Happy players – T-44-100

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  1. That roll was really close to maxroll…lol

  2. I’m never gonna get this result with chinese meds, they don’t have the same RNG even tho they copied almost all russian tech (this video is all about RNG Ver. Blyat)

  3. that 923 roll tho

  4. How To Defeat ISIS 101

    The cromwell squad though, they just drove out in front of you and just accepted their fate of the very fair +2mm

  5. +2mm was a good idea DA

  6. the only reason I didn’t buy the T-44-100 was the fact that it was so expensive compared to most T8 premium meds.

  7. That poor poor black prince

  8. Lol  v_to_rage  seems to have trouble pinpointing religious majoritys on the map. Always a solid Meme.

  9. the highest roll of 750 is 937,5.. the su rolled 923. Could have been closer comrade

  10. The tank that did struggle vs you was not a -2 tank tbh. Idk why the BP still has that 17 pdr in the current meta. It struggles more in +1 then any tier 6 you faced does with +2

    • Balc0ra’s Gaming give it 20 pdr and call it a day (or even that new 32pdr)
      But srsly, a HEAVY TANK with 20 KPH TOP SPEED and 150 ALPHA and low-ish pen should have FUCKING 2500 DPM BASE AND INSANE GUN STATS!!! But no comrade only russian tanks “balanced” da lets drink vodka

    • 20 pdr would work. For that and the A45. Heck they even deemed the 17pdr useless on the Challenger. But 32 might be to good for it tho. 20 has a prefect balance of alpha and pen vs other tier 7 HT’s. Not 150 and 171 like now.

  11. circon, you laugh at the +2 mm but you do know that it really sucks if you are driving one of the lower tier machines and have no hope against the higher tier machines

    • Alex S maaaaaan… get the memo. He laughs about it because he thinks the +2mm is fucking retarded. Go look at some of his other vids ?

    • He’s laughing with sarcasm yes because that’s exactly the point Circon is making….. +2 mm is ultra trash and should not be a thing and he advocates that perfectly fine.

      3-5-7 should not be a thing! It should check for 5-10 first, then all same tier and only if it can’t find a match on those terms should it start looking for 3-5-7.

    • Yes, i agree. +2/-2 sucks giant ass. Thats what im laughing at.

    • Error 404, brain not found…..

  12. Aiming lowers DPM

  13. but the is-4 is good 🙁

  14. DPM lowers accuracy?

  15. 4:22 So your T-44-100 roll for 305 and the enemy ISU-152 rolls for 923 with AP?

    *Stalin approves*

  16. 3:15  nice pixel snipe!

  17. Single Hot Mom in Your Area

    That ISU Roll tho

  18. Did you know that there are tanks above tier 8 in this game? Took me quite a while also to figure it out.

  19. FirestreakRodimusPr

    +2 MM is great idea… on the RU server.

  20. i started to think this was your 2nd video today but then i remembered it was jingles who uploaded your “18-15A” video

  21. I enjoyed the black prince when I played through it. The armor worked, the gun was a pea shooter, yes, but it was accurate and had great gold rounds. The only problem I had with it was the speed, but then again I finished the grind shortly before the HD remodel, where there were no Japanese heavies, defenders, patriots, or skorpions

    • psnmadracer27 Exactly, I still thoroughly enjoy playing my BP, it needs a speed buff or a gun buff but not both. I never had any problems with the 17 PDR.

      I feel like most of the British line up to the Caernavon train the player to seek out weakpoints from medium to long range (which the guns are more then capable of performing) while maintaining an adequate distance between the enemy and staying proximity to your team to fulfill the support role.

      The Conqueror is by far my favorite in the line and is my most played tank. On Xbox I have less enjoyment and fun in the Fv215B and Cheiftain. Conq for life.

    • I never liked firing a gold round that did such little damage. Especially when they’ll still bounce off that e75 lower plate.

