Hanging with Havoc EP2 ‘Back to Grass Roots’ DooM PC Game Giveaway!!!

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Warts and All series with me Sir Havoc and whats happening in my life in and out of game.

Ask for a recruitment officer 🙂

●Hall of Fame Rare Medals Or Base XP over 1600
●Its Moron Time – People on your team being Dicks
●Really Funny things in game LOL moments
●And Thug Life moments

●Please title the email with one from above and put in the stamp of what there to see

Please send replays you would like featured to:
●Looking for a Clan~?
Must be over 16 Years Old
Must be in Teamspeak when ever in game
Must not be a pain in the arse
come to my teamspeak;
Ask for a recruitment officer 🙂
●Would like to be a HavocX Academy’s Instructor?
Ask for a recruitment officer 🙂
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  1. H3voc all the way, loyal to a fault :-)

  2. Best wishes for your mom. No worries, buddy. We’ll be here. Thanks for all
    the funny videos.

  3. EPIC! Tank Beard, take the time you need for your family.
    Hope your mother will get better soon.

  4. I’m quite a new subscriber. I can understand why you’ve been quiet for a
    while. You have your priorities right. Family comes first and only once.
    Once they’re gone, they’re gone. Subscribers will return eventually. You
    can have seven bullion subscribers, but only one family. You have all my
    best wishes. I hope things will work out for you…

    Also, I thank you for extending out a hand to the SEA server and
    establishing another WoTUni clan in that server. I really need the help to
    improve to at least a yellow or even a green. I’ve had good fun in that
    clan, although I don’t jump on as often but I’ve learned about IS3 tanking
    so far. XD

  5. Hey boss,

    I am so sorry to hear about mumrah and words fail me.
    You hang in there, good sir. In the end, no matter the outcome, you will
    walk away a better man.

    I am sure your subscriptions are pretty safe. We all have families.



    Allow me a quote from a man far wiser than I will ever be.

    “Accept the things to which fate binds you, and love the people with
    whom fate brings you together, but do so with all your heart.”

    Marcus Aurelius, meditations

  6. Craig Wellington

    Family is the most important thing in life !! everything else becomes
    irrelevant, I hope things can improve with your Mum :)

  7. End of life care? Oh man, that sounds awful, all my sympathies.

  8. family first man we understand,hope it gets better

  9. Tea drinking crumpet munching British chap

    Your beard is exactly the same as mine, ginger with a grey/white chin, haha!
    Hope your mum is comfortable, I’m also in a very similar situation with my
    mum (and a lesser extent my dad), so I know how your situation feels.
    My thoughts are with your mum mate.

  10. Jason Moreland (Digitalrecline)

    Take they time for family it’s important don’t feel bad for doing it.
    Looking forward to the new videos.

  11. There is a chefiten mk6 in the humble bundle for AW. No one seems to be
    talking about it

  12. Hang in there man! Hope you and your family will
    pull through this as soon as possible!
    As for YT I’m sure your subs will understand you
    not uploading for this short while
    All the best to you!

    PS: Love the beard!

  13. <3

  14. first

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