Hand MORTAR VS TANKS | PIAT Tank Hunting (Post Scriptum Tank Killing)

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Source: PhlyDaily

Hand MORTAR VS TANKS | PIAT Hunting ( Scriptum Tank Killing)

Scriptum Info – http://postscriptumgame.com/
Scriptum Steam – https://store.steampowered.com/app/736220/agecheck


  1. Typical Gamer 2 TG

    Lol phly we know u got shot up with a 75mm or a 122??

  2. Hey phly maybe you could tell the devs of wt to make a training course for each rank so that way all the fucking dumbass players learn how to play so we don’t have as many shit teams

  3. Conchudasos DelAño

    I unsub cause you dont fly anymore. Go play WOT if you like tanks so much

  4. Phly, you are not popping smoke, but white phosphorous grenades…

    • mzoli1222 Bursting-type smoke grenades like these use white phosphorus. You still don’t want to be anywhere near one of these during the initial blast, nor do you want to breathe the smoke while it’s still fairly dense, but these aren’t the same as incendiary WP munitions.

  5. Ah yes, the Pz. III H – known for eating multiple anti-tank rounds for breakfast and refusing to die.
    Maybe when they release into Early Access on the 18th they’ll get a vehicular damage system put in.

  6. when can i play post scriptum?
    when is next war thunder sale?

  7. PIATDaily

  8. The ammo cooking off sounds amazing.

  9. My graphics card died and now with my integrated one I can still play War Thunder but with ULQ. Press *F* to pay respect.

  10. those british soldiers look far too american for me

  11. Hi Phly, you can call me louis, can you play Panzer IV.H to take 8 kill over? I want to learn how to play Paner IV more best.
    Attempt #108

  12. Of all the anti tank weapons a PIAT

  13. Hey look! It’s that reskin of Squad

  14. Saving up for a PC, cannae wait to play this game

  15. “There is a German right here. I’m gonna see if I can run him over”
    * *Runs over a Panzer III* *

  16. When Fiat tries into a war

    (closes hatch) * CLANG!!!* GO AVAY!!!

  18. ThatPersonInTheComments

    *Flashbacks to Dino D-Day*

  19. Zalgo The Demon

    PS seems like a WWII based Squad.

  20. every time I see one of these videos uploaded get pissed cause it’s not war thunder… but every time I watch them I fucking love it.

  21. play Fortnite

  22. my dude blackjack and enoble are pretty good dudes

  23. The Gaming Biscuits

    Ohh yeah im famous thanks phly

  24. What game is this and can i get it on ps4

  25. Is it just me or does anybody watch post scriptum for the plane sounds

  26. Soviet Pencil case

    Hey phly can you play in the armoured tea bag?(aka the Cromwell)

  27. this is my first time watching post scriptum! nice video, phly! also, what is post scriptum based on?

  28. man with the plan !

    Take out the superior Tiger H1 phly last time was 11 months ago

  29. Stop swearin

  30. Phly, how do a mortal get access to this game?

  31. was it on again last weekend or is this old footage?

  32. 99CCFF756e6b6e6f776e6578696199CCFF647072746c646b

    love that Bren sound

  33. Why do you guys have American helmats but british equipment

  34. this basically looks like squad but set in WW2

    • Kerath That’s because it pretty much is. Different developer, but the publishers are the developers of Squad.

  35. That i intro was amazing

  36. Nazario Nataniel

    Still a good place to sit…

  37. Go avay

  38. Gameplay seems slower then squad, which might not be a bad thing.

  39. The Co-Commander

    I wonder who said this during WWII

    “There’s a german, Imma run him over” *zoooms**

  40. BIlly the SMall Bong thorton from india


  41. Did you get all of your footage from the last open testing weekend?

  42. I just got off a match of warthunder and I saw phlydaily in the game

  43. Dr.Edward Richtofen

    guys i bought Post Scriptum and i dont know how to play it. when i start the game there is 3 closed servers.

  44. when is the the alpha availabe

  45. Flydaily… maybe? Take out the S.O.8000 Narval because cannon buff and 6 nose mounted MG 151s. Just imagine what terrible things this thing can do.
    Phly it on the gamemode you feel like, but the important is that she do need some love on this Channel!

    Good luck i guess…


  46. hope that company make this game for xbox one, it’s amazing. Nice video.

  47. Spoiler alert

    it wasnt a good place to sit

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