He did 54% of Full Teams Damage, New Record! | World of Tanks Bat.-Châtillon Bourrasque

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Bat.-Châtillon Bourrasque Gameplay. World of Tanks Bourrasque, French Premium Medium Tank. The Best Premium Tank in World of Tanks.

Today let’s take a look at a beautiful battle played by “_G4BR1EL_ [CRAKD]”, who went absolute HAM in the allmighty premium medium tank Bourrasque. This is the new damage for one of the best premium tanks in the game… without losing ANY hitpoints whatsoever…

What do you think?



  1. OP Tank, OP Player, vs perfect enemy and ally team = Magic… without losing ANY HP!
    Have an absolutely fantastic day and STAY SAFE!

  2. Yeah cool in the second most broken tank in the game

  3. Gideonpriyadharsan.W 9012

    Another example for borrassque is broken and stupid

  4. Dez you have replay with is6 – 10 k dmg , i think it deserves some love 🙂

  5. Janjos Sibinovski

    No mater how well played the game is, I won’t be impressed by a prammo spamming game in a bourrasque. These types of players have ruined WoT as much as wg. This game was good enough for me to not be disquisted, but the video and cometary were aswome

  6. OP Tank, Gold Ammo only, Prem Consumables, probably extreme good crew and he is a unicum vs. shitty tanks and noobs…
    he should get banned for ruining the fun for others.
    i’m really glad i didn’t touched the game for a year and probably will continue with it

  7. who still hasnt blocked mines?

  8. I’m a simple man, I see a full gold spam i just skip the video

  9. Rainier Pomeranians

    34 rounds fired…. 33 hits… 32 pens… wow. RNGesus has spoken and parted the sea of rounds, to boot.

  10. Brazil representing, yeah he is brazilian i know him

  11. nice rng for that gun

  12. I would like more muppets to farm. amazing results.

  13. Scatterbrain Brain

    No damage!!

  14. Humm no silver rounds only gold. Must have a potato gun

  15. Credits were still made, and it didn’t look like there were any boosters for it.

  16. 10k dmg done in a Tier 8 vehicle. Against a pool of tier 7HP. On a tiny map that EVERYONE knows. Without taking a single HP of damage.

    I would say it’s impossible if I didn’t just watch.

  17. I constantly see people downplaying battles like this in the comments by criticizing the use of gold. What I believe is you don’t get 3 MoE by being a scrub who fires gold. I understand the Bourrasque is a very powerful tank (I have been beat up by them plenty of times) and that helps but the most amazing thing about this video is the players willingness to constantly relocate. Even when he was on the hill he kept moving and targeting different parts of the map and making it hard for arty to predict where he would be. I do agree with that to get a really good result you need both team to be pretty bad with the enemy being slightly worse than your team.

  18. now do it in something that’s not completely broken against a team of people that don’t play like bots.

  19. Gh0sT_DeM0LiShEr

    I also had once a very good round in the BBQ… did 6,1k dmg in a 1v5 with i think 400 HP left 🙂 Did win that one

  20. It will never be done again, by him as WG gave him special MM, to make them look good and try to undo a lot of the negative press, they are getting of late. I had the opportunity to go to a web-site and boy, did unload about the crap and BS WG is pulling on it’s player base. It’s time WG becomes something more than a hole in the earth that people pour money into and for what? Nothing, absolutely nothing.

    • WaRGAMing is in bed with NASA hiding the FLAT EARTH truth from us! The lizard people came out of the hollow FLAT EARTH and took over Cyprus and waRGAMing! Only DRINKING bleach will save us! Praise bE to GOD!

  21. Prem rounds+Prem consumables and still made over 90k profit.
    Just show what is wrong with WoT.

  22. I’ve had some insanely good games in the Bourrasque, but nothing like that. Enemies were too afraid to push but not in cover, allies weren’t pushing either but weren’t getting steamrolled, and accuracy was actually behaving on the gun. The only bad shots were the one that bounced on the AT-7 and the shot on the T-103 as it backed around the corner.

  23. Hey dez it’s player dependent I’ve done quite well 7v7 those criers can stiffle it till they can pull the same gg to the BORAT period

  24. imagine if he played on central and not South America lmao

  25. This was done on SA aka bots do irrelevant

  26. Yet another WOT ad for premium. G.G player.

  27. Even if I got to match like that, where all stars are in line I would not be able to pull this off, RNG, allies and enemies were on his side add to it his knowledge and skills and there you go impossible become possible.

  28. Cracked poggers

  29. I don’t care he deal 1million dmg a game. Full gold loadout = shit play.

  30. Ironically Bourrasque is the only nemesis tank for my record.

  31. Maybe War Gambling buffed his concealment like they do with CCs.
    It all depends on how much money he puts into the game.

  32. NA server be like

  33. Im not impressed.

  34. bounty this, bond that, premium everything else. never has “pay to win” been so prevalent in the game. truly a matter of purchasing skill.

  35. Gabriel pog

  36. No. Gabriel was in the bush which is why he wasn’t getting spotted by the AT7. He got spotted after shooting

  37. thats my clan mate! 🙂 top clan in NA 😀

  38. Now do this in a FV4204 or something

  39. boring and not impressive at all…clearly not the same league of players…

  40. amazing battle omg

  41. My best game with bourrasque was 6k,
    Once I messed up ensk game, where I could have 7500. I went full ap and five shots didnt penetrate. Shots, that gold ammo can easily pen.

  42. I have once done 60% of teams damage (win by killing all enemies) in a Bishop. Unfortunately the replay is lost due to suprising wipe of data on wotreplays. It wouldn’t be too youtubable anyway…

  43. Game typically shows what is wrong with world of tanks today. That Map is too small for any other tier beyond tier 5, bounty equipment only best players get to further op tanks played spamming gold like there no tomorrow. Did the tiers 7 enjoy there game fighting tanks higher than them with a stock gun and 50% crews? The next game those tiers 7 would have probably faced was a tier 9 game trying to pen tier nine heavy tanks. I suspect that a lot of them will probably quit playing because there are always fight tanks tiers higher than them. Play 10 games and at least 7 games will be higher tier further frustrating new players.

  44. Stanislav Boianov

    This is the tank that I HATE the most, when is against me in battle. PERIOD.

  45. Best tank in the game!!

  46. Sam Manganello jr

    What is that aim circle mod he is using I’d like to use that

  47. not even Fadins
    Btw. Borat is way better than T9 Batchat, even the gunhandling is better on Borat, so well balanced.

  48. Truly amazing!

  49. After I saw it is chiftean, I stopped to watch

  50. lucky record 0 skill spam 1 ammo type, typical trash player

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