Happiest Tank In Game | No Depression Komrade (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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Happiest Tank In Game | No Depression Komrade (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

Thumbnail Credit – https://live.warthunder.com/post/52570/en/


  1. Hey Phly, take out the SU-100 for us. You don’t play it enough XD

  2. Other name for the vid; One Shot One Kill

  3. DartMonkeyProductions

    Nice thumbnail

  4. MOC - LoL & Stellaris

    Phly i want the next episode of nazi hunter 2000

  5. what about the bm-13n its positive

  6. Now do the saddest

  7. Stop editing out your deaths

  8. I thought it a su 122-44 tank

  9. Oh my godddd just go back to wolfstein already…..

  10. lmfao 7:48 Phly: “Welcome to Florida guys.”

    I can confirm.

  11. “…for WWII…”

    122mm is still fuckin big now. Crazy ass Russians…

  12. Kv-1s+yak 9k=brain dead at 4.3 (try it)

  13. SU-122P was supposed to be a artillery

  14. Does it have more depression than the Flak SFL?

  15. Dud u need to try the at7 at15 and the tortois

  16. IT’S OVER 5000!!!!

  17. Phly you should do videos there you tell people how to play each country at different tiers, like a tutorial.

  18. Bartosz Piwowarczyk

    This SPG has too high BR

  19. CheakiiBreakiiGamiing

    time to go to Gulag!

  20. Cobra King please

  21. Blaze_The_Timberwolf : Tanki Online

    Phly, play the Land Battleships Of War Thunder!

    Attempt #27

  22. what is wrong with gaijin. penetrating the frontwheel dont mean physics dont work anymore and the bullet can suddenly penetrate at 10° angle…

  23. Loved the video but the bit rate was low on the recording fly :/ Maybe up it? 🙂

  24. play su100 and send the Germans to gulag 🙂

  25. dude the tiger that you killed at 4:30 its me i am called Greek_Gangster

  26. people's republic of liberland

    Love 122s

  27. Phly take the heavy tank no.6 and ki 61 hei. Very honourbru

  28. Dear Phly i found a good russian bias also the SU-100Y!! if u are lucky you can kill a maus! shoot it from the back!

  29. Komrade Phly, you have not taken out one of Russia’s underrated creations. The Yak 30! With Russia’s superiority, this aircraft is not only fun to phly, but it is equipped with POWER!

  30. The funny thing is that I do not even play war thunder but love your content, keep it coming <3 from Sweden

  31. xxxuselesspricksxxx

    Its better if you call yourself to crazyphly than phlydaily

  32. Phly, take out the M4A3 105 and the P-40E Warhawk for loving the unloved
    Attempt #15

  33. Phly, the D-25T and the D-25S are the same gun.
    The S is just a tank destroyer variant.

    Just like how the Jagdpanther’s 88mm PaK 43 and the Tiger II’s 88mm KwK 43 are the same gun.

  34. A tank without depression is the Happiest tank indeed. ??????

  35. i wish phlys comment section wasnt trash, like 85% of comments are people recommending dumb challenges. i prefer comment sections that actually talk about the video and its content, its just more interesting. phly should put up a message board or something for people to suggest somewhere other then the comment section. on another note that su 122p depression looks broken.

  36. What about the SU-85 it has a 85mm cannon at 4.7 very OP

  37. Archer and Blenheim!!! Show the Germans what engineering truly means! Attempt no1 (‘-‘)

  38. But the BM-13 has depression of +8 degrees, that vehicle turns his depression into happiness.

  39. Your channel is now ad infested. Not enjoyable to watch your videos with all the ads popping up.

  40. ʝ αℊ⋒αr123987ჯ

    Unfair plane, his camping bush, violent stat pedder!

  41. Make Ob.268 great again ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  42. are you sure phly? Play the BM13N positive gun depression 8 degrees

  43. Video doesn’t show weaknesses of those td, s which are quite few.PLUS sitting in one spot whole battle is boring and requires through out knowledge of maps.expert golden crew plus all researched modules doesn’t represent average tank/spg potential.

  44. lol blunt at 2:11

  45. Baaaaaad joke…… But, was good

  46. Singularity Raptor

    Fv four thousand two or 4202?

  47. Do the sturmpanzerll

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