Hands down the best tank in the game – 3INCH GUN CARRIER (War Thunder Gameplay)

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Hands down the best tank in the game – ()

Thumbnail Credit – http://live.warthunder.com/post/333526/en/


  1. *Welp you guys broke youtube 2 minutes to this video being out gg*

  2. A 75mm headshot xD

  3. Is it bad that when you shot that Commander point blank in the head I expected it to bounce xP

  4. Angelinfinity Warlotd

    to honest my favorite part was where Phil made the thing say bionic and the him saying tank XD !

  5. You really need to drive the Japanese Ro-Go. “It’s got twin turrents, probably get you killed” how can you resist that.

  6. Play the new added Japanese tank Ro-Go(Premium)
    #attempt 2
    Please,this is a tank that you haven’t played yet

  7. How do you check in game what penn that round has?

  8. song pls q

  9. Make a ru251 and is6 duo !

  10. U should defenitly try the Achillies

  11. Phly made his Feelings about Germans clear 4:32. I still send u best of love from Germany while sitting in my Shit :).

  12. Show them the fighting Way of the Samurai! (attempts no. 2)
    – Light tank : M24 Chaffee (SDF) or M41A1 Walker Bulldog (SDF)
    – Main battle tank : Type 61 and/or Type 74
    – Tank destroyer : Type 60 SPRG and/or Type 60 ATM
    – Self-propelled anti-aircraft gun : M42 Duster (SDF) and/or Type 87 SPAA

  13. *Rocket powered tea combo!* (Attempt 2)
    Use the Cromwell RP-3 and Hurricane Mk IV with rockets. Try and get as many kills as possible with the Cromwell’s rockets, but they’re locked to a range between 300-400 meters, plus random rocket deviation, so good luck!

  14. editing level over 9999999

  15. phly can you do a live stream?,, pls do

  16. squire would say otherwise XD

  17. Cornelius McMuffin

    No, the 75mm Cromwell is the best tank in war thunder. It has 3.0 BR, it’s fast, it has enough armor to block smaller guns, and it can take hits even if they do pen. It also has a fast firing gun that one-hits anything at its tier.

  18. Heres a combo take out your favorite plane and your favorite tank

    Attempt 2

  19. Cornelius McMuffin

    I just imagine the Japanese commander poke his head out of the open-top to spot you, only to find himself staring down the barrel of your gun. Just amazing.

  20. Cornelius McMuffin

    The church GC may be slow as hell, but it has a good gun (with mediocre ammo) and great armor (for its BR)

  21. aaaahhhh when yaaaaaaaaaaaa gonna buy ma pizza braaaa

  22. The more I play UK tanks, the more I watch of gameplay with UK tanks… the less I want to play them. Their rounds are so damn useless.

  23. 0:34 happened to me but with me shooting with the T-34 1940.

  24. Santiago Gitgudm8

    Your intros keep getting better, Phly 😛

  25. Why does he act like such an idiot when hes actually pretty good at this game???

  26. is he jack in real life ?

  27. we should get jack a new pc, so he’s not stuck on his cruddy laptop

  28. Hey phly how about this crazy challenging combo:4m-gaz AA truck and MIG-17 Attempts:004

  29. LeastRaptor -MAIN

    The 6.7 Sturmpanzer Derp gun challenge, Legit can kill anything, IS-6 no problem, A little tip is not aim at the tank but at the ground below the tank, The shot shreds anything from the bottom 😀

  30. BV-238 vs Gaz Dshk

  31. does anyone also have this weird bug where at the start of the match you can’t move and control the tank? only the aiming and trigger works nothing else not even the windows button or esc.

  32. The Ugly Duckling Combo
    Take out the Tiger Porsche (PzBfw IV P) and the Hs-129 B-3
    The tiger porsche is an extremely underrated tank and I find that I bounce a lot of shots from people who don’t know how much armor they are shooting at

    Attempt #1

  33. In my mind, you are playing a piece from the Nutcracker as a jab at the fact that you could penetrate those enemy tanks. If that was not your intent, please don’t tell me, just let me revel in the moment.

  34. hey how bout the b29 and the m46 tiger

  35. “what do the british say when they tackle somebody”….”hv a tea party” real deal phly hahahah


  37. Any tips on bombing in RB? I’m terrible at it

  38. Macalister Mcintire

    how the hell are u bouncing. shots in that tank or is it only world of tanks that this tank has s*it armor

  39. play the amtrac and devastator

  40. Cry Havoc and let slip the dogs of war!

    A20-G Havoc and M41A1 Walker Bulldog

    Attempt #5

  41. This tank sums up my play experience perfectly. I just can’t win.

  42. Hahaha I feel your pain with the ai jackscot I got killed by an ai T26 in my T-34-57 from the front yesterday he went through my turret ring lol

  43. Love your videos and your editing Phly. You’re my favorite War Thunder channel. You make me laugh all every time I watch your videos. Keep up the good work.

  44. Challenge: Take the Sturmpanzer II into top BR matches and get 3 kills, take any plane you want. If 3 kills is to easy go for 5.

  45. Death by 1,000 paper cuts

  46. That commander is like that scene from Fury. When they engaged the TIger.

  47. Do the IS-2 Revenge and Yak-3P

  48. I love that Scottish accent

  49. he sounds like tom hanks


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