Has WG Learned How To Make Maps? | 6 New Maps in Recon Mode

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1.17 Patch Review – Batte Pass Season 8, Steel Hunter Rework, Stronghold Rework and New Maps with Recon Mode, TS-54 Double-Barrel, FV4201 Chieftain Proto and Udirniy . What is new with World of Tanks Update 1.17 Patch.

00:00 Introduction
02:07 First map
10:21 Second Map
15:20 Third Map
19:04 Fourth Map
23:53 Fifth Map

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  1. What is the point of Recon Mode? If it’s purely to test the maps themselves then why are game stats active? When I’ve played it people have played to win instead of testing map itself. You may say what’s point of playing if not to win? Then I would say it’s a specific game mode to test maps, people won’t take experimental positions whilst stats are at stake. That’s one thing that makes Frontline fun. Take away active stats and give other incentives to win a game like double credits or personal reserves. If it’s not to test the map just put them straight into the game then at least people could use them in a training room.

  2. They just changing flora on the same map. Every map is something like: put some hill on the middle, road which crossing the whole map is near that hill, town on one side and forest or eventually one more hill on the other 🙂

    • It’s kind of good design. Unlike let’s say Pilsen with factory where you fight on two or three corners sniping copulas of each other and rest of the map that is supposed to be played by light, mediums and TDs is completely useless kill box. Basically same is true from siegfried line. Berlin is good only for fast hulldown tanks (krans, chieftains, concepts, maybe udes)

  3. Rainier Pomeranians

    Again… wouldn’t it be nice if they put a new map, actually, in the game?

  4. If only they would stop making those maps like Call of Duty.

  5. Nopes. the symmetrical map designing is to lazy.

  6. Short answer, no.
    Long answer, no.

  7. Imo everything needs a 15-20% view range nerf , or maps need to be 45-60% bigger an example would be about the front lines map but 35% smaller.

    This allows tanks to freely roam and use the speed of the tank ,but ghost what about super heavies ah yes , with the new larger maps a new type of battle mode is created , the normal capture base or kill , but there a third option the middle base ( like domination) you can capture and it will generate a point every X amount of seconds , with this you can no longer draw since the winning team will the team with the most mosts.

    So to recap how to win:

    – Capture enemy base
    – Reach 100 points or,
    -kill all 15 tanks

    • The “only 450m view range” spotting mechanics already feel stifling, especially at higher tiers (imo the max wiew range should scale with the tier). But the maps should be bigger, I agree.

    • That point sytem is the same mode as in World of Warship

  8. tried them on test server.
    I know this makes me a heretic, but i like them.
    The same old maps are, well, they are not getting old, they have BEEN OLD for quite some time.
    How many times can you play Mines,Himmelsdorf, Ensk and Ruinberg?
    This will help bring in something fresh maybe even renew interest.

  9. the only half decent map is airship base, rest are crap.

  10. I think they should inspire themselves from WT maps, which are very well made imo mostly. AW maps had frequently op positions that destroyed the fun because very very hard to counter… But AW had the most beautiful maps imo at the time at least (especially sea and forest maps)

  11. These new maps. Are so heavyly weighted toward faster med tanks.

  12. Pretty cool maps, i love most of them, but maybe because its easy to play right now

  13. The Crazy Old Coot

    If your detect range reaches the middle of the map from the back row the map is to small.

  14. Has WG Learned How To Make Maps? Short answer: No. Long answer: Ofc no

  15. Honestly i like the look of the maps, finally more big maps without corridor after corridor.

  16. No. WG only makes 5 minute battle maps.

  17. At least put the grass on when u presenting new maps

  18. I played 11 recon games today but didn’t get klostertal even once

  19. A4 steam enthusiast

    Just played it a bit, I have only done 1 or 2 games in each map but I have had nearly all decent (for me) games, it may just be people not knowing where to hid from LTs yet but if no it’ll be nice to have maps where LTs can play a proper role again.

  20. Disclaimer. YOU ALWAYS SEEM TO GET -0+0 MM.

  21. how do you make such a cool thumbnail? Can you share some tools/resources you use? Thank you!

  22. they’ve learned how to monetize the fuck out of the game and bait people into believing they actually care about map production.

