this game mode it self is lethal

  4. Wargaming do not want to celebrate something, THEY WANT YOUR MONEY.

  5. 100% agree with your take on the prizes and the effort it takes. Not to mention the limited amount of games you can play unless you spend ridiculous amounts of credit.

  6. lol lol lol

  7. i think the only think worth playing for in this event are the credit boosters and if you think about how the winratio is with playing with randoms it wouldnt be worth it , playing with premates make it okay-ish and later on you get more coins/pergame so its more lucrative .

    thanks for making the video and keep it up 🙂 !

  8. I dont play it
    I prefer ranked
    Because of rewards

  9. Just looks to convoluted & complicated, at a time when I do not want to play Wot much… WG demand t much time

  10. The game Mode is awesome. Sad it is time bounded. One thing Worth to mention is that you need to collect the mirium for the damage you did. Nobody else can take this mirium and I saw it few times it was lost on the field.

  11. When I was playing we all died and there is a Grenader got all the stuffs and we just need 70 more to transfer and he got hit by a mosquito and died and there is a guy saying gg ez in the chat

  12. Hello-giveusyourmoney-win not halloween. WG needed 2 years to figure out how steal more money from kids parents cards.

  13. I actually like the skins, they’re simple. I find that WG goes to far with some of the battle pass skins. Lol I can’t stand the MGs on the barrels.

  14. I want to see u play on 3star

  15. I don’t know, but this video is really annoying me. No idea why. But i like every other video lul

  16. I personally think that style as a reward is some bullshit. Especially when you have to play the mode everyday basically to ear it

  17. Easier said than done, QB. You don’t have spadeheads on your server. Gl hf o7

  18. Well I have average 20k damage per round but not won a single one jet, that’s so sad I can only play like 5 games per day without spending ludicrous ammouts of credits…

  19. Ehhh Ho-Hum event.

  20. WG is so greedy and this is blatant. Content contributors should not promote this.

  21. Spartan_Reaper_ 777

    Try the mobile version of world of tanks, world of tanks blitz there is a cool event going on and try to coordinate with a blitz youtuber such as meadsy

  22. Hi qb, just wanted to say that “immortal” will spawn at first area, where bots spawn, you go to.

  23. Playing this mode means, loosing credits for accounts without premium.
    It’s rare when teamwork happens.

  24. A fun mode that you pay to really play? Not for me.

  25. Don’t use heavies in this mode XD to slow

  26. What is with all of the alternative game modes and side currencies. Its getting old.
    Personally I would rather they just released some new maps …. or expanded some of the smaller ones

  27. I think the worst thing about this is the timing. I don’t have enough time to play this and also ranked…

  28. Kenneth Fortugaleza

    My head hurts when playing this mode!

  29. The summary is, it would be good, if they didn’t make it bad 😀

  30. As I am watching, I want to say I am really disappointed about the Stimulants. The event is already grind-based but the Stimulants do not auto-replenish, forcing you to dip into credits or grind Random Battles for more.

    I really do not like that Wargaming force you to spend so many credits on an event game mode. I feel like they are really out of touch with their community.

    Enjoying the video though. So hectic.

  31. The thing about 3d styles is this and i mean all the 3d styles, not just this event: these 3d styles are influencing the normal game play. They are distracting, they are covering weak spots, so, there should be an option to turn them off. Yes, you can see yourself in it, but other players should be able to see the actual tank. This actually makes the 3d styles pay to play. This should not be the case. Even Skill4ltu has had problem penetrating a TVP because of the 3d style and he admitted it. You just cant see the tank and the plate you are aiming for.

  32. Does Xbox get this?

  33. Those crewmen look so steampostapocalipticpunk

  34. I actually really liked this event gameplay wise. The rewards are crap though :/

  35. Now that I’ve finished the video, my thoughts are much the same. Implemented poorly but it is a fun game mode. Just wish I could play it more as I am not willing throw additional credits just for Stimulants. I don’t mind the credit cost for the consumables as they make it fun (Born ready! in a Goliath is hilarious if you get the increased damage shells. Double-shotting 1k dmg is nuts and has given me a current best of 25k dmg in my Goliath so far.)

    Thanks as always for the video Mr. Baby.

  36. Funny that QB questioned the styles being part of a grind, but failed to mention the 4 styles available for purchase. And is it only me who thinks 3500-4500 gold for a 3D style is way too much?
    If they where 1500 I might have considered them, as they are pretty cool 🙁

  37. Juan José Del Pino Rivas

    Having to pay 225k credits to heal a commander is a massive kick in the butt to many non premium players. The rewards are fine but that utterly stupid expensive healing stimulant should be much much cheaper.

  38. This game mode really sucks with randoms, I’ve played 10 matches in the “easy” mode and I lost every single one of them…

  39. Pay2Play, no Halloween mood, only for clan players with a lot team mates, rather lame prices … a shame, another event that was screwed up. Even the 2019 Halloween event on the console was much more fun. It is graphically well done in terms of storytelling and the idea, but the implementation, in which marketing again only had the income in mind, is unfortunately bad, as with the WT event. And slowly you get fed up with one event after the other. Less is sometimes more.

  40. Monsieur Wonderbra

    It would be Nice, if you could play more often or you can easily achive more of those commander healings. The gamemode is really nice for those wot veterans…

  41. What does he mean with zero skill commanders?

  42. Quackybaby. I know it was a miss-click to queue up and play, but I actually think that really worked well in the video, showcasing the game mode, and the teamwork aspect.

    Unfortunately the two chaps disconnected, but I am sure they enjoyed playing too.

  43. You forgot the 3D skins for German mediums.

  44. Gads so sick of idiots playing lights and thinking they are invulnerable..

  45. my teammates keep rushing away from magnus and i always lose no matter how many times i tell them to go to area around magnus

  46. Well another money grabbing scheme if you want to play more than 5 battles a day….So a lot worse than last year. And 3500 is not a small amount for 20 heals….

  47. As Game is meant for players from age 12 it should reward us with something meant for beginners like camonet, binox(small ones)… and be easier to understand/better explained, like here!

  48. Console Halloween game mode is much better. Comes with unique Tier 8 premium tanks which you can earn or purchase. Then they have their own upgraded game mode where you play those tanks as an upgraded tier 9 for extra rewards.

  49. I like seeing the difference between PC event and console event both are fun by look of things

  50. This event is similar to the Waffentrager event in that I think the actual game mode is fun but as seems to be the case as of late, the implementation by WG absolutely stinks. Expecting people to play WoT like a job is just terrible. I already have a job and it pays me. WG doesn’t pay me. Putting up pay-walls and time-walls just reeks of cash-grab. I’m not opposed to businesses making money but do it in a fair and ethical way.

    The styles are pretty meh to be honest, but they probably are unique, so in that sense there is some value to them. I think I’m in the camp that is kind of glad the rewards are pretty mediocre, so I don’t feel pressure to play or risk feeling like I missed out. I kind of have that sense with Steel Hunters, which I loathe and it’s not a nice feeling. I want to play the game on my terms and time-frame, not WG’s.

    These past couple of years I’ve really lowered my expectations of WG, to not screw up, or to not do the right thing and I’m happier because of it. Expecting the worst and hoping for the best is really they way to go with WG. To sum up, I can’t fault them on the game mode; it’s fun, it’s different and I don’t mind spending some time on it to play. I just am not going to break my back for mediocre rewards which is ok by me.

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