Hardest Tech Tree Tanks to Get 3 Mark of Excellence in World of Tanks

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Hardest Tanks to Get 3 Marks of Excellence in the Tech Tree. The Best Tanks in World of Tanks.

Let's take a at which tanks are currently the hardest tanks to 3-mark in the tech tree. No , no reward tanks, just tech tree vehicles.

Let me know what you think about that!


  1. FIRST, HAH! 😉
    How many do you have 3-marked from this list? Do you even care?

  2. how do you have 1ms ping? That’s better than LAN

  3. Nice video, not too long either 🙂

  4. Ive 3 marked the 279e but it seems I just CANNOT 3 mark the 277. Im always at the 94 mark but never above it….. 🙁

    • TehButterflyEffect

      I’ve played two battles in the 277 and decided the IS7 is a better tank. Don’t know why I ground it.

    • @TehButterflyEffect I really liked the is 7 more than the 277. Not because I couldn’t 3 mark 277 (oBviOuslY) but more because is 7 just has better armor. like it has no cupola that allows lucky idiots to pen, and punishes idiots who just auto-aim and gold spams at ur hull. 277 can’t do that

  5. Frederick Burkert

    Don’t forget to load the skill ammo

  6. Manticores popularity must also be a factor. It’s ot as popular

  7. I love the DIY sound effects!

  8. No love for the ebr:)

  9. Anyone know where you get all this data from?

  10. How much tank of this list have I 3 marked?

    Yeah 0 seems a good estimate

  11. Troy Harris-McMillan

    Is there a 10 easiest tanks to 3 mark video coming? Asking for a friend

  12. I haven’t watched the video cause i’m gonna go to bed now. I will watch it tomorrow, but anyway early ‘like’ button pressed cause of that stunning sound effects when numbers show up 😀

  13. Please do other tiers, with emphasis on Average Damage per DPM.

  14. You’ve been upping your production value with those fancy transition sound effects

  15. Is it even possible to 3 mark anything without abusing p2w?

  16. What a joke, how anyone can perform consistently with idiots, bots and cheater platoons is beyond me

  17. EBR 105…silence… move on :D. i love this part

  18. The STB takes 4800 to 3 mark on NA ;.;

  19. might have been good if you divided required numbers with its tier, so you can include some lower tier vehicles. i know it is not accurate figures but still, it can show which tank is strong or so in tier. still nice contents dez! always appreciate your videos

  20. Dez you should put out a video on……. the failure of frontlines 2021…… example is i waiting and hour in NA during the primetime and wasted my boosts for nothing!! Na doesnt have enough players to even play during primetime.

  21. Matías Cacciatore

    Special effect dude must have a recognition on this masterpiece !

  22. When I think of “hard to mark” tanks, I am not always thinking about highest damage combined. Some tanks that have lower DPM are harder to mark than the DPM monsters up in T10. Some tanks that are “Over-Powered” are harder to mark because the best players have super high combined games.

  23. Thanks Dez. Would be interesting to see this list by tiers

  24. @DezGamez yesyerday I’ve checked vz 55 moe expectations and it was 5300 for 3moe, so you were right.

  25. what about top 3 tanks to 10 mark?

  26. Zsombor Csombordi

    I’m suprised obj. 430U is not on the list

  27. Please do also other tiers the same way

  28. I expected this list to be fully filled with artilery but ,then i realised it was sorted simply by avg dmg requirements.

  29. I wonder if you dare do a list of artillery ? I’ll bet the first thing you find is so many have given up playing the class it is now the easiest class, but of course as with most “community contributors” you don’t make money from talking about arty so I guess you won’t mention it!

  30. I habe marked every Tank from that list

  31. Christoffer Brandt

    Top 10 List

    10. Obj. 268 V4 = Avg combined DMG 4314
    9. Obj. 277 = Avg combined DMG 4318
    8. WZ 111 = Avg combined DMG 4379
    7. Leopard = Avg combined DMG 4485
    6. STB-1 = Avg combined DMG 4553
    5. EBR = Avg combined DMG 4564
    4. S.Conqueror = Avg combined DMG 4615
    3. CS-63 = Avg combined DMG 4639
    2. Kranvagn = Avg combined DMG 4832
    1. Manticore = Avg combined DMG 5164

  32. Its american English

  33. Some say it is impossible to three mark is the ST-II, fewer say it is impossible to one mark the ST-II, I am one of those people.

  34. i KNEW it would be the manticore! XD

  35. Marutein Falconone

    i havent 3-marked any thank this far…

  36. You forgot to mention that full gold ammo setup is also needed 🙂

  37. The Manticore is only so hard to mark because it gets teamrigged ALOT. Just go to Ebay and check the offers for Manti 3 mark. Its retarded.

  38. Yeah in the Russian Tech Tree they shouldn’t even bother showing armor thickness, mobility or DPM – the vehicle description should simply say “This is a Russian tank.”

  39. Surprise to don’t see batchat

  40. Hardest tier 8 premium tanks ?

  41. I like Manticore, I have 61% win with it. I did get 12 517 on only assist damage yesterday. 🙂

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