HD E50M goes ham!

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Source: TheFochYou

System specs: Asus Z170 Pro gaming LGA 1151
Intel core i7 6700k @4.4ghz
Corsair H100i GTX
Asus STRIX 980 TiDC3 OC
Corsair RMx 650W 80 PLUS gold PSU
Kingston HyperX 16gb DDR4 Kit
Samsung 850 EVO 250GB SSD
Seagate Desktop 2TB HDD
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  1. Don’t really dig new patch because it broke my aspect ratio and all tanks look like pancakes

  2. I like the new patch. Heavies being heavies, good thing in my book, makes them more appealing to play. Now fix the gold spammers ?

  3. I’m currently crying and hating my way through the atrociously boring Panther. Should I go for E50 (over Panther II) or the E75 (over Tiger II)? Pros and cons of either path?

  4. Does not matter about the armor increase on the Maus . Had a game in mine the other day got shot 19 times from seven different tanks and they were all shooting gold rounds. So all the armor increase doesn’t matter because everybody just slings premium rounds at you now and goes right through your armor anyways

  5. With over 500 tanks in the game, there will always be a small percentage of those that will be OP, its Darwinian. That particular subset of tanks will change from patch to patch, to keep it interesting (and to a certain extent profitable). WG will never get everything right for everyone’s tastes all of the time (paraphrasing someone), but it does ensure that all us armchair generals have sufficient salt to sprinkle on our comments. Spamming premium is a joke concept from too many patches ago, you either make credits or you don’t, at tier 9 and 10 the game isn’t currently built around big credit generation, was it ever? WG will have to continue to make enough money to keep producing the game until sufficient people get fed up with it or a new/better multiplayer game comes along, then we will all laugh/cry about how much time/money/effort we poured into this ARCADE STYLE VIDEO GAME. Still, watching these videos and posting comments passes the time quite well and keeps us all reasonably entertained. Thanks FOCH, keep up the content, we like your accurate salty commentary and Ace playstyle.

  6. Foch, are u planning on reviewing Maus with the new changes?

  7. Although the Maus/Type4/5 changes went way to far, especially with the super P2W HE rounds, 9.17.1 was much needed. All the changes to old tanks in the German line that were just abysmal makes it a lot better to play through. VK 100 might be a bit overtuned as well, but for the love of God we finally have gun depression with the E50/50M. Hallelujah! Now, if only they will give the E50M slightly better ground resistances…

  8. 9.17.1 superheavies buff made the game slower (easier to understand for tomatoes), reduce skill cap (tier X games are more accessible for new players) and encourage gold spamming (more $ in Wargamming pockets). All in all, it seems like a good business plan (more money spent and larger player base) but a bad direction for the game as an esport.

  9. maus is OP…couldn’t care because its fun slaughtering russian meds who spam heat before the buffs

  10. LATVIAN flag on the side of turret? nice ??

  11. I hate that gay new premium tank, you can’t do shit to him while driving for example WZ-111… Even skill rounds can’t pen it -.-

  12. have you placed the e-50 with the 88-L100 gun (witch looks stupidity op)

  13. How would *you* balance super heavies? We can’t pretend pre-patch Maus or Type 5 was even close to usable – otherwise people would have actually played them. How would you make them competitive in Tier 10? To me it seems like lot of the crying over the patch comes from people who just don’t want the meta to change and even go as far as pretending the tanks were “just fine” before patch (while never playing the tanks themselves, naturally, but rather farming them with their mediums). I’m not saying you are one of them, but you find them in every comment section of WoT videos in Youtube.

  14. New patch should’ve been called “give more moneys comrade”. Retarded changes to most of the heavies, and another balanced premium tank. Patriot, Liberte, and now Ob 252 – idiot-proof tanks facing tanks such like: Chi-ri, Comet, etc. Well patched WG imbecils.

  15. you should have waited a bit until people figure out the turret front became easier to pen due to smaller gun mantlet (which became weaker as it now includes some 155-175mm weak spots … you know, so RNG can shit on you)

  16. i quit WOT after this patch…P2W joke

  17. You all people are so stupid.

    Maus should have easy peneble turret, so should IS7, E5, 113, FV 215, to be fair. No hatch to pen, but turret front. Then cry that Maus turret is OP.

