Hans when hes drunk in the factory | VT1-2 (War Thunder)

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Hans when hes drunk in the factory | VT1-2 (War Thunder)


  1. Hans when hes drunk in the factory

  2. VT1-2 “Hellcrab”

  3. State the reason you are comi-*BRRRRRRRRRR*

  4. All that mobility and you get stuck playing every single low tier map rip.

  5. Jesus it if it’s basically arcade in realistic what is it in arcade? ?

  6. I personally can’t wait for dad jokes phly

  7. To bad you can’t have a life to get this….

    Also it needs to go up in br…

    Or maybe a lot of you die in the start on purpose so we get it down to 7.7 like the obj120


  8. This thing at 8.3 is sooooo overpowered

  9. Lock, stock and two smoking barrels 😉 BTW, I think STRV S1 is certainly comming to WT. I wonder which tech tree, though as Swedes don’t have one…

  10. The video looks a little blurry or is it just me? Did u change something Phly?

  11. This tank is like a turret of the brismark and slap it with tracks

  12. Phly play the T-44-122 best soviet mid tier medium!



  15. When you let admirals design ground vehicles

  16. Phly, have you seen the world of warships submarines?

  17. CringeBoi66 Cringus

    Literally no one

    -phlydaily during sex

    -Oh yeah baby! Can you feel that rheinmetal cannon!

  18. That “Rheinmetall” was beautifully pronounced, and im ssaying this as a german

  19. Yay another sabot-slinger to nullify my IS-3

  20. Only you Phly could make a tank that looks like it has birth defects look fun to play.

  21. so its essentially the equivalent of siege mode in WoT, looks pretty darn cool!

  22. Phly would be a great dad

  23. this legitimately is a god damn go cart with L/44 cannons on it

  24. XDDDD lmao

  25. S tank incoming

  26. Phlippy Phloppy’s PHLYers are phlying straight and true and are Converging ….(see movie… “Look who’s Talking” Intro) ….. hahha good luck to you and the wiphe =]

  27. Hans when he’s drunk in the factory after visiting IKEA… 😉

  28. I’ve seen that tank in a war museum type place in Germany, i always thought it was a late experimental WW2 design as i couldn’t read the signs in german at the place, but that look more modern

  29. That tank is pure evil

  30. that thing is disgusting. i love it

  31. Phlei ei dei Phly, <3 Google at : Versuchsträger Gesamtschutz VTGS. This looks like the MAUS in 1980s Style 😀


  33. You already are dad, our dad.

  34. You dont have to turn on and off the hull aiming once you turn it on it turns off automatically when you move and turns itself on when you stop.

  35. Gabin sink into mediocrity with this tank.
    It s a proto with 70kmh top speed…. No comment.
    And high tier on low br map…. No comment.
    Home back in 2015 2017 Gajin quick !

  36. Phly, STRUCTUAL STEEL! that kind of “armor” has a modifier of around 0.40 compared to rolled steelarmor, means if a .50cal gets you from the front from aboth (so your plate basicly doesnt have an angle anymore) 3 rounds can kill it.
    Most 1.0 vihicles can 2 shot this thing from 1km away
    a single .50cal round from the side (beneath the gunbreach) can Oneshot this thing.
    As soon as ppl figure out, how to play against or around it, it will be nerfed by gajjin anyway (most likely around 9.0)

  37. Dislikes are from allies

  38. what i finda annoying with the VT1-2 tho is that when ou fire the left gun the tank hardly moves, but when you fire the right gun the whole thing jerks to the right like you have been hit by a kv-2.

  39. New most sophisticated weapons system

  40. When you though akimbo was great at the time

  41. Phly, I’m a dad and I’ll you tell what I told my friends…. Don’t have kids their sooo worth it

  42. TheSuperMisterious98

    aaaaw Intro si so wholesome

  43. This vehicle brings me hope of the Strv 103 in the future.

  44. make a video with the Charioteer Mk. VII

  45. This is a real thing?! I saw this on the subreddit and thought it was a meme!
    How is this thing in game, but the Maus isn’t

  46. (Board meeting in a German tank factory)

    Hans: so, Albrecht, you have ze latest tank design for us, ja?

    Albrecht: Ja! Is masterpiece of ze engineering degree I have, zee!


    Hans: this is not a tank, Albrecht, zis is a battleship turret.

    Albrecht: Nein! Zis is a tank! Zee, it has ze tracks and all!

    Hans: *sigh*

  47. Ah, so Gaijin have uncovered the forbidden blueprints.

  48. This is every light tank in world of tanks

  49. No Deja Vu memes from a fast boii?

  50. Looks like Hans played too much Crossout from Gaijin Entertainment.

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