  23. Luís Augusto Panadés

    The problem is the combination of hull down vehicles and no armored vehicles. While vehicles like Grille 15 with nothing in his favor can do nothing, some vehicles just stay spoting and sometimes spoting and shooting. SIMPLY, vehicles like Grille 15 with no pen, no accuracy, no gun depression, no camo can do nothing. The problem is vehicle balancing: Grille, for example: needs more gun elevation and depression, better terrain resistances( Grille 15 has far worse terrein resistances than Obj 268v4;but Grille weights 45t and Obj 72t), better backwatd speed depression, more pen and specially much more accuracy to get near of being minimally effective. Same to Wt auf pz IV, Borsig and… My god Sturer Emil.

    Grille stats are so ridiculous that it has half the came of Obj 268v4… Half.

    • Luís Augusto Panadés

      The shooting positions are so obvius that Obj 268v4 can stay shootin from the same bush while Grille 15 ever will be blind shot with ‘zero’ chance of no damage.

      Yesterday, I played my Obj 268v5. Found a Mauss and put gold. For each 6800 credits for 395mm of pen, I penned it with all my 3 gold shots, easy, no matter how the fucking Mauss tried to angle. With Grille 15 it would be 6000 for 334mmm of pen an probably I would no pen any at Mauss angled that way. Simple Grille 15 is not only a piece of shit ineffective, it is fucking expensive too: expensive and still ineffective.

    • Hey long time no see, the most dedicated player to hate the Grille 15. Also make the Grille 15’s turret fully rotational and not stuck like 45 degrees left and right.

    • Luís Augusto Panadés

      @Shamsiel Shahar they robbed Wt, pushed that piece of shit called Grille 15 with no compensation; and, not happy nerfed the shit vehicle they pushed over us to the ground. I will talk this until they fix this shit: Bringing back a buffed Wt and giving it back or buffing Grille to decent stats.

      Never will recommend this game to anyone: the Company is not honest.

  24. What I have gathered so far personally: (Mostly playing my Manticore)
    Canyon: Yes, Yes and more Yes. Really liking this map. Lots of fire/vision lanes, good places around the map for all vehicles types. Oddly close range and frequently fast paced/knife edge combat.
    Anykeyyevka: Not that ‘corridory’ but scouting is limited and there are few positions/reasons to take up sniping locations rather than going city or hill. Centre area is also surprisingly flat making scouting dangerous and unrewarding when you risk a deeper run. Numerous positions to advance from/retreat to on both the hill and city help though.
    Aquila: Really good, complex terrain in the centre unlike Anykeyyevka. More people play this area meaning more variety from which to scout, snipe and support. 2nd favourite map so far. Plenty of positions for vehicles of all types to work with.
    Far East: Still a dumpster fire. Early spots on the hill are useless as few people are in position in time. Like Anykeyyevka, there is little reason to take up support positions, so people poking on the hill rarely get punished when spotted. A horrible corridor map made worse by the fact it’s difficult to defend from a loss on the hill. Few if any positions to viably retreat to or defend from, unlike Malinovka.
    Klostertal: Interesting but needs work. Feels like it could be very varied, with teams fighting a continuous front across the map, but people seem to collect on the extremes, leaving the centre a death zone or abandoned. I like the idea of adding more varied terrain and bushes to a city map, but so far it seems to produce another corridor map, despite the opportunities that you might think the centre affords.
    Airshipyard: Only had one game so far, but seems better than what I remember. The map feels less split in two like it did before with better crossfire potential. Will have to play more to get an idea of if it needs more work.

    • Really agree with all this! And great explanations

    • Klostertal: its not the typical TD map that u can drive with ur T8 (t10) premium TD sit in the corner and wait – THATS GREAT! but yeah on Heavy line only Hulldown but u have like 6-7 options to play on the heavy corner and move or push its more fun … i mean look airfield, ghosttown, glacier, fisherman bays, fjorde, mannerheim line, …. only 1 way to battle/drive with no options – Klostertal is not perfect but if you compare it to the live maps … soooo much better ;D
      and u can also play really good in the middle of the map and u can cross save on med or hvy line not like all old maps 😀

    • The 3 times I got Aquila the south side won. That’s not a big sample size, but it feels like it’s a winning spawn.
      Love the Canyon. Hate the Far East.
      Airshipyard is okay (I think), but I cannot play the heavy side.

  25. hanikrummi hundursvin

    I kind of like these maps.

  26. social3ngin33rin

    So it only took WalletGaming a decade to accomplish map making? Good job… lolololololol
    Oh joy WalletGaming… @27:20 ….armor meta is so interesting…..

  27. what happend to the last recon maps?

