HE Balance, Arty Changes and Crew 2.0 Coming to Sandbox in World of Tanks 2021

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Artillery / SPG Rework Balance and HE Rework 2.0. World of Tanks Artillery New Ammo, SPG Special 6th Sense. World of Tanks in 2021, Future Plans and News.

Today let’s talk about the upcoming sandbox test server, which will take place in Mid February to March, introducing to HE ammo, Artillery and Crew system. Crew 2.0 is definitely going to be one big changer.. So let’s talk about that!

What do you think?


  1. What are you the most hyped about in the upcoming Sandbox?!
    Crew 2.0 is going to be quite massive!
    Stay tuned for my testing as well, smack that Subscribe button!

  2. So pretty much with few words – WG nerf even more the SPG’s

  3. I don’t want to be dismal, but those changes predominantly sound like sh*te.
    HE-rework is (I believe) uncalled for.
    Automatic Sixth sence per se is a good idea, but the rest crew changes are unnecessary.
    Rest of it is, at best okay-ish.
    I only wish the community would unite and send lots of negative feedback, so that the really desired and needed changes come into being.

  4. 7:35 I think the “Arty Lamp” refers to the Skull icon popping up for the tank the arty fired at as shown in the trailer. It will similar to Warships’ “Incoming Fire Alert”, I think.

  5. Im scared for my kv2

    • I hope that broken tank gets nerfed. Being able to one-shot same tier or higher tier tanks is stupid. Or it doing like 300 to 400 damage to tier 8 tanks.

    • @Mt-inside Or, in real life it misses 60% of the time, only tracks a light tank, and does 80 damage on a heavy. Maybe you dont play KV-2 much? It is the rare exception to get a meme damage roll.

  6. I like the crew balance now, I wish they would not mess with it. Especially with all the gold I have spent on it.

  7. I consistently get dmg rolls of 400 with the T110E4 using HE which seems reasonable for that tank. If they nerf that, there really won’t be much point in playing certain tanks.

  8. So they say they listened. We say “no. you have made he shells and artillery useless” They say ” we listened. Arty and he shells will get nerfed even more”.

  9. This whole comment section is full of children whining about how Wargaming isn’t doing anything on a video about how Wargaming is currently fixing multiple major issues in the game.

    • HE shells arent a major issue, and neither are crews. its the gold shells that need rebalancing. its stupid that you go from having a 0% chance to go through to having a 100% chance to go through on some tanks. wheeled lights, tanks like 279e etc. these things need fixing.

  10. How can i join in the sandbox server ?

  11. I dont like the changes, another shit from WG…

  12. Seriously AGAIN!!!! 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  13. lmao HE and Arty nerf will even further buff _Chieftonk_ and _Bobjekt 279e_ . WG balancing team just really is a bunch of apes.

  14. Another great information video Dez.
    None of this is needed, arty rebalancing ha! all that’s need is restricting arty to 1-2 per game.
    Crew 2.0 gives me a very bad feeling. I have many special events reward crews, female crews from champagne, prime/twitch drop, Christmas boxes etc. I have invested many crew books & hours of game play training my crews & now war gaming want to trash them & my hard work. This will be a cluster fuck from which I will most likely
    Uninstall & not come back.
    Un written rule ” if its not broke don’t fix it”
    I’m still not happy with how equipment 2.0 went. I lost equipment when that happened & it costs me millions of credits fixing it.
    My crews have had gold, crew books spent on them.
    So you now want to make some of my 5+ skill commanders not needed? Special crew reward members (female) will be trainers? & how does this work if they aren’t commanders? I have at least two tanks where most of the crew is female reward crews.
    How about addressing the issues that are making people uninstall & stop playing?
    You know those broken EBRs, triple arty games, Match maker?
    This is just annoying & pointless. No one is complaining about the current crew settings. If you have to do something then address some of the useless crew skills that no one uses & once a crew member has been trained on a tank regardless of where they have been moved & retained, they should always be able to come back to that tank at 100%, crews can move around easy, problem solved. No one is annoyed or looses anything.

  15. type 4 and 5….. 15 cm gun (crying in corner)

  16. If the crew system will be similar to World of Warships, thats fine by me <3

  17. with this change, we will see a lot more hulldown tanks like T95, SConq, 277 in every Battle. there is no need to change HE dmg. it is the only possible oportunity to digg out hulldowns.

