HANDS Blown OFF The Most Sophisticated TANK IN THE GAME (War Thunder)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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HANDS Blown OFF The Most Sophisticated TANK IN THE GAME (War Thunder)


  1. Might be one of my favorite videos to date. Absolutely brilliant and hilarious.

  2. Hey phly please play out the Russian I-185 at br 4.0 the 3 Shvak cannons won’t let you down
    Attempt #8

  3. Didn’t he allready declared on the most sophisticated tank in the game? and the most sophisticated eapon, and the second most sophisticated weapon?

  4. SS Officer of the Third Reich

    play leopard cyka

  5. PHLY!!! leave the pz2 alone….and besides new players play arcade and that tank is really bad at arcade!!!dont u make them nerf my DAKKA!! tell them to push it up but not nerf it…also mention the jumbo about the Discrepancy

  6. Hey Phly, do more WoWs plSsssss…. i miss em👌

  7. FCM.36 is worse!

  8. If there are any Girls und Panzer fans out there, you’d recognize this tank as the initial production version of the Type 89B I-Go Otsu used by the Duck Team.

  9. Its a prewar tank so its fine. Anyways keep up your great works.

  10. My friends and I call this the haha fat man

  11. Play the H.35 the reserve french tank and you will rip off your immediately

  12. Could you please get gaijin to do what they did to your account to mine?

  13. Les games musicales

    Your “Trench passer” is in fact he name of the “stabilisation queue”.

  14. (I go die) yeah

  15. Youtube Ist Scheiße

    I really liked this tank when i played it last time

  16. Can you play the ka-mi? The most sophisticated amphibious tank in the game.

  17. Phly time to revive the challenge series so we can watch you suffer take out a Japanese tank with a machine gun on the rear of the turret and kill a tank or plane with it

  18. Jap tanks don’t suck
    It is us tank the suck d*ck
    U can also drift with dat tank did I not know that
    U say it sucks because u don’t even know how to play dat tank

  19. when your lower glacis looks like a fucking kitchen HAHAHAH i died

  20. Takeru nishuzum92

    Nani ?!?!?!?!

  21. Aaron dela cruz

    I enjoy using this tank, only in urban areas

  22. Crazy Balalaika

    Well, first I hated him too, but somehow I managed to have with him fun, I could even bounce some shots with the front(only with angling, of course)! And if I could hit somehow and even pen the enemy(even in Arcade), he got BOOOM! But if I saw a heavy, (like the b1) I have shitten in my pants and ran away! Later I’ve unlocked the Ka-mi, you know, the boat tank which can’t swim, he’s in my opinion the worst. Why are there so many shitty tanks in the japanese tree , why no good ones? Or are there good ones, except the american part? I see the Japans as mlg tanks. The Ka-mi isn’t even comparable with to the lvta or the m3 stuart!

  23. TotallyNormalGamer

    Thank god someone realized the early japan tank struggle, the reserves had me SO pissed off.

  24. Phly, Take out the Su-122-54 and the Yak-15

  25. LoadScreenComms

    It’s interesting that the reason why japan used rivets in their tanks was that they had the mentality that should a tank be knocked out, the damaged armor plates can be replaced and the tank be put back in service. Basically they followed Russian style reliability, it won’t last a while but it is easy to fix

  26. I started playing this game because of your vids. I stopped playing yesterday because it is pointless to play as there are too many afkers in a match … I was in a match were I was the only 1 trying to cap, everyone else was chilling at spawn occasionally popping a shot off. In 1 match everyone was chilling next to a canal so I got a little pissed off so I bull dosed a load of them into the canal. Also came across a load of cheaters.

  27. Loved the knife fight with the B1 – down and dirty with no holds barred

  28. SO what does this tell you Japaneses tanks need a buff or PZ II is getting a heavy slap in the face and a new tank will take its place.

  29. Hey phly have u seen the game ww3??

  30. Yeah the Tier 1 Japanese tanks are terrible (excluding the Ho Ro of course) But from tier 2 upwards they are pretty competitive, I own all the main line Japanese Tanks excluding the Type 87 MAA.

    I’m struggling alot more with the French Tier 1 tanks more than the Japanese though. The lack of a round with explosive filler is….. depressing.

  31. Marvelous video 😀
    EDIT I love that you play the low tier tanks. My maximum tier is Tiger H1 and after I watched your video of Lorraine I decided to get one. I’m struggling trough the 2 crew low BR french tanks.

  32. Faith in humanity restored

  33. 12.39 roflll

  34. LOL I love this tank.

  35. Most ungraceful charge ever phyl… XD

  36. [insert operation name here] challenge:
    PRIMARY OBJECTIVE: take any of the french reserve tanks into a 7.7 match, cap points, scout and survive until you can spawn a aircraft (any aircraft of your choice) or until the end of a match NOTE: YOU CAN’T CAMP AND HIDE IN ONE SPOT, YOU HAVE TO BE CONSTANTLY ON THE MOVE

    SECONDARY OBJECTIVE: kill a enemy tank

    BONUS OBJECTIVE: (this objective ignores all rules set previously, you are able to use any method you see fit to complete this objective)
    play dead near the enemy spawn and kill 2 enemy tanks

  37. Worse tank he asked for?
    Ka-Mi. ‘Nough said

  38. If toi whant stay in Japan and have better VERY BETTER VEEEEEEEERRRYYYY BEETTER toi van but thé chu-nu 2 one of most powerfull pas yo win in thé geam for this br for me i love it. Just love it

  39. At least you can use to pin a Maus turret.

  40. Classified Classified

    How do I play with you? :3

  41. The gun/ammo is the problem of that tank. I don’t know who is the fag that always tries to mess with jap vehicles, but I can feel his animosity towards the japs. The tank is not even I-Go-Ko, but the I-Go-Otsu. Also the gun had 20mm at 1000 (ONE THOUSAND) meters in real life. So the cunt who made a case for it being added so nerfed needs to be beaten with a fucking sledgehammer. I bet he is some commie tank cheerleader of some sorts, but at least they get kudos as they don’t seem to let him/them mess with ruski tanks, otherwise this game will be even worse.

  42. I dont think its Gaijin’s fault if Dai Nippon made a shitty tank. Although what they could do is to not included this tank.

  43. At least your not up against Shermans, I think in the Pacific, Japs still used the Ro Go while defending against shermans ^^

  44. Smithsonian the GaMeR

    I-go -ko- Die

  45. Why Gaijin made the mg on the back of T-26-4 turret possible to use but not on the japanese tanks? russia always bias

  46. Greg Brandyburg

    Take out the super hellcat and the Spitfire

  47. Greg Brandyburg

    Good steering phily

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