Have 8,000 Bonds? BUY THIS in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

The KV-5 is the most fun you can have in World of for 8,000 and here’s why!



  1. QB never disappoints

  2. very bold accusation for a very mediocre tank

  3. Love the vids QB and your in game commander of course😂

  4. I cant make the kv-5 work. I recently bought it, but its not fun to play when everyone spams gold at you and penetrates you almost every single time.

  5. Kv-5 went from good, to powercreeped and now back to good/fun. I have 11000 bonds, shouls i buy 121/m60 or kv5? I have most of the other premiums.

  6. Алексей Щербак

    “Mad Max Game” again? I’m afraid that random is not ready for this…..

  7. Choo Choo

  8. Idk how heavy tank can be fun, well unless its a maus in 7v7. I suggest to not spend these 8k bonds and keep earning for better T9 bond tank

  9. Keeping bonds for foch 155

  10. QB, the man of wisdom tell us to buy a KV5 , we must obey.

  11. Mergatroid Jingley-Schmidt

    The question is though, if I have 25k bonds, do I spend it on a KPZ 50t or wait for something better?

  12. I will save bonds to give equipment to maus

  13. Whoa nice trade 😎😎😎

  14. Have 8k bonds? Save then for chieftain auction 😄

  15. Remove cupolas and I will buy this tank for 80 000 bonds.

  16. Not worth it for me. It can be fun to ram something or just to play stupidly, but the good games tend to be inconsistent for me. The T-103 is much much better. Basically a Tier 8 TD that behaves like a heavy tank with tier 7 heavy tank HP and a tier 10 heavy tank gun.

  17. All right, I’ll buy this tank if it’s included in the year-end gold product.

  18. Im thinking of buying the amx m4 49 liberte, is it still good in today’s WoT standards?

  19. Mega1987 OS_Ver_NEET

    time to find 2 FCM and we got RAMMING!!!!!

  20. Got 40k bonds atm just buying the odd bonds equipment.

  21. I use removed speed govs and if you turn them on and off the engine hardly ever breaks.

  22. I have 35k bonds. Should buy something I guess. Actually have my eye on M41 90 gf.

  23. The number of KV-5s I’ve seen do nothing and the love I have for fighting them, I find it hard to believe spending 8,000 hard earned bonds on it is good

  24. I do have bonds, but I play almost exclusively SPGs, and some mediums sometimes, heavies just ain’t my thing. However, KV5 is special, all those videos of whole series of ramming form various players, so… I don’t know if I will be able to make up my mind on this.

  25. Can not wait to see your video on the p2w equipment.

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