  18. And I just started all-nation arty grind for the campaign missions. Why are there arty missions in game anyway. Also I am scared now for the crews. Seeing the last big changes with equipment, I lost massive silver setting up my tanks…

  19. actually as a Maus and Grille 15 player, i like HE to get nerfed lol

  20. artillery really really needs it though,, the stun mechanic made me almost stop playing the game

  21. Lets have a discussion regarding the Future of World of tanks and the dismay amongst players/WOT. Now there’s a good topic

  22. Mark my word, this channel will be 1 million one day and DezGamez will forget about me. 🙁

  23. If they want to improve the game, the first thing they should do if fix the matchmaking so players can play with people having the same level and remove the +2 tiers matchmaking, a tier 8 tank has nothing to do with a 10 tier… Same tier is sufficient!

  24. Do you need TX tanks for sandbox testing?

  25. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    Arty Missions dude, already in the current Meta close to impossible, if you hit the 1/1000 Rounds that it can be done… and NOW they REDO the Grenades… NICE DUDE

  26. Are the Twitch drops available in the Asia server?

  27. i watched 3 diffrend streams, got not even 1 drop …
    now i dont care for the drop,, i lost so much time because of not drops


  29. Crew 2.0 better give back the xps used to research skills or better yet give a free skill opening of we already have a skill they make free or take away

  30. Dietrich von Faust

    But if you look at arty changes from arty players they will cry cause for them it will be hard to complete some special personal mission

  31. ManDrake Vermilyea

    If they re work arty will they re work the arty campaigns too?

  32. I hope they Nerf arty into the ground… And why mess with he why nit gold ammo it make armour useless

  33. is there any way to acces the sandbox server?
    or did they stop doing the apply thingy?

  34. Give arty cluster bombs to destroy EBRs.. There vidios have allways been far away from what game is. Landmines and I say goodbye. The changes depens only by you and your credit cards 😀 I have subscribed! Counter arty. ? That do EBR allready! I most say I fear the future, its maybe not me…

  35. Nerfing HE-Ammo will even increase the importance of Gold-Ammo and therefore amplify the “p2w-problem”.

    Back then, they tried to nerf HE, because of the planned nerf of Gold-Rounds – so they wouldnt be outperformed by the cheaper HE-Shells. Now they reject the idea of nerfing Gold-Ammo and only realize the HE-nerf.

    Your typical Wargaming-Move!

  36. I’m sure all this changes will fix MM, so we are not playing 15 – 3 matches all the time.
    oh wait …. no it wont.

  37. I don’t really think having the artillery system from armored warfare would help with artillery. The artillery in armored warfare does damage per shot and is a lot more mobile. I also feel the maps way bigger. In world of tanks it’s just going to make the artillery hold their fire until the other one does. once that happens the other team is going to fire and kill the artillery. You’re going to have so many games with all the artillery on one side killed within the first two to three minutes.

  38. Reworked artillery? Oh boy I hope they misspelled “removed” ..

  39. So by the looks of your 3_400 damage in your shit barn when hitting a tank in the turret when he’s Hull down will now be 130…. Welcome to the world of 500 dpm

  40. We need that WT auf EBR105

  41. ZeroPony Creations

    seriously, there’s nothing wrong with HE, the reason people are spamming it cause WG keeps making tanks that don’t have any freaking weak spots

  42. pls do something about mm…..so we can have see-saw win-losses, rather than huge loss streaks or win streaks…

  43. HE fix would be easy… Change the calculated armor value from impact LOS to nominal, reduce pen and make it caliber based.

  44. HE nerf is the best thing they could do other then just totaly remove it

  45. Fix Premium Ammo.

  46. HE-ammo is fine as is. They just want ya’ll to press that 2 key the most.

  47. Witch tanks have 1crew member its ridicilus, take one arty per game and one scaut and only 20% granade can be premium ammo im tank and you solve the problem with game

  48. The only change to HE I want is to the type 4/5 standard HE. put it back at 1100 dmg, so there is an actual difference between premium HE and regular

  49. HE shells nerf, so now we can’t do anything at all against OP premium heavies, TDs and medium tanks when we can’t penetrate. NICE.

  50. Pure garbage. Put it back the way it was.

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