Happy Accidents – Udes 14 Alt 5 – World of Tanks

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  1. ecv miro's fan account

    Where did you get the mods you are using

  2. Can we get a video with all the noises Circon makes when he misses?

  3. Forza Enthusiast

    @Circon How do I get an updated version of your modpack?

  4. Anatoly Productions

    2:52 when you finally nut

  5. Marthijn van Oorschot

    The problem is that you get 1 (2 with prem) slot for blocking out bad maps, while there are more than 10 bad maps…

  6. the reak question is WHY ISNT MINES ONLY FOR TIERs 1-4,5

  7. Nathan Blackman

    sometimes fucking windows throws me back to desktop mid game. that could have happened to the m4a1 rev.

  8. Happy accident. I thought that was my name growing up.

  9. i banned sand river and empires border

  10. Good replay, funny to watch all the fanboys in chat, they agree with everything circon says, “circon is a good player, aand if I agree and talk like him in chat, I’m positive I am just as good”

  11. I banned ensk and Minsk.

    Ensk is too fucking small for anything above tier 6 and it’s linear as balls. I play mostly mediums and lights, so when I get ensk I feel like just desserting the battle.

    Minsk is just absolute shit. I have never EVER enjoyed a SINGLE game I’ve played on that map. I don’t do bad on it, but at the same time, I never do well, either. Other people say the map is alright, but I just fucking hate it. I cannot enjoy it all. It’s the only map in the game I am actually guaranteed NOT to have any fun on. Even Paris can be fun sometimes. Not to mention 80% of the map is an open death field. It works well on El Halluf, but its fucking terrible on Minsk.

    Btw I’ve got 2.7k wn8, so I’m not really a tomato if you think I am. This is just my opinion.

    Other terrible maps include glacier (not fun at all) and the new Chinese map. Himmelsdorf and ruinberg are decent, but if you don’t have armor they’re tedious as FUCK.

    Maps are a huge part of world of tanks, and sadly… They’re all pretty shitty. The only one I actually almost always enjoy is Ghost town.

    It would be interesting to see larger maps (like double the size of the existing ones) and 20v20 battles, would add way more variety and map options whilst still being able to find targets. But hey, when pigs fly amirite?

  12. I banned mines as well, minsk is shit as well

  13. Wargaming needs to rework how tracks count as ‘spaced’ armor and bounce projectiles, sometimes without any damage to the track whatsoever, even though most shells should over-match ‘tracks’ or at least pen road-wheels. Its really really dumb.

    • I agree with the wheeled vehicles. Its like the wheels have the armor of a super heavy, but without getting penned. If that isn’t op, I don’t know what is.

  14. Drives across the open field half way across the map, nobody shoots him. How do I get that deal?

  15. banning maps don’t work. WG just fucks you over by putting you on them maps in other game modes apart from standard battles.

  16. He would rather ban Minsk than ensk? What an absolute madlad. But I see where he is coming from.

  17. i banned minsk and paris

  18. ” Why did u standing still bro’ ?!?!?! For what so you writing a letter home!?!? ” 😀 !!! dude !!!! BEST JOKE EVAH!!!!

  19. A M I N O T G E T T I N G T H E _M_ _E_ _M_ _O_

  20. I am forever fascinated at the way Circon used the word “memes”

  21. Blitz With Spartan617

    I thought this was a video about me when I saw the title tbh

  22. I blocked 5k damage with the udes 15/16 to bad the team lost. I am impressed by the new mediums. I do not get impressed very easily.

  23. The Undead Mage

    2:25 Crusader destroyed Type 4 Heavy, excuse me but wat

  24. Snake Enjoying a Sandwich

    Banned Mines and Minks both. No hesitation

  25. liked for bob ross! you sir are a treasure to put him there ^^

  26. How’s your mother circon?

  27. i bet as soon as you got the update and could log in, you immediately banned mines before you did anything else, im willing to bet money on it

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