HALLOWEEN 2021 – MIRNY IS BACK!!! World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

Mirny: Hope is World Tanks for Halloween 2021! Here's all you need to know about the event and rewards inc. the KING TIGER!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by and is available as a free download.


  1. have earned 20mil on frontline. I m satisfied :<

  2. Hi QB! You are wrong about one thing – this won’t bring credits. As DezGames already noticed, look at the credit cost for consumables! If you have muppets as team, you might very well end up with a loss. Or rather, it’s definitely not a good event for credits, you can be lucky to break even, as an average player.

  3. human from the solar system planet called earth

    just turn on low graphics and enjoy no smoke

  4. Im not interested

  5. Hey quickybaby, do you have any tips to play isu with the 122 gun? Would be great for any advices

  6. Im looking forward to this because i completed last years mirny 13 and collected everything and this will be my first monster tank so excited

  7. They don’t call me the “28 hours of gameplay on Mirny-13 to get the King Tiger C guy” for nothing.

    • At least u will be able to go to tier 7 and loose some games for your tier 5 teammates as a top tier, so I think it’s worth spending that time afterall ^^

    • 28 hours with all perfect game which you killed the boss. 56 hours if not, maybe?

  8. Lads don’t waste any money on the King Tiger C. It’s not great.

  9. I loved mirny last year, it was just a fun game mode. I didn’t even pay attention to the rewards.

    • It’s always n ice when you can enjoy the game mode and not have to feel the pressure of the grind. It was an event that I enjoyed.

  10. it was usefull

  11. Last year Immortal fell into hole in map and died

  12. these game modes are always rediculously overcomplicated…

  13. For the first time I am downvoting your video. Not because of you but for another crap WoT event.

  14. I hope its unlimited number of plays per day not like last year . Limited per day. Since people work and can play on weekend only 1 per tank.

    Competition between players not good. In recent wt mode. People farmed bots for dmg to get the keys while some of us actually delivering and causing dmg to wt. And winning but not getting the keys …

  15. Rainier Pomeranians

    WG stole the King Tiger from Twitch Prime members… just saying

  16. Respect for you has gone up as i now know you are into aphex, #3 = no.1

  17. quickbaby, no mention that this is a repeat holiday event and not a completely new holiday event? it seems like I am the only person who prefers new holiday events every year and not warm overs of existing holiday events. I do find it odd however that of all the various negative views of world of tanks for so many various reasons that everyone seems cool with this repeat holiday event. /shrug.

    If they were gonna repeat a Halloween holiday event why could it not have been Leviathan? arguably the BEST Halloween event to date.

  18. Is QB bonus twitch stream good for rewards on NA server?

  19. soo me and friends want to plat 5 ppl team o in the end some of us will get all stuff done and some jack shit thats awesome idea! F your friends who need them right? + you need to pay 20k Credits for using boosters… thats fucked up. i don’t realy think that a improvement at all.

  20. Starts on the 27 on NA

  21. Until a Gameplay Video is up here, I will not play or even trust WG because they wrote so many things over the Years and in the End, those writings never came up close to the desaster they made !

  22. I’m currently grinding my way through the double-barreled tanks.

  23. play early, play each tank, play every day…sounds good except some of us have real jobs and don’t make a living off of playing games on Youtube and Twitch

    • Fair shout and I agree that everyday play is toxic, however I’m just trying to give the best advice I can to limit the grind and get more players the Tiger II for less.

  24. Definitely not missing this lol

  25. Glad it’s back. I’m only playing wot for this event lol

  26. Just bring back FRONTLINE WG please….

  27. The only reason i will play again…

  28. QB… Lol

  29. Holy hell WGing, have you ever heard of KISS engineering? Keep It Simple Stupid

  30. This competition between the players is just stupid. Everyone should just get the same amount of keys to encourage everyone to actually do their best and not try to screw anyone else.
    It’s also stupid that the missions for keys can only be done in the vehicles that are used in the mirny game mode. I have one of the six vehicles, the french fry, and I don’t even like it that much. Why can’t wg just make missons available for every tank??

  31. This was my favourite game mode – I made some great in game chums playing this consistently. Now in a clan, I hope we can get a platoon of people I play with consistently to take down The Immortal once and for all! I really enjoyed the story arc as well and collecting all the pieces – definitely my favourite event!

  32. So does this mean that you can get extra keys playing Centurion 7/1. T-54. etc. inside the random battles?

  33. World of Tanks Europe

    We can not wait to venture one more time into Mirny-13 with all of you! Quoting our Senior Researcher Dr. Hope, we recently became aware of the effect that Mirium has on tank crews.

  34. It ends 1 day before I finish my exams… lol

  35. The thing I was the mosted hyped for was, the 3d style of the IS3 2

  36. Another toxicity in the game I am not going to take part.

  37. The rewards seems alright but I am not sure if it will be worth the credits that we will have to spend to get them. like crew books is great but am I better just to purchase them for credits and as for the credits booster are great but if I have to use them to play the mode what’s the point? The top reward, King Tiger is a tier 7, who plays with tier 7’s?

    I will try the mode for sure but if it’s too much of a grind that will be it for this mode.


  39. Will not me talk on wot so no good playing in these events in platoons will never get to give event a go

  40. Think you were quite fair on WG this time QB. The rewards do seem reasonable but will the teams match up, hopefully better than on F/L !?

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