Hard Carry – LTG

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. Russian bias ? Naaah 😀 All the scout line have a stupidly bouncy armor as always x)

    • You are not wrong I played the Russian light line they are so tanky. Amazing line to play.

    • MichaelAussie05 well im at the mt 25 wondering should i go down it since the t54 lwt hamded me my ass when i play my 13 90 if i dont have another teammate with me

    • All the different lines have their advantages and disadvantages. The Russian have somewhat functional armour speed and hp/toughness. The french line has auto loaders and better view range. But if you like a tough scout the Russians are for you. I had a blast playing the Russian line I really found it fun but you may not like them all can say is try them and find out.

    • I bounced an AP T110E5 shell off the ass of my LTTB lol stronk Russ tenks, all skill, no bias.

    • Ahhaha yes I would have to agree the armour can be crazy good at times they really bad at others.

  2. good lord, this was so intense my adrenaline was pumping

  3. 8:10 that ping just really PISSED ME OFF like u WIN A FUCKING 3VS1 AND THE TD IS PINGING THE MAP AND SAY “spot noob light” dude… just eat shit and die … ffs…

  4. Μιχάλης Λάλος

    Circon have you tried using the stock gun on LTG? i thought i’d keep using it even after unlocking the top gun cause i didn’t wanna lose the DPM, and i always carry 5 HE cause i see SPICs and other paper tanks often. stock gun with HE destroys SPICs in seconds. 2-marked LTG in around 100 games and i’m average at best and keep doing stupid mistakes

  5. The LTG looks like the White House press secretary Sara Hukabee Sanders

  6. Why does the turret of the LTG look so fucked up?

  7. This week’s videos have been awesome and fun to watch 😀

  8. its funny watching someone that does nothing all day but play a stupid game, bitching about other peoples play….hey circon, most people just play this stupid game for amusement, not as a job…just something to think about…or not.

  9. LTG my fav tier 7 LT atm. I have 3 Marks on it and did 2 Pools medal on it 🙂

  10. min 7-8 best time of my day so far XD

  11. Holy cow, that brawl with the 3 enemies…. too bad for them they were missing more turrets….

  12. Send this to Jingles ASAP!!!!

  13. send to jingles he would love it

  14. I had the pleasure to watch it live… on the edge of my seat! Awesome gameplay.

  15. Russian bias

  16. ahh, the fabled ‘Hard Carry’

  17. This thing is the Fiat Multipla under the tanks

  18. GG man! that 3 in a row was insane! i’ll be watching this again soon on jingles channel no doubt

  19. Russian flying carpet.

  20. anyone know where I can get the Gun marks mod? in-game %

  21. Soooooooo lucky :). Baunce form wz and tracks form skorpion G. Still, gg Circon, the RNG was on your side :).

  22. If you were ? wondering, Quotes are here!!! 😉 😀

  23. awesome game… That duel with the 2 TD’s and the T29 was epic 🙂

  24. On the NA Server the teams have been crazier than ever….either a 15-5 game or a 5-15 game. Neither is really satisfying. What do you think will happen after WOT 1.0 in March???

  25. Coming out of that situation panned out at 7:05 was awesome work. Pure skill against silly looking HT, and 2 TDs.

    • I disagree, the T29 missed a absolutely dumb shot, and the WZ bounced him. Circoin definitely won it with skill, but his luck enabled him to. Most of the time, he would have died.

  26. 7:19 russian lights things

  27. wooow that fight at 7 min!!!
    now go to finish video 🙂

  28. Khashayar F. Nakhai

    Hey Circon, it took me a while to warm up to your channel since you didn’t provide much commentary… but now I sit down, watch intently and take notes. You don’t need commentary when you’ve got mad skills, man. Inspiring.

  29. That beautiful banter from Baconist in the chat LUL

  30. God mode is from 07:00-07:40

  31. Surely he’ll send it to Jingles. Circon, you’re sending it to Jingles… >:(

  32. 4 man enter 1 one leave

  33. Where to find the MoE mod? Everytime i find it its always fake links, can never find mod itself.

  34. Wow, what a bloody cool very good performance Circon, sir yes !!!!

  35. Circon, I am like a lurker, that watches you play this game. I will watch more, you got skillz, seen you fuck up, and my skin crawled like I did the same freakin mistake…makes me feel like I can achieve if I put my mind to it…carry a battle or 2 more. In a wee bit of humbleness, you should post a video of Circon’s biggest fuck ups…with a running dialog how you knew you done fuct’d up.. bet it would get huge views/likes/follows….just sayin…when you admit to being human, people like that shit. lol

  36. uncle pls go easy on these people they have children

  37. that play was disgusting


  39. What a wg my arse

  40. Wth is a ltg?

  41. Any guy on here than can tell me what mod is circon using for the marks of excellence. I will happy if anyone tell me please

  42. I suck at this tank while I do really well in T71. I dont know why 🙁

  43. God, you have *the* best luck. The shot from the WZ that bounced… then your tracks eat the Skorp’s shell… Good lord. lol

  44. that 1 v 3 was epic

  45. Always knew you were good but that game was something else or at least the 1v3… A bit of RNG helped but there was also a lot of skill!

  46. Awesome display of clear head under stress with 3 against 1 in a tight duel.

  47. That bounce was absolutely comical

  48. The flesh tank from stalker strikes back!

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