HARD AS A ROCK – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – KV-5. Today we have the pleasure of checking out the old school KV-5 and seeing why it’s as as a rock!

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  2. Wow this is a really sweating game i’ve seen in a while. I can feel the heart break since i’m also stuck in the mission 15

  3. Disliked cos this is another idiot that goes chasing for himself and makes sure the team loses in the end.

  4. 3:40 tries to protect T-43 friend, F to pay respects for fallen T-43 friend


  5. and this is why i hate arty

  6. Please more kv5 relays…its my favorite tank

  7. This tank was a beast when they introduced it. Gold ammo wasn’t around and noobs couldn’t and didn’t know where to shoot it.

  8. Hard as a rock ? QuickyBaby this is not a porn website control yourself !!! Control your DICK !!

  9. I love your videos, but constantly clicking the mission every 2 seconds made my head hurt. I wanted to watch him not look at his mission

  10. t-43 spamming HE denying his mission, thats why HE needs to be changes, cant pen, spam HE, still dmg things you cant pen and doesn’t count to blocked dmg. WG still need to think of something cuz this is BS

  11. davidrobertson12345

    As usual, aBsoLutELy nO rUssIAn BiAs.

  12. damn that sucks lol

  13. snowisthebestweather

    I would be amazed if someone managed to get HT-15 in a KV-5. I love mine, but the armor is not the reason why. That WZ didn’t even need HEAT to go through. The lower plate is weak, the R2-D2 is weak, the cupola is weak, even the turret face is weak.

  14. Dust off your KV-5

  15. I liked the “surprise” ending, nice commentary

  16. As much as it was a painful game for Karelch to lose, good play to the GW panther to see that his team was failing and to cap to win it.

  17. Bruh I got a ace tanker in my skorp g on a loss lol

  18. Radio operator is a cat!!!

  19. i have its a rock but light tanks are just the worse and it could bounce a isu 152 shell is good enough darn its worth it

  20. Guys ik this will be a bit weird but can qb play warthunder like so he can sees the comment I really want to see him and his reaction playing warthunder

  21. Kv5
    for credits

  22. Always love me a good Kv5 battle

  23. Me when I type http://www.p into my search bar:

  24. if he keep damaged by t43 quiet enough and kill it,he could accomplished the mission. too sad

  25. Hell the T14 that was the T5 heave was awesome but kv5 did damage the game

  26. It took me some time to realize that when QB said “Peter” he meant P.43 ter. I kept thinking “Who tf is Peter?”

  27. This, children, is why you always always always put one on for ‘safety cap’. otherwise you end up on youtube looking like morons..

  28. Always great to see a KV-5 replay! Thanks Mr. Baby.

  29. I remember in 2012 when WarGaming said when it comes to Tank Armor, they’d prioritize Historical Accuracy before Balance. That they’d find the balancing factor on other areas (mobility and other soft stats). I guess everything has changed now.

  30. Konvalina11 is cheater 😊 Ou sorry, he is CC- be cant be cheater. Read more about 5CSMD and his cardinal comander Konvalina 11……

  31. Damn, what a game..

  32. Christian Alboroto

    What the heck? That was such a huge bummer.

  33. The KV5 now is not the same as the original KV5

  34. Czech power

  35. Qb i only play with ap and i never loaded heat or apcr now why? Well
    here’s the cringy part, i dont have a
    Pc so i play wot at my grampa’s pc
    and he play’s too and when i say hey lets load gold amoo its beter he bi like nien it takes my mony and he doesn’t even load he and he is a noob but i understand that……

  36. no
    steel is harder

  37. I’ve been here since around patch 7.5

  38. Saw your Live Stream in twitch

  39. Damn, QB a weird nigga for not saying my dick

  40. Am i the only one who hears Peter instead of P ter?

  41. I still remember when QuickyBaby said the KV-5 was the worst tier 8 premium in the game. One good battle in a thousand doesn’t make the tank good. Most games it sucks.

  42. Rock Hard Gamer Body… LOL

  43. Its only good against Lower Tiers..all t8 and t9 Heavies see this Tank as a Damage Pinata xD

  44. well played to the artillery, his vehicle choice might be questionable at best, but his gamedecisions are on point

  45. Biggest ugly weak point in the game

    T110E5:am i a joke to you?

  46. Remember when it was best to reverse sidescrape in the kv5 and laugh at everything.

  47. The enemy team won 14 Medals between them. i have NEVER seen such a medal haul.

  48. The “CH” in “karelch” is not pronounced [ʃ] like in “Chicago”, but rather “Kh!” like in “Loch ness”.

  49. Raymond Jon Sta. Ana

    I always wanted one of these. Great crew trainer, credit printer, and not too OP (looking at you, Obj.252U, Defender). I hope they sell this again. Great vid, btw.

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