Harambe is a Spawn Camper – Meme Thunder Gameplay

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Source: BaronVonGamez

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  1. #DicksOutForHarambe.

  2. So this is a what Baron sounds like enraged.

  3. I am so shocked it was a retard from Russian spawn camping. All they
    fucking can..

  4. More meme thunder gameplay

  5. The Grand Almighty Robotwizard


  6. hay there adding Zeppelin’s to war thunder there soooooo good how needs
    boomers when you have a Zeppelin totally legit it a hole no way of dieing
    to flack ;)

  7. MadNinjaGato Shadow

    Don’t you hate it when the turret blasts off like that? Spawn campers are
    the lowest form of WT gamer, but it helps to win the game.

  8. Meme/10 -Harambe

  9. the thumbnail is brilliant

  10. You two are like bread n’ butter!

  11. Baron don’t make fun of Harambe’s death, he died for our sin’s.

  12. I wish i could get the wirbelwind ;(

  13. Spawn camping is a bigger issue than boat sizes.

  14. Baron why do you always wait so long to put your tank fires out?

  15. MarineOne_99 “Patchy” - WarThunder and More

    Hehe, i could make a joke, but i wont.

  16. This is one reason why I do not play war thunder ground forces much, they
    push hard or your team leaves a flank open. And the spawn camping and spawn
    rape starts.

  17. Can I have some of what Baron was drinking?

  18. “in this episode of derp thunder Baron tries weed and heroin for the first

  19. Baron you should watch hacksaw ridge move trailer

  20. Man WT should something with that,

  21. Boii it ain’t spawn camping if it’s Harambe my Nigga

  22. Ffs man lmfao

  23. Ya better thank me for the Idea @BaronVonGamez

  24. Mike Hunt ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Dicks out for harambe

  25. that was the best

  26. #PrayForMenOfWarMondays

  27. I just unsubbed. You are a sell out.

  28. the spawn camping is my biggest complaint about WT, they really need to
    find something that works betterthen the current spawn protection, like
    maybe (and i dont think this is a very good idea but) maybe something dumb
    like being invincible in your spawn but cant shoot, idk, also bombing
    spawn, you cant arti spawn, why can you drop bombs on spawn bombs are
    essentially the same thing but more damaging

  29. love it! :D

  30. ODST Hell Jumper 02

    Harambe is a dead meme

  31. You showed them spawn campers von Berrie.

  32. I love the german 7fu**.

  33. harambe is dope

  34. TYT!

  35. ik this isn’t a tank request episode but Baron can you play the m103?

  36. thats why i dont Play RB ;)

  37. “Take the shot Mason” Lol

  38. This is all warrthunder is now. Spawn camping simulator 2016

  39. #dixoutforharambe


  41. You didn’t even make one this week

  42. What’s up with the swear fest ???

  43. They should make it so that if an enemy tank stays at your spawn for too
    long a tirpiz spawns in the river and bombards the shit out of the camper
    with HE shells… xD

  44. baronvoncancer

  45. dicks out for harambe

  46. “Wait a minute! I’m German!”

  47. Where is men of war ?

  48. Is it me or 20 mm german cannon has new sound?

  49. Christopher Merola

    When your favorite youtubers play drunk.

  50. A Baron video title without excessive caps lock? Something must be wrong.

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