Halloween 2022… Rewards? WHAT Rewards? | World of Tanks Halloween 2022 Event Guide

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World of Tanks Halloween 2022 Event , Halloween 2022 Rewards and Game Mode.

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Today they released an article and a video about upcoming Halloween event 2022, so let's take a what we get this year, what are the rewards and

What do you think?


  1. @Ray Sithlord You mean Progetto 46, one of the most braindead, no-skills-required, op premium MT at tier 8? Yeah, those who own that tank will definitely have fun.

  2. Dez just be trolling ya with his Anony Cam LOL

  3. Played for 2 hours with 15-1 losses the entire time. Winning was never an option

  4. No video on the armoury boxes??? Does it worth it?

  5. night mode??

  6. Credit sink with no credits in return. Abilities are 3k and perks are 3k a pop. 20k easy per battle. For F2p players how will they be able to compete with no credits earned over this many battles.

  7. Rewards are quite bad

  8. the Pz. IV H Ankou has the same crew feature, but this is the first OBTAINABLE set of crew where they all have their own voice lines. 😀 😀

  9. Wiktor Dymkobierca

    That Autoplay: On indicator from YOUR YouTube overlay certainly had me bamboozled for a moment.

  10. Even with the possibility of 1k bonds for completing the missions this isnt very interesting. i know not every event will be like the waffle event but they could have put more rewards out there than this. this seems like more of a “lets make them waste their credits and gold” so they have to spend more irl money on the next event. the crew members are eh tbh, dont get me wrong crew members are nice to have but these are too cartoonish and look like they are for 10-12 yr olds.

  11. we call this FUN. more players and new players will play WOT.
    events is all needed for success

  12. 5 commanders screaming at once? definitely going to be annoying

  13. With my bad MM and low WR% this occasion is mean less.

  14. another arcade shotter crap mode with 100 additional funktion and a frustrating grind. definitly 0 games for that.

  15. wow, this is extra cringe

  16. Smash imma buy kv-2 🙂

  17. The “win” part will get on my nervs very soon! I can feel my right eye tickle!!! 😀 😀

  18. Looks decent and interesting, but not enough to bring me back to the game.

  19. there are some premium spamming tanks in tier 6… like the bugi.

  20. No credits?
    I guess 9000 credits per battle isnt going to hurt too much even for free to play players, but those are money that otherwise would simply go down the drain.
    Also, free premium round for everyone is going to be more than a little bit hectic

  21. So you grind and grind away too end up with a crew that talks non stop and has very Meh number of skills from the get go….Bring back Mirny.

  22. i thnk that the Lion tier X tank have something to wo with this event. They show Italian tanks all the time in the trailer. and have actually shown the Lion in the previous trailer. I hope so, cause these rewards are hella shit.

  23. I would much rather take credits and premium days than crew members and camo, I have so many of those already and cant even use it.

  24. I think victory is a needed condition. Without it some players will only go in and afk in the battle. Like in the WT event, where you get some points even if you do nothing.


  26. PASS….not gaining credits but spending credits…where/how are you going to balance out those spent credits on the consumables?….this is straight out stupid

  27. PASS….not gaining credits but spending credits…where/how are you going to balance out those spent credits on the consumables?….this is straight out stupid.
    Looks like a daily job ,being forced to do…but ,it’s us who are paying for the job we are doing…..Are we paying for each use in game for every consumable or it’s one time pay per game????
    One missions does basically require you to win the game and with no idea how many points you get per game that might take a while…the other is compete for top 7 spot of spamming same consumable in a 15 team (and we dont know if those Halloween points are only awarded for winning).
    9.000 credits per game, you have to play at least 10 each day(at a min), which is 90.000 per day….why? Why do I have to pay to play it,If it’s a ‘fun’ event? 90k can be easy to grind in randoms, but if everything else is free, why should we pay?
    So, you grind and grind away to end up with a crew that talks non stop and has very Meh number of skills from the get go
    The first impressions of what looks like a very funny event are kinda tainted by this reward system which basically requires you to win and compete for top 7 spot in spamming consumable while playing probably almost every day.

  28. This Event is NOT WORTH the time!!!

  29. Who wants De cals and Geeky Crew for gods sake………………………. We want a fun mode with rewards we can use , Repairs, First aid kits ets

  30. Where is IS7 halloween style?

  31. the fact you don’t earn credits sucks to be honest. even though repair and ammo is free, spending the credits on abilitys and consumables will drain my few credits fast.

  32. Pass, i liked the pve events. Pvp we already have.

  33. too many boosts and abilities, just not wot, mariocart 1 on 1. i can not see, how a grown up person would consider this fun, but, that’s just me.

  34. Lol it does not matter what the mode is or what WoT does. There is always this VERY vocal pack of people who automatically are negative. Mode looks fun and no one is making anyone play it. I am going to dive into it without a care and drive stupid and win about 50% of the games and get everything easy peasy.

  35. Pass, not possible to make credits, time limit for getting crew members, i just dont have the time to do that.

  36. need more event with only tier 5 6 7 =]]]

  37. Well, orange one look like Jinx and even sounds like Jinx. Wtf. Is this some LoL/WoT collab they forgot to mention?

  38. I wish they would spend as much time making new maps as they do these game modes

  39. Well it is maybe going to be fun, but it looks like HELLO KITTY EVENT to me. And the crew? They sounds like chipmunks. From manly Mirny dark event to this? WoT is mainly played by men not women. I have a feeling they are going to remake this game for girls soon – pink tanks firing female pads.

  40. WG leave us alone, give players some kind of a gift and let us play the game we originally want to play not your stupid arcades.

  41. I do not mind the rewards, the free voiced over crews to get and fun time play are good thing for me.

  42. Cromwell will be great in this mode.

  43. No credits and mostly 2d camo a skip for me

  44. “And if you miss a stage, don’t worry! You can purchase them in the store..”

    Wow… it’s almost like it’s designed to be difficult to finish.. What a surprise.

  45. I prefer a PVE-ish game mode instead of PVP. Something which you are not constantly thinking about how to outsmart your opponents

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