Hans from Australia – E-25 – Why you should watch my livestream part 5.

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Things got a bit…. weird on Airfield.

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  1. I had to go on a break so Hans from Australia pitched in to play a game.
    twitch chat really wanted it on youtube, so here it is. Happy new year Fam <3

  2. It’s better with headphones bahaha

  3. That nein nein nein moment remind me of someone .

  4. Would taking a spall liner on a kv2 protect it from being one shotted by another kv2???

  5. the thumbnail is hilalrious

  6. I don’t get it, why is the game upside down except for the profile picture?

  7. Damn you, Circon! You got me with your description. But how can you get that low ping?! I am from asian server and it is at least 100ms when i play in australian server

  8. Explaination ??? I’m dying laughing right now.

  9. The Skorp platoon were probably a bunch of newbies who had just bought ’em.

  10. B-but.. uncle Circon.. according to flat earthers Australia doesn’t exist

  11. yyy why you have german akcent in Australia??? maybe you mean Austrian, you dumb fuck?

  12. Are you another streamer/YouTube who thinks Australia is a fake country? I personally don’t care because I’m not Australian
    I’m from the land of the hobbits

  13. This is the kind of content I subbed for

  14. I’m getting 1933 vibes

  15. ASMR done right!

  16. Video from parallel universeh

  17. That echo triggered a migrane

  18. Earrape episode

  19. This is how easting too many halucinogenic mushrooms feel like.

  20. HAPPY NEW YEAR, Circon! BANG BANG!!!!

  21. More like hans from austria pepega

  22. Hello twitch

  23. Happy new year

  24. I don’t even know what to make of this…BEBE

  25. ___DirrtyHairry___


  26. You know Hans drives Flambass’s boats??

  27. Germany could have won the war if they only made E25s.

  28. Audio warning…Hans isss LOUDmouth….enjoy


  30. Hmm, lotta people triggered, lots of dislikes… Wrong channel bubbas, here we are just having fun!

  31. And theres me checking my bloody sound settings

  32. Happy New Year Circon!
    Not to say I don’t enjoy your videos, but I have to say this wasn’t your best work. The echo shit sucked!

  33. How many energy drinks have been involved in the genesis of this gem? ^^

  34. Raafi Desyah Putra

    What Voice Changer did you use sir?? im curious XD

  35. this gameplay is so atrocious and tedious… e25 should be able to one shot arty, emil and skorp g. ffs wg what more evidence you need to finally buff it?

  36. I luv my E25. It’s a money maker!!

  37. Why the echo effect??

  38. oh look – it’s someone doing well in an E25.

  39. 3:00 This question just struck my mind.
    Can the wheeled vehicles climb the hangars on this map? O.O

  40. Very small crew members inside that E-25 apparently.

  41. I was hoping the entire video was going to be upside down.

  42. PhilMcCrackin13 phil

    Anyone else check to see if they had multiple tabs open by accident?

  43. Ja with Hanz from Oz, we like it ! More pulleze !

  44. that was unpleasant

  45. I generally love your humor, and yt videos you make just for laughs but this was just unfunny. Glad to see someone was amused…

  46. When was this stream?

  47. All the dislikes were from ppl who thought the game was upside down and the man was rightside up.

  48. This is why circon is the best wot player ever!

  49. Dat rammstein tho.

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