    Maus has only way too much DPM. They should nerf it to 4,5 not 5 like now. Armor buff was needed.

    In 9.17. Maus angled his hull, and you in tier 10 tank could from front!! shoot his frontal wheel, pen it, and pen 80 mm side armor. You track Maus and do damage, this is fine FOCH ??

    They buff this and turret front that matter. WG can nerf dpm, i dont care but if they gonna nerf armor, Maus will die.

    WG don’t nerf premium ammo, so Type 5 and Maus should be from front immune to normal ammo from HT, MT, LT, only TD should pen them, and they do.

  18. Maus was good changes and Type 5 was bad. The Maus was a load of rubbish, every one could pen it from the front before. HE gun is silly on the Type 5 though.
    Heavies are still shit for good players to use though, they just don’t move fast enough to react to changes in the game..

    Why they still haven’t nerfed arty is still fucking retarded like normal though….. Why not just increase aiming and reload time by 25% and reduce damage by 50% until they can think of something else……

  19. The MAUS gun has the same accuracy and aiming time as the Obj. 140. Yeah, because fuck youuuuuuu

  20. is this vertical stabilizer?
    what happend to german accuracy?
    ohh it is f….. wg

  21. While I agree with Foch in many aspects about the game I think when it comes to balancing he is quite biased towards medium tanks. Sometimes it seems he would like to give mediums everything which eventually would lead to “play a medium or go fuck yourself”. It’s understandable because he plays mediums most of the time, this class fits his playstyle the best. But when i hear “tier VIII mediums should be fast, have great handling, pen, preferably higher alpha” I’m like “come on, you want an ultimate class that shits on everything, it can’t work like that”. Even with the Grille 15 case – it was a TD that actually could shit on medium tanks unlike other ones that usually get shit on by mediums and already we had “It’s bad for the game, nerf mobility because medium tanks get shot by it early”. So yeah, they nerfed it and now we will complain that everyone is wanking off in the base with Grilles. When it comes to the superheavies buffs. i have to agree – Maus buffs are slightly overdone, but Type 5 buffs are actually mostly justified IMO (apart from giving it the derp with higher alpha premium HE, this is stupid), armor buffs were needed because for a tank like this it had too many weakspots. Come on, even with old Maus you could at least angle/sidescrape so you were relatively safe (not every time because you could shoot angled Maus through the front wheel, track it and do damage frontally – this is also stupid) but with type 5 you had weak shoulder plates fucking up sidescraping ability, turret was also not as angleable as Maus and you had a stupid cupola. What is the point of a superheavy that pretty much paid with everything to have good armor and it still gets shit on by everything because it’s filled with weakspots all over the place?

  22. This intro always makes me smile

  23. e50/m never gets old

  24. maus needed a buff but now they’re just retard proof now, like the guy in your game who didn’t bother moving from spawn and still did 3k dmg.

  25. IMO, WG is buffing armor like this because they don’t want to take away premium ammo from the game….the actual problem right now. If you ever run a heavy tank you will be barraged by it and penned most of the time. If players don’t use it against you, you have more than a fighting chance: you will destroy them in a 1v1 fight frontally with relative ease. The entire idea of premium ammo is moronic and people need to stop defending it because it is allowing WG to ruin this game by trying to balance it in other ways.

  26. VKP heavy, Mauschen, and Maus can’t be tracked and damaged in the same shot, and are difficult to track period. None have frontal weakspots; cupolas are red herrings. Along with the 252, as Marco Brocic commented, it’s load gold or go home. Or as I feel, load gold *and* go home. Money comes from premium ammo, premium tanks, and grinding up new tank lines, which is why they keep adding high tier tanks and why instead of balancing all currently existing lights so that they’re all worse than before, with new tier 9/10 lights that come after them.

    The current ones are basically all going to play the same too. Bulldog loses autoloader, 59-16 loses autoloader, ELC *was* going to lose both 240 damage and 175 pen but now it’s “only” going to lose pen and dpm (the wording being “it will keep its 90mm!”). If we look back a bit further into the past the M5 Stuart lost its howitzer, the awfulpanther was removed for something even more awful, RIP T-50-2. Oh you want to play interesting tanks? They’re at tier 10. Behind lots of time and frustration and boredom. And maybe money.