  28. They learned what the blitz team knew from the beginning.

  29. The top three are easily

    1st Anykeyyevka love the openness and how you have something for all mediums, heavies, lights TD’s and Artillery
    2nd Canyon same story as Anykeyyevka but desert themed and a bit too dominant positions
    3rd Airshipyard love the design and just vastness of it good postions hull down, nice TD bushes and good places for lights to scout.

    And the other 3 are just mediocre.

    4th Aquila the lighthouse is just way too open and way too much of a high ground over the middle portion
    5th Far East very boring circle fight. Every battle I’ve played went win one side, oush their base, go over the flank you didn’t push back to your base
    6th Klostertal like berlin but stupider. Although a lot more bushes for lights which is nice

    • Hard to say. Played few of them with Concept1b which can be considered hulldown HT and medium at the same time (except it has bad camo). Far east: Idk. I found random completely overpowered hulldown position covering one street that was created for this tank (concrete block of perfect height). I’m not sure it should exist, it makes some tanks (E3) indestructible. Battle lost 2-15. No opinion. At first sight hard to push, obviously enemy team found a way. Any…vka: seems great, but many side shot options in early game I guess (I played hilly corner). Aquilla: seems ok. Airship: idk, played one area twice, got overrun there instantly, no option. But 1 line can (and I think must) be blocked by a single hulldown HT … which is ok.
      In my opinion and at the first sight maps were all (not sure about far east, haven’t seen canyon and klostertal) above trash level of siegfried line, berlin, paris, pilsen, minsk, airfield and alike.

  30. i real like the new maps i found the hill on the Italian map to be fun

  31. They should have added more maps years ago. The existing maps should have been adjusted years ago too. Game is unbelievably slow in fixing problems.

  32. You can go up all of the stairs too!!!!

  33. Every “new” map in this mode is terrible. Camping like crazy, feels like in every bush is a scout, you move first? You die.

  34. WG learn it to cross save/spotsave on the maps nice
    for me the 3 new maps:
    1 – Aquila (idk but it looks like a bigger map like 1100×1100 or 1200x1200m i like it, the gameplay is good waht I tested and its looks nice)
    2 – Klostertal – TD’s are not so good on it and i like it 😀 but overall Hulldown fights vs Hulldown fights BUT u have like 7 position on heavy line for good trading/pushing and not the normal 1 sector line – the middle is good to for scout and mediums
    3 – Anykeyyevka (what a name holy) idk about this map – city isnt good (to small) and the med line easy counter with Scout

    “old maps”
    Far East – better version on heavy line for the redline sector (easy push there and its nice to play – middle sector with the airfield is better too)
    Canyon – we need this map in random
    Airshipyard – its looks a better version of glacier (the medline is a lot better than on the old version)

  35. I like that there is less good spots for light tanks. I am those few that liked the days when lights were purely spotters. You had to play Chaffee against Maus etc. Game should be more about heavily armored vehicles and less about ebrs and other damage dealing lights. I would love more pure city maps like Himmelsdorf. My all time favorite.

    • Nah. Problem with Chaffee was that in high tier battles it was completely useless (except for arty defense against yolo T-50-2s) and in tier 5-7 it was pretty OP even as a flexible damage dealer. Sort of like playing Cromwell which is very accurate on the move.
      If you are playing heavies and being obliterated by LTs except of late game, you are doing something wrong.

  36. 28:50, Dez does his impression of the Emperor from Star Wars!

  37. I love recon missions !!!

  38. I really doubt those maps will reach live. They are by far too large, and although I guess is the kind of maps we players love (lots of chances to play different vehicles, and maps large enough to make the games last longer), it’s just because this (lasting games) that the $pm algorythm will not allow us to play them in a regular basis. WG “needs” fast games, not fun ones. So, the only chance to make these maps to work “fast” will be to rig (even more) the MM.

  39. Nice video Dez! My god that gun handling on the Ru251 in the first game…

  40. well seems like WG learned nothing. Not unexpected

  41. I like the new maps alot, but one thing is, they have ALOT of bushes making them all a TD nightmare, but also makes bushes less obvious. Which is nice as the current maps bushes are obvious which to blind fire.

  42. Joshua Glotzbach

    No wg never learns and that’s why their community is leaving

  43. Played my first game in months last weekend. Bounced a Pershing, low plate, in an FV4005 from 5 feet away. <- Game hasn't changed much!

  44. Accuracy and pen seem to be off in this mode.

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