Halloween 2022 in World of Tanks A Real Horror?

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks has released Pumpkin Bash game mode for Halloween 2022 with a brand new crew to claim – but how painful is it?



  1. Concerned British man criticizes Pumpkin Bash.

  2. I wish wargaming would allow us to change the nation of crew members I put the commander on my 60tp not realizing that there’s 5 crew members and to get the coven you need them all and they have unique voice interactions

  3. this gamemode sucks

  4. just pick lt 432 and ram for 1k damage or kv 5

  5. Personally I love this mode. I’ve gone for brawling light tanks which are perfect for this style of knife fighting.

  6. well done, for once you were totally not informing… Dislike.

  7. Does the Event give bonds? How so? I dont see it listed somewhere…

  8. Too many modes and events overlapping. Just creates WoT fatigue and rather than encouraging me to play more, it has the opposite effect. Not doing this or Onslaught and just focused on completing Battle Pass to maintain my sanity and actually enjoy the game. Of course, we understand that the real strategy here is not to get you to play for the rewards, but to pay for the rewards.

  9. The event is rather ‘meh’. Least the missions can be done within 2 hours at most for free crew.

    However I do like the night version of maps, be nice if that was a thing for regular maps.

  10. This was a very rushed unprofessional review of this game mode – I actually felt like I lost IQ-points after watching this video. Very odd considering the quality of QB’s vids in general.
    Starting with TRYING to build a ram setup without the ramming consumable – then one bad game without even knowing the basics of the game mode. Not going for the pumpkin boost thing. Not going through the different abilities. Not talking about the fact that everybody got the wheelies – including the T8 EBR – not trying out that crazy EBR-mode. Not talking about playing in different tiers, thus making it possible to go for crazy setups such as machine gun E25.
    This video should not be one of QB’s proudest moments

  11. They should bring the leviathan

  12. Sebastian Nurkowski

    EVERYONE explode in this mode for no reason
    LT-432 can ram almost everyone for full hp
    skoda T56 always get dmg boosters and even without them every 3-4 penetration make people explode
    WG like to put some mechanics without telling people

  13. Lord Of The Darkness

    This is the worst event from WG ever. Boring/usual gameplay, not special tanks, the abilities don’t save it, rewards are not enough. And what’s more, you can’t even get any credits.

  14. This game mode is utter trash, not going to torture myself, even for the crew.

  15. you didnt take the passive that makes your ramming damage better you could be one shotting tanks quicky

  16. Ramming is fun

  17. it doesnt provide any credits or xp tho so yeah.. also full gold spam everyone

  18. I learned British English in school but because of the music and movies and games I speak US English and I always laugh like crazy when I hear a Brit guy saying the word garage or zebra lol.

  19. In the Asia server only, this event also goes with the loot boxes. And there is 3 new tier 8 premium tanks in that loot boxes. Well, actually 2 of them are the old ones that in the game for years but WG never sell them yet. There are Udarniy, Jagdtiger Prototype and TL-7. Hope to see you make a video on those too.

  20. QB: *Throws out all knowledge on how to play the game to try and meme in the KV-5*

    QB: *Doesn’t have a crazy game result*

    QB: Must be the gamemodes fault.

  21. Even with three people on cap it takes a minute to cap it and respawns only are 5 seconds so enemies are rarely dead long enough to for you to cap out. Since it is so hard to cap the bases every game goes the max time and really becomes a time sink. Killing tanks that are keeping me from capping felt very pointless no matter how many times I send em back.

    If I could make a change I would make it so each consecutive death takes longer to come back from, cap it about 20-25 seconds. Start it at the stupid quick respawn rate but each one adds 5 seconds after.

  22. Man, QB doesn’t understand this gamemode at all… Maybe should have done his research about it first? It’s literally a fun yolo team deathmatch mode. Honestly the most fun I’ve had in a while. Also he used his ramming KV-5 like garbage. use the speed boost to ram kill people and its troll

  23. Try the wheeled vehicle option, it’s a bit silly fun, although I admit it’s almost impossible to cap and ten minutes is very long. For me, semi-mediocre player, I find the “normal” event mode way too competitive. No way I can manage to get the eight games. But the wheeled version is silly (especially with full HE load) and doable.

  24. These “fun” gamemodes should be actual fun like they used to be. This is just a random battle with okay powerups. Something like a hide-and-seek in a much darker map would be an actual special gamemode.

  25. I was really hoping they’d get David S Pumpkins as a commander.

  26. I kinda liked the event so far, tho I only played it with tier 6 and 7 tanks. Not sure if this is the case, but seems that you only get matched up against same tier vehicles too, so what I initially thought could be a problem of always being bottom tier in tier 6 seems to not be possible. Only annoying thing is the credit income. While I do understand that they had to do something with it when all ammo and repairs are free, but you still have to pay for the abilities to stay competitive, so you’re basically playing every game at -9k loss.

  27. If a team caps a flag shoukd count towards the damage total somhow.

  28. this is a shame, was looking forward to Mirny making a comeback

  29. Very lame event

  30. All special modes shoukd be fun and easy to get the rewards. It shouldnt be a grindfest.

  31. I’m actually just playing it for the Grim Reaper medal…65k Halloween points overall through event

  32. no QB this is not how you are to play this game mode, you are ment to take premium EBR
    play 15 EBR v 15 EBR, its much better, much faster, no camping, things happen all the time, idk why they let people play with any tier 6-8, it does sound rly borring

  33. “who wants to login to some thing boring?” hey, I’m here aren’t I?

  34. The looks of it is awesome.the only problem remain the bots who r playin just like in random:sniping with infinite respawn….

  35. Hey, compared to the Waffentrager event, this event is much better. I would say the only thing I dislike is having to remember to re-select your abilities after every match, it gets annoying when you launch in, inevitably forget, and then you’re stuck dying the whole match to people with abilities not being able to do a lot. May as well just quit game and wait out the timer in garage than play when that happens.

  36. I really liked mirny inwas hopping a new phase this year this mode is shit

  37. Not every mode is for everyone, and that’s completely fine! I did like the Mirny event more than this one, but I’d really want to point one thing out: BIG MISTAKE to pick a slow tank and thinking is alright to play it sensibly in a game mode that’s all about chaos. It’s a Deathmatch. Things are gonna be blowing up left, right and center, fires everywhere, buffs and boosts and abilities. Pick something fast with either burst or dpm, potentially giving it a ramming build as well.
    Also maybe next time pick the ramming ability if you wanna ram 😛

    Oh, and EBRs with ramming build is… a whole different game mode.

  38. Qb has made the mode about as unfun as it could be. Use a Hellcat with Enchanted Armour and Dash.

  39. wait until you get a renegade that gets a pumpkin that is boosted to 3000 hp and has a gun with 1200 damage on their premium rounds. The tank was basically spawn camping us and could 1 or 2 shot everyone. Getting spawn camped was the first time I actually truly got mad playing this game. Fun in theory.

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