HANDS DOWN The most sophisticated Tank DESTROYER IN GAME (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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HANDS DOWN The most sophisticated Tank DESTROYER IN GAME (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)


  1. Plz fly out any F4u Corsair plz :(( I want to see planes again

  2. Dude upload more I can’t get enough

  3. i was on the edge of my seat shouting “YESS ,WOO” ive never done that before…best video!!!

    IDK if it’s in the game
    (Got this from WoT)



  7. unfortunately I have had the opposite experience with said td

  8. For the next loving the unloved take out the MD. 450B Barougan attempt #2

  9. Phlydaily what do you think about an “authentic” mode? Similar to simulation battle but how crews actually acted historically concerning tank damage. If your gun got knocked out or the tank caught fire the crew abandoned it. Same goes with crew loss or other severely debilitating damage

  10. French low tier tanks was literally the worst experience I have had in WT, and I ground through brits and american mid-tiers.

  11. I played it… turning is PAIN.

  12. This episode was so enjoyable =D

  13. So can you drop a bomb through the top armour?

  14. this thing have four leaf clovers for drive sprockets, or what the fuck?

  15. Loool take out the p4taa with a squad. It’s been a while since you’ve been with a squad like, slick, etc.

  16. Phly you made a good baguette this time

    Continue with DAH good work

    Greetings from Norway

  17. French inovation handpowered tank

  18. No wonder the French lost, that and the fact they always surrender

  19. I’ve been a subscriber for 2 years and I have to say this was my favorite video you have ever done ???
    Especially the game on Japan

    Phly you need to try out the KI-45 tei in air RB. Its strange, its shitty and its japanese(just like the Ro-Go)
    Attempt #3

  21. Love your videos, Phly. Especially this one – you had me laughing the whole 20 minutes.

  22. This was seriously one of the funniest videos I’ve seen in ages. The tractors near the end had me in tears laughing.

  23. Great little sniper. One of the few early french vehicles they I enjoyed.

  24. Our tanks were not just about armour and guns, it was about love. You can clearly see it with the joy they give to Phly 90 years later

  25. Your german is good

  26. Phly, we are almost out of ammo,
    But we still can fight!
    Take the M6A1 with 37mm only!
    For freedom Phly!

  27. 82 horsepower? Lol, there’s one and a half times that in my car even.

  28. Phly can u do something for me? i want you make a party/squad ,3 or 4 people using Maus dan walk together without break just straight into enemy base ,that will be so funny

  29. When french farmers go to war

  30. look at all them eagles getting ready for that Abrams and Challenger phly

  31. Seems like you havent tried SAU 40

  32. They REALLY need to make destroyed vehicles permanent.

  33. Don’t judge the book by it’s cover

  34. the tractor sqd had me goin???

  35. You have no idea what the Italians are going to take in-game.
    Basically this thing but smaller and with sloped armour (L3/35 cc) and with a Panzer 1 gun.
    The Italian M2A2 (L3/38, the only tank of all L3s equipped with torsion bars).
    And a tankette with a Flakpanzer 1 gun (L3/35 20 mm Breda Model 35).
    All of this tanks are similar with a frontal 16 mm plate sloped at 50°, a weight of 3.2 tons, a 43 hp engine giving them a 42 kph max speed on road and with an high torque making them (like most Italian tanks) good climber, a crew of 2, a length of 3,2 meters, a width of 1,4 meters and an high of 1,3 meters.
    Those tanks can also do a complete 360° turn in under 3 seconds.

  36. French at its finest

  37. “HON HON HON ZIS SHALL DEFEAT THE GERMANS!!” -Some drunken French engineer, 1930s

  38. thats my biy uf you will answer to my comment i will rest in peace.

  39. gopnik spinosaurus Who is als a xenomorph


  40. Hey phly pleasr take out the convertible Avenger tank

  41. Phly there is no yak 9t video!!!? Bring it out or youll become TankDaily

  42. How are you so good at playing this crap! When I played it, it was a nightmare… You must have super aced crew, because the reload is okay. And only versus russians

  43. You should take the N1K fighter out phly

  44. Phly! Will you take on the challenge of the High Rank Hunter Team? (Pz2H with bushes and Bf109 G with cannon pods, taken to Tiger 2 rank BR. You must use the Pz2H and Bf109 only)

  45. whooa, this time the most sophisticated vehicle is not soviet ones?

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