HARDEST BAGUETTE EVER | 500mm PEN (War Thunder AMX-40 Gameplay)

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HARDEST BAGUETTE EVER | 500mm PEN (War Thunder AMX-40 Gameplay)


  1. Correction the Type-90 stands as best kentic round in the game. They seemed to have nerfed this one from 550mm to 500

  2. You should b-29s vs kikkas

  3. This doesn’t look like a duck

  4. Pls give me gold eagles o have just 75 gold eagles 😅

  5. Do 1 squeazy boi and a bf-109 zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz😴

  6. you know how ships are out well I don’t have them and I was wondering if anyone else has this problem

  7. Phly, i have a good challenge for you!!
    Play the M48 in stock configuration (you can uncheck the modifications making it stock)
    Or…play the M48 using only the APCR shell. Good luck, you will need it Attempt #64

  8. Bring back wows

  9. Phly the f3d-1

  10. Loving the unloved: MKPZ m47

  11. What air would you use with this tank

  12. 5000 meter…possible…Okay I play tank now

  13. This guy is such an ass kissing faggot

  14. Phly you are the best you inspired me to start making war thunder videos! Just gameplay ATM and some light editing nothing of your stature. Just wanted to say though you rock!

  15. Peirrie! Get the bakery cooking! Make baguettes for our tanks!

  16. Challenge Time Get three kills on three different maps using the SU122 ATTEMPT 87 I believe?

  17. no proper radio mechanic. see high tier like low tier, blind of surrounding.

  18. Aren’t you going to be at Tankfest in the UK this weekend Phly?

  19. Waiting for the Brazilian EE-T1 OSORIO. The French got no chances against the Brazilian tank and the M1A1 Abrams in the tests of saudi arabia

  20. OFL stands for OH FUCKING LORD!

  21. Eyy Even with a Object 120 i can still pent M1 From the Front Tho :v Thats why u never fight russian 7.7 with 9.0-9.7

  22. New subscriber and great video

  23. Phly, can you bring IL-28sh to tank rb, Tiny Ivans is so OP, so everyone here deserve to know. I know you already reviewed that 192 rockets, but from my opinion, that 6 rockets have more punch. Thanks

  24. Do a review on the american mach 3 premium tank attempt #2

  25. Lmao still laughing at the end when you died to that atgm

  26. While the apfsds pen as been nerfed and is now worse than the type at 90° it still is the best shell in game…

  27. I might be wrong here but I was thinking they should add a field repair truck that doesnt take much spawn points so after you get insta killed you can spawn in it and help out some guys that get the 1 minute repair time?


  28. Phly, take out the LVT in top tier. The thing is mostly empty space so APFSDS rounds will have a hard time killing you. Use the 37mm main gun to wreck havoc on their exposed sides. Attempt #1.

  29. I got a good challenge try to get 5 kills in kv 2 152mm cannon

  30. CommodoreDaily, play more naval gameplay, do the PT Elco and torp kill 6 ships. Fair seas…

  31. Do you think gaijin will add modern light tanks like the stingray and the M8??

  32. Object 120 vs Abrams

  33. pz 4 of the french top tier? hmm

  34. adrian albaladejo

    AND my friends say the French suck

  35. that anti-leopard 2k round is called hesh

  36. can we get a video on the turret oscillations that you were talking about earlier in the video?

  37. Phly, I got kicked from your discord for no reason, I just realized this until now, If you can or would please tell me why. And to add, I’m a twitch Sub. Don’t understand why I would get kicked.

  38. How come you did not analyze the armor on this tank? Is it simply non existant or just forgot? I don’t play warthunder, just watching it so would like to know how it’s protection is.
    Nice video though. <3

  39. Correction: The Type 90 has the highest penetrating kinetic round in the game, not the AMX-40.

  40. What’s the difference between red and grey shrapnel in a tank?

  41. M8 scott versus some sort of high and/or top tier!!

  42. Please talk about the nerfing the German tanks . Since the new patch i have almost no won games …. the germans have no armor and cant penetrate shit unless i`m shooting straight on the side of the tank.

  43. Mr daily can u take out THE chief of Britain for the queen 👸 or take out the chally 1 for a tank daily video but I’m guessing that u don’t want to use the chally 1 because of the bug 🐜 that is consuming the Chally 1 at the moment

  44. MississippiRebel

    This game is so unrealistic when it comes to armor and penetration. First of NO kinetic round from any of those tanks could penetrate an Abrams turret cheeks. Also Russian tanks of that era weren’t even close to being competitive with an Abrams or the Leopard.

  45. Pls do a vid on the tiger 1

  46. Hey phily can u play world or tanks as an us tank destroyer tier 3 T 82 tank its a one shot kill tank xD

  47. really waiting for the M1A1 or M1A2 vs the t80 or t90

  48. Does anyone know if i buy the 50$ dollar version of the xbox one the 60 days premium start to count right away even if i dont login in the game not even once? Its because im waiting for my friends to buy it too but im afraid of wasting the premium days

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