  22. 923 Roll ffs, I wold be mad as shit!
    Greats vids circon, keep it up 🙂

  23. The one time I got a top tier treatment with my sta2 in the last month or so, my team melted in 2 minutes…
    3-5-7 is all I see these days, only on the top if I’m in a tier 10 tonk, this is getting ridiculous.

  24. So now that your whining have made arty useless, you’d better whine about +2 MM. Fucktard. Stop advocating for balancing the game to death.

    • First off, arty shouldn’t even be in the game. It breaks the game, especially for heavily armor tanks with poor mobility. People say arty is to counter said tanks, but the counter to heavily armor vehicles with poor mobility is outflanking, which isn’t that hard to do if you have half a brain cell. When I play in my T110E3, if arty is on the enemy team, they usually take 1/2 – 3/4 of my health before I can eve get a chance to deal much damage, especially on big open maps where there isn’t much cover.

      Secondly, +2/-2 MM IS fucking dumb. Put a fully upgraded T32 up against a Maus, Type 5 Heavy, WZ-111-5A etc. using premium ammunition the T32 will ALWAYS be at a disadvantage to such tanks, hell put it up against a Type 4 Heavy, all the Type 4 has to do is splash the ground NEAR your tank to do significant damage with the derp gun. So yea, +2/-2 is fucking garbage.

    • eibolsoe +2 MM is only barely acceptable if it’s applied at 50% of matches at most (I would advocate for 25% same tier, 50% +1, 25% +2), not 90% like we see now

    • Arty useless??? I fucking wish!

  25. Dynamic +2 matchmaker nice meme.

  26. Centurions should have fucking insane gun handling cause of the low DPM + low alpha and IRL stabilizer

  27. Is there anything we can do to get WG to fix this BS MM?

  28. can anyone help me find the game where the friendly 13 90 was defending the enemy cap

  29. Circon where’s the download for the penetration indicator you have?
    and the zoom out far mod? Thx 🙂

  30. +2 is so lame

  31. Кристиян Митев

    Why dont I get these mesages for 2,5K gold.4k dmg in tier 8 prem gota win.But when I did 2,5K dmg and 8 kills in bottom tier M44 nah izi.

  32. Yeah, GG and cool !

  33. Haven’t played the t44 or t44-100 but I fucking loved my centurion. Some of my best games were with the centurion caernarvon platoon my buddy and I did. Still got some great memories of those shenanagans xD

  34. Alexander Krikorian

    Even before they buffed the pen, armor, aimtime, accuracy, etc, the T-44 was one of my favorite tier 8 tanks.

  35. I think the t44-100 is one of the best tier 8 meds, certainly my favorite

  36. I’m glad youy disagree with + 2 spread on MM as well. I’ve been against it for years.

  37. Maybe I can rewatch this video on Jingles’s channel, like the AT 15a one. I really enjoy watching you play, it’s special to see the action first hand, instead of a commentary.

  38. Course its good its RUSSIAN

  39. What nation is the t-44-100 it looks really good

  40. You faced a team that was so bad that a TVP VTU was top in damage and exp. That’s like bragging that you hit your wife.

  41. Great video! Not many people seem to watch your Youtube videos, but I enjoy them because I can’t catch your streams due to the time zone difference. What crew skills does the rest of this crew have? I can assume at least BIA, and the last skill trained (I think?) is shown on the stack, but what are the other two skills per crew member?

  42. This game is BS

  43. Great game Circon ,we all know your a great player, I would love to see a game with you in a tier 8 tank, bottom tier,below 10’s,  I could use the tips on how to play that.

  44. dat cromwell killshot tho

  45. 3-5-7 matchmaking is literally aids. Feels good, feels bad, legimately.

  46. Centurion, one of the worlds better post war tanks but in WoT a tank that wasn’t good enough to get mass produced is better. Top quality game design !

  47. Trust me, rolling 900+ in an isu is rare, i got a 921(max is 936) and it was my first 900+ roll in about 550 games

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