HATED More Than ARTY! | World of Tanks EBR 105

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Source: DezGamez

World Tanks EBR 105 Gameplay, The Best and Overpowered Light , Tier 10 Wheeled Tank. Most Hated tank in World of Tanks?

Still on my vacation to Africa, but made a video for you featuring the most hated tank in the game… The EBR 105, tier 10 French light tank. This tank has so many tricks up in it sleeve making it ultra annoying to play against.

Let's go!


  1. @LazyGamez ne laziii hahahahaha eto vidis slucajnost

  2. @LazyGamez imas neku drustv. Mrezu da ne dosadjujemo Dezu hahaha

  3. I love how you can fire accurately while flying in the air and the CRAZY auto aim.

  4. oh dude, that Pilsen game amaazing :O

  5. I don’t mind EBR, I kinda like arty, but I absolutely hate the leFH18B2.

  6. Nah.

    Arty is still the worst.
    Atleast u can hit an ebr who’s right in front of you. Not like this redline/corner Bi***.

  7. You dirty boy.

  8. Arty is much worse, at least ebrs break the camp

  9. nah Arty is worse….ebr is only a problem for players with boomeraim

  10. Getting the best of an EBR needs talents, ELC are the real pain in the arm of WOT 😀

  11. Amazing first game!

  12. i realy love the EBR

  13. Its why I quite spending money on WOT. This tank broke the game with such small maps.

  14. By far the “tank” there has destroyed the fun of this game

  15. Who came up with the idea that wheeled vehicles should be impeded less by soft ground than tracked vehicles?
    Who came up with the idea that wheeled vehicles should have tiny turn radius at high speed, and large turn radius at low speed?
    They did EVERYTHING opposite of what it should have been, regarding wheeled locomotion vs tracked. Just absolutely nothing makes sense about how they implemented this shit!

  16. Wheelies are more tolerable than Arty (to me). At least a Wheelie is usually infront of you or nearby and can be dealt with with a good/lucky shot. Now, granted not every time can you get rid of a wheelie without getting killed/shot. But at least they can be dealt with far easier than the space cannons that will shoot over mountains, splash damage/stun through solid stone, knock out crew/modules with a single shot, and overall be much more painful and impossible to get rid of the attention of, than wheelies.

    It’s when Arty and Wheelies are together where it’s worse, as the Wheelies are bringing the eyes of that Arty on you…

    But… I have to admit, it’s fun to nyoom around and have moments of “I shouldn’t be alive” as I race through the enemy team and somehow come out the other end. Alot more fun than Arty gameplay of wack-a-tank.

  17. Think that’s it? But wait, there’s more! Designated Target is ALSO broken on EBR! All you have to do is right click and done 😀

  18. Completely broken “tank”. Should be nerfed substantially.

  19. That guy has aim assist mod check how purely aim into green spot ..

  20. WOT random, none. WOT balance, none. WOT matchmaker, for premium tanks.

  21. The auto aim is fookin stupid, doesn’t behave like a real armoured car either … nerf required and better spotting possibly , make it a real vehicle!!

  22. Like the video, hate the vehicle – I will never call that thing a ‘tank’ 😉

  23. super games!

  24. Love arty, hate EBR – even more after this video 🙁

  25. I think this was your best commented content until now. Thx for very enjoyable and smart gameplay.

  26. I think WG had other wheelies planned to go but stopped after seeing the reaction to the French line. Imagine this game with Grayhounds and the German wheeled vehicles.

    • If they didn’t give the French wheelies such broken ass Camo rating then they are doable. But, WG had to give the bonus camo over LTs.

    • @makemapthe wheels are more broken, than the camo – no speedloss as long you are not steering, nearly 100% dmg-absorbtion from all ammo-tipes and angles – its more luck than skill to hit and damage an ebr…, no tracking-dmg if you destroy the wheels, this insane maneuverability with instant u-turns…

    • They are still coming, WG is just waiting until EBR gets power creeped

  27. New wot stereotypes Dez Plz

  28. …..this is the most hated vehicle in the …… so I am going to make a video about it. “ha ha ha. the number of times large rounds have done no damage to me, its nuts”. damn right it is nuts. it is effing ridiculous.

  29. Hate it to the core ..

  30. the reason tanks had steel tracks as suspension because they needed to traverse through difficult terrain, sands, mud, water you name it, tires can never achieve what tracks can, but in WoT, the only game tires > tracks, they have absolute godlike terrain resistance in sandy, swampy and deep water terrains. heck, they can even absorb shells better than tracks can, the only game rubber is tougher than steel!

  31. OP so good Game gg

  32. You don’t have to worry so much about the lions and panthers, it’s the mosquitoes that will get you.

  33. When driving a Sheridan tank at high speed You roll and flip over, but when driving the EBR you gain 100 times the gravitational pull of the Earth.

  34. I hate clown cars WAAAAAY more than arty

  35. nah, ebr doesnt missed me and deal 300 dmg every shot, arty does, screw them

    and you can shoot ebr if you can aim while arty just sitting in the back and pen me for 1k each shot, screw them again

  36. where are the German wheeled vehicles?

  37. 2nd match was so interesting to watch

  38. I turned my rhm pzw into ebr
    Bond turbo grousers in mobility slot and bond vents with food and turbo directive
    I could use bounty rotation mechanism instead of vents
    Good crew
    83kmh forwards 32kmh backwards
    Better p/w than ebr

  39. This tank and 279e are toxic for the game. BTW nothing done in the EBR deserves you to have pride playing it. I understand no tracking…but anyone who has ever driven a car knows damn well that thing should lose an axel or something. its just a complete bullshit tank.

  40. I wouldn’t mind this tank if the game would just stop giving bounces or armour not hit , shooting it with jgpz e100 should be a pen always.
    Plus I dont understand why its HE pen is so good , higher than a obj268 ? Its fast enough to flank behind and HE it doesnt need higher.

  41. What a game Dez :)))))

  42. Have a great holiday.

  43. To all the people complaining about the EBR, just get one yourself, they are the most fun you can have in WOT…

  44. I actually think, Lefh arty is even more toxic. this arty could actually compete with t10 artys and is matched against beginners in t5

  45. The End of the line for me is when i hit this clown car with my deathstar HESH and i didnt do ANY damage just critical hit i question my sanity

  46. we love your content mate 🙂

  47. not more hated than arty here but equaily.

  48. Hey, I don’t really mind wheeled lights except the premium one. Most annoying thing for me is arta. 🙂

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