    It’s interesting to read all these “just flank :^)” comments. World of Tanks can be thought of as a giant gaslighting experiment to see what people will think if they either aren’t aware of or otherwise don’t believe certain fundamental mechanics. Maps are corridors… until flanking is why certain tanks are balanced. Gold ammo is pay to win… until it’s why certain tanks are balanced. How could someone be so stupid as to die or lose to something, when +/-25% pen and +/- 25% damage means that they could’ve been doing 66% more damage on 66% more pen? “But random is random” I’ll bet anyone who’s played this game is significantly more confident in calling a 5 win or 5 loss streak beforehand than they would be in flipping 5 heads or 5 tails.

    But that’s how Wargaming gets its money.

    It’s a slot machine.

    The general accuracy nerf had to happen.

  27. I like how people can justify the nerfs on the T110E5 when shit like the maus/type 5 happens…

  28. What’s the mod Foch uses for his aiming reticle?

  29. First complain about E5 now it gets nerfed and now lets complain about Maus and Type5 heavy being over buffed. Wargaming seems to can’t satisfy everyone I guess. If you get owned by a Maus and Type5 heavy well its your own fault these are slow tanks if they blocking one area just go around kill the rest of their team mates and go behind them, if not load Gold.

  30. new patch is good !!!! the Maus should have Strong armor and the medium meta Is over .. fine with that too .. gives the old game some new life I think .. super heavys should be king of the battle field ..

  31. You could play the Maus as stupidly as I do, and still bounce 6k dmg per game, easy.
    Slight DPM buff would have been fine.

  32. I still find it too sluggish, too big, too weak armor and too slow reload.

  33. I have both the e50 and t-10. Love them both and I want my second tier 10 to go with my e5. So my question is what is the more significant upgrade e50>e50m or t-10>is7?

  34. i say itrs oke they buff thes guys, and prem spam… well if u cant skill then pay!

  35. I can’t stand the situation at 3:15. Every time I’ve taken any tank to that position, I get somebody that yolos me just like that Lowe did to you. I’m sick of taking great, forward positions only to lose half or all my health to some headless chicken sacrificing itself in order to eliminate me. Guess that’s just what happens to players like us though because “DAH MUST KILL BLUENICUM/UNICUM ON MY XVM”

  36. Except for the stupid OP 252 defenders at tier 8, 9.17.1 seems no worse than 9.17 was. I wouldn’t even hate on the 252’s if they were tier 9 or 10. But at tier 8 the tier 6-7’s are fucked if they face them even spamming gold at them.

  37. Vladimir PutinYarbutt


  38. buffs for maus, type5, why, why, why wot? not to encourage gold ammo I’m sure

  39. Angry Archaeologist

    Overall, the patch is pretty good – German meds needed the help. However, I feel that perhaps the worst balancing fail in the patch is the inclusion of the VK 100.01 P mini-Maus at tier 8. With most tier 6 tanks rocking around 140 pen standard, or about 170-ish premium, there is very little they can do against this tank except run away. If the driver of the VK 100.01 P is at least semi-conscious, and angling the tank just a little bit, there is literally nothing that most tier 6 tanks can do to it. The gap between tier 6 and tier 8 seems greater these days than the gap between tier 8 and 10, or even between 7 and 9, and so the mini-Maus at tier 8 is completely overpowered against most tier 6 vehicles.

  40. maus has a bit too much dpm now and type 5 is the same from what I can tell from playing it armor wise. might just be due to the heat and apcr spam. derp gun is dumb as hell

  41. Wow aggressive plays right off the bat. If I did this I’d be dead long the ago lol nicely done

  42. I’m seeing a ton of maus platoons on the Na server anndddd it’s pretty impossible to beat them, especially on the city maps. also when I see type 5 and 4 I’m pretty much screwed cause its retarded deep gun and armor!!!

  43. Great video, as always! Where are you from?

  44. New German super heavies: BS
    New Russian premium heavy: BS
    Type 5 HE buff: BS
    Other than that, this patch is pretty cool.

  45. All WG needs to do is nerf Premium Ammo instead of fucking with so many variables and degrading the entire game.
    All these changes are just buffs to prem.

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