Haven’t played this tank in 6 years | KV-1 (War Thunder)

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Source: PhlyDaily

HavenÙt played this tank in 6 years | KV-1 ( )



    • Evangelina Terraza

      Philidaly pon subtítulos en español pls

    • Challenge Request:
      German little and large challenge. Take out the Fw200C-1 in Tank RB and get three ground kills. Or if that isn’t entertaining enough, take out the Ju87D-5 with x12 MGs and get three combined air/ground kills with guns only. Have fun. Attempt #157.

    • Phlydaily i got the MIG-21 tee but it has not come it has ben 2 or 3 weeks and btw i live in sc

    • PhlyDaily enlisted got an update

    • PhlyDaily ok it’s a longer time than the Sherman ( Phire-Phly……..daily ) (firefly) soyeah 6 is good next time the Sherman firefly that has not been played PHor 4YEARS

  1. Paduraru Lucian

    Because of that video1:38 i started plaing war thunder ,back then i was a world of tanks pleb

  2. I like the new decsl

  3. i’ve always seen this fuel explode whenever i was or wasn’t the kv1 and one the t34 even more

  4. Kyknos Spartan Unit

    Nearly forgot how bad but fun Warthunder was 6 years ago

  5. Is that very back machine gunner on the turret useless other then being an extra guy?

  6. the clip of the old vid is only like 5s long, but that map already looks better then 90% of the trash gaijin makes us play on now, gorram do i hate the current rotation of maps

  7. Mathis Basquine

    Me: *Gets a good game* Maybe I am good at War Thunder

    PhlyDaily: *Laughs in 900k Subs*

  8. Алик Ахметвалеев

    Sergei, they destroyed our Vodka
    Sergei the Comrade: J OUT!!!

  9. Gigel LadaCuPrune

    How can i get the picture of ur channel if i already have an account?

  10. Panzer IV H with 100mm armor at 4.3 you also never played it

  11. But you did play German uparmored version

  12. could be cool if they added a bit of snowrunner effekts to the ground 😀
    so you wouldn´t be able to drive everywhere

  13. Александр Трухман


  14. 75 mm of armor the Matilda am I joke to you

  15. 1k subscribers without a video. Pls

    14:00 I would’ve been dead already

  16. Peter Arbeitsloser

    They should sth like a thunderstorm with lots of rain and thunder so gunshots are harder to hear that would make it a lot more interesting

  17. I think you put the actual historical KV-1 on the thumbnail not the L-11

  18. Things were better when you could teamkill idiots that deserved it.

  19. Alexandru Duroi

    Try Asu 57 next

  20. WTPH – what the phrick

  21. Phly, I woke up to a severe blow to my fashion tanks. Your sticker looks very very bad rn, I kinda liked the red background instead of a blue circle 🙁

  22. Ah-64D Apache Attack helicopter

    man love your game play keep it up cant wait for you to get 1 mil

  23. Gabriel Perianu

    Do kv-1 zis 5 next. It’s even better at it’s BR ( 4.3 ) especially because you rarely get uptired. 95mm pen with a round with a lot of post pen damage ( one of the best 76’s in the game) makes it good at almost anything.

  24. Barron playing WarThunder? Those were the days…

  25. Jesse Vilsterren

    U think this is a low tier monster play the German kv1 that’s a monster

  26. youve lost weight

  27. We don’t need to worry about the brits…

    Archer: HMMMMMMM

  28. That death with the fuel tank explosion, was fair enough. They really should ad armor degradation to the game, i doubt any tank could take that many shots to the front and not die in real life, except maybe a t95

  29. could you possibly play the churchill mk7 (attempt 2)

  30. horseboyhunglow

    Question, why with 5 hyper links in your description below, would you not put a link direct to your Twitch channel?

  31. Cristian Timoty

    Use KV 1 S pls

  32. Please Gaijin give us the T14 Armata tank, the most lethal tank on the planet today

  33. 5:15 that also pissing me of xD

  34. Matilda has pretty much the same armor at 2.7.

  35. Heheheheh… *fucking dies* WHAT THE PHU-

  36. Fartasaurus Rex

    I want to see you take out a King Tiger with a Tetrarch. The trick is to get right up behind the turret and shoot it in the turret ring, couple shots and up goes it’s ammunition, if you can last that long

  37. Love nuking KV-1s with the Dicker Max

  38. Attempt 1
    Have an look at the game GHPC (gunner gear pc), an tank compact sim that is in its pre alpha

  39. Hey phly
    I would really like to see you play a game called naval action you have played it before

  40. A Random Guy In The Internet

    The KVs are OP because have the KVass powerr

  41. war thunder back then looked more realistic

  42. has your decal in the game changed?

  43. bring back baron

  44. 6:06 *WE NEED A 10H VERSION OF THIS*

  45. Am I the only one that looks at the fragmentation on the shots and thinking, why dont I get that level of fragmentation?

  46. You know what would make that fog and mist and dust look even better?

  47. Whonder WHY that KV is at such low BR?? well it should be obvious to everyone really…russian game, russian owners, nuff said…

  48. The kv-1 has a crappy gun I think. It hurts players but seems to hardly ever 1 shot. Plus look at the speed From the factory its 36 kmh. Im just no fan of this. Hell id rather use a panzer Iv f2 or even a t-34. The KV-1 comes factory with a reload rate of 9.3 Man I with I could get mine down to 7.1 lol Anyway as always love the video man.

  49. It’s probably because all my crews are relatively low level (I jump between countries instead of grinding on one) but your repair times are a lot faster than I’ve ever seen. Usually pressing F to repair means pressing F to pay respects because it’ll be like 45 seconds lol

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