Happy ANZAC DAY, Mate! (War Thunder Australian and Kiwi Tanks & Planes Gameplay!

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Source: BaronVonGamez

Let’s Play War Thunder. Today in War Thunder we celebrate ANZAC day and take out the Australian and Kiwi Tanks & Planes

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  1. Happy ANZAC day everybody! Remember Gallipoli!
    What should we play next?

  2. i live in NZ and you should go to the Te PAPA Gallipoli landings

  3. No Bob Dyson tank? DISAPOINTING

  4. corps not corp

  5. corpse* is that how you spell it

  6. Don’t make fun of the Slav ways of live.. Otherwise we’ll have to Squat and Semichki together

  7. Not a day to be happy but you can see you tried my making a video

  8. I went to the dawn Service

  9. I wish we could never fight with the ANZACs but that campaing happened. In Turkey we grew up with the stories about Gallipoli campaing, how we got mutual respect, sharing food and tobaccos, singing songs together etc. and next day fight with them. Man its not happy its very hard and last thing to say…

    Those heroes that shed their blood and lost their lives … You are now lying in the soil of a friendly country. Therefore rest in peace. There is no difference between the Johnnies and the Mehmets to us where they lie side by side here in this country of ours … You, the mothers who sent their sons from faraway countries, wipe away your tears; your sons are now lying in our bosom and are in peace. After having lost their lives on this land they have become our sons as well.


  10. Lest We Forget

  11. So… Can Men of War Monday come back again?

  12. you have 700 videos of war Thunder omg

  13. People need to stop telling baron he’s disrespectful for making a video around Anzac Day, did he ever make fun of veterans by making this video at least he acknowledges the day

  14. ANZAC Day was commemorated with respect and dignity in London yesterday. The bells of Westminster Cathedral rang fast and loud for a long time after the church service, in the spring sunshine, many other events took place, many uniformed personnel. The Cenotaph war memorial in Whitehall was busy, I paid my own respects there too to our Commonwealth brothers and sisters, to all. Lest we forget. From a Pom.

  15. we built p-51’s, cac sabre, woomera, wirraway, beauforts, beaufighters, beauforts, wirraway’s, mosquito’s, hampden, sunderland and many more

  16. lmao love it, great aussie accent

  17. Is it really ANZAC day until Baron pulls out the ole bino’s?

  18. Not a happy day mate it’s impossible to not see many people in tears on Anzac day

  19. the aussies also had lots of centuran tanks

  20. Earth's Beautiful

    Lest We Forgget ! We Remember Them…

  21. Spencer McDonnell

    trashy Australian accent ughhhhhhhh

  22. Play with Is-4M

  23. Baron + Slick = bros for life!

  24. Also it was an Australian anti-air-machine-gunner who shot down the Red Baron. I kid you not one of us actually are the one who shot down the Red Baron. The official reports at the time said it was the guy that was currently on his tail but that was later proved to be wrong.

  25. ahh proud to be an Australian “Lest we Forget”

  26. Lest we forget

  27. ANZAC day is not a happy day for celebration, it is for the mourning and respect of those who fell in Gallipoli. I’m usually a fan but happy is not a way to describe it.


  29. Yo I’m a kiwi and I’m just excited that people know that New Zealand is real

  30. 19:40 we have a prime minister -_- I am literally offended by this fucking video

  31. Ausy Ausy oi oi oi

  32. My great great grandfather fought as an ANZAC during WWI

  33. Lest we forget.

  34. I’m happy to be Australian

  35. <3 yay someone who isn't a kiwi or aussie that knows what anzac day is! <3 <3

  36. Thanks mate. For those of us with family in the military past and present, it’s happy they came home, sad if they didn’t. A bit of perspective – My mother asked my grandfather why he didn’t have any friends his own age. The answer was simple enough: “They all died at Gallipoli”.

  37. i want the australian sabre too 😀 its called the avon sabre btw XD

  38. good day Baron you have got to be shiting me with that comment (Happy ANZAC Day Remember Gallipoli ) its like saying Happy 9/11. Happy Pearl Harbor. Happy Iwa jima it’s so disrespectful to the thousands that gave their lives you need to amend this ASAP Erik

  39. ANZAC Day is a somber day were the nation remembers it’s fallen, as do their Kiwi brothers. It is NOT a happy day!. also, Gallipoli is the tip of the fucking iceberg! what about Egypt, Syria, being the first to take Damascus since biblical times! Fromelle and vimy ridge with the Canadians, etc etc etc. this was a little disrespectful dude

  40. Slickbee is a moron wannabe rapper. Some one gag that idiot.

  41. What about the P 39?

  42. On 9 may take a is2

  43. Sharpshooter Gaming

    Barron. Did you have some XXXX or Whaikato (not Foster’s)

  44. ANZAC day is a day we remember our troops, wouldn’t say its happy lol

  45. Lest we forget the soldiers which served in Gallipoli


  47. We actually do have the queen, she’s our head of state

  48. thank you baron, our tanks and aircraft were innovative for their day but i dont think we could have mass produced them in sufficient numbers to halt the Japs in time, btw beaufighter was license built here but with heavy modification to suit Aussie needs.sentinel was the only tank im aware of that flaunted a ‘penis’ at the enemy. would like to acknowledge the sacrifice America made during ww2 to save our bums and keep shipping lanes open. Its why we have followed her into nearly every major war since. because she is our ‘mate’. thats what ANZAC spirit means, fighting with your mates. cheers baron

  49. Thanks for doin this for Aussie people

  50. The thunderbolt was a Sentinel variant…

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