HE ONLY – STILL WORKS??? World of Tanks

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A year ago World of nerfed rounds HARD – today I question if it's still playable with ONLY HE playing the Object 277!



  1. WoT is dead

  2. Martine Aksnes Caulfield

    Spoiler alert: No, doesn’t work, only works if you use premium ammo, but its a good idea to go back to wot, put HE in all my tanks and play as a way of protest. Hilarious to see sometimes in the premium shop that they still have the audacity to sell the premium KV2.

  3. I for one never wanted the he rework. I just wanted artillery to be less punishing or completely gone. Yeah the type 4 and type five heavies were a pain, but at that time it would have been just easier to adjust some of their armor values to make them easier to damage themselves.

    • Baron von Limbourgh

      Exactly, just posted the same.
      They do this all the time.
      People wanted arty limited to 1 a game and the issue with high tier derps wa that you had to spam heat at their maus like armour while they simply rekt you with he.

      Just make the he derps themselves vulnrable to HE as well and arta limited to 1 a game and all would be perfect. Wg seems allergic to simple obvious solutions.

  4. Your videos are still entertaining, but you hit on one of the huge reasons I stopped playing WoT.
    70% of players WANTED an HE nerf… Sorry, I don’t believe 70% of players are whining little twits that don’t know the difference between concealment and cover. I enjoyed playing my Derp guns with HE, and Wargaming screwed that pooch bad.

    The other reason I quit playing is because I’m tired of Wargaming lying to it’s players.

    Love your videos, but not playing WoT again.

  5. People: We HATE HE FIX IT!!!!
    Also people: Wargaming only did this for money.

    Wargaming finally listens to you and you insult them. You dont even know what you want.

  6. QB! i got a challenge for you and its unique (probably)

    play in the LOWEST resolution in wot in your best tank

  7. Bender Rodriguez

    Interesting point about the HE changes hurting the tanks that didn’t need to be nerfed, but that’s the thing. Paper tanks are actually better off than before. It’s not like HE wasn’t viable against paper tanks before the changes. Paper tanks gained the ability to shatter HE shells for no damage and take splashes for much less damage. In exchange, they’ve lost the ability to use their tracks to over angle and absorb HE shells. It’s a mixed bag. Personally, paper tanks feel the same to me as before.

    For me, HE was buffed in every situation except tanks like the O-I and KV2 where I used to be able to blast T8 heavies for hundreds of points of damage. That’s a price I’m willing to pay in order to stop 60TP, E-100, shitbarn and deathstar blapping my Maus for daring to peek.

    I’m still happy with the changes. I can’t say this without sounding too elitist, but most of the people who complain about the HE changes completely misunderstand them, as evidenced by people calling it a nerf and not a buff, and they tend to be worse than me at the game. Being bad at the game doesn’t mean you can’t make a convincing argument, but I haven’t been convinced yet.

  8. This was great to watch live a few weeks ago.

  9. I use HE to execute low hp 9es in clan wars, 140mm HE pen chieftain should help.

  10. Now try Gold only loadout, see if thats a viable way to play?

  11. If you had brought a typical ammo load-out, this might have been your 10k game.

  12. Full HE chief should make some fun content

  13. Complaints Department

    70% of the playerbase wanted this HE change my fucking ass. They could’ve done it easier by just reducing HE damage across the entire game by like 20-30% and left the old pen mechanics alone.

  14. HE rework was a good thing,HE spam was so bad, it was more spread than prem spam. And dont forget that HE now works same as AP/Apcr in regards of shell mechanics, so no more detonation upon impact on breakable objects, spaced armor, so if you have enough pen, its easier to pen your shots than before.

  15. It was top clans that got HE nerfed, only because HE was the counter to their Cheater Chieftain tanks and made quick work of them, especially when they tried pub clubbing. Of course WG would listen to the groups who give them the least amount of profit which made the nerf sting even more for paying customers.

  16. No arty ?? lol seems to be 2 to 3 in all my games . SIGH

  17. No it was the WZ-131 fault if your team lost

  18. Dude that Chief player was so bad . Like epic levels of bad .

  19. Lmao this is lit

  20. Coffee On My Foot

    QB: dont do it its a bad idea
    also QB: does it and its fuck*ng lit

  21. Funny to see that you are doing with the Stupid HE more damage than the average WoT Player in random queue 😀
    I played lately very much artillery to get the Conquerer Gun Carriage (the last Arty i hadnt on T10) and its really important not to use only the standard HE with Stund. If you want to do Damage you have to use on Heavys the AP, and the Meds the Dmg HE!
    The AP Shell hits “hard” but it can penetrate a Kranvagends Front Turret! So the Intuiton Perk is really necessary for all Loaders on the Arty!

  22. I dont understand this. I played som 20 games yesterday. Not a single game without SPGs, mostly all 3 in the game. How is it you have no Arty in the game and I have them all?????!!

  23. HE changes were a big mistake , They did not need to nerf it so hard .

  24. no he chainges were good and fuck those arties

  25. Both HE and Arty nerf were bad calls.
    Arty is too inconsistent in its accuracy to op, it only unnecessarily prolongs matches, and makes the Meta of the game far too inflexible and stagnant ,because arty cannot force the heavies to leave their cover as they are not taking damage consistently enough and in large enough numbers to warrant leaving a cheap spot, only facing stun which a competent player can just sit out with out burning a 1st aid kit.
    currently arty is forced to focus on hunting down paper meds,and tds.
    WG should also make the Scouts spot rewards to the level of the arty assist because high tier LT grind with out personal boosts is like toiling covered in tar, further more it would promote more aggressive scouting influencing the player behavior.

    • Baron von Limbourgh

      If tanks could just deal with hull down heavies themselves by firing HE at them, like the had done for 10 years, the lack of arty wouldn’t be an issue.

    • @Baron von Limbourgh in some cases yes,there are incredibly cheap spots in certain maps where you can sidescrape and as the damage model defines tracks and side skirts as spaced armour, in the old HE model,the HE shells had an abyssmal chances damaging ghrough spaced armour especially on the sides of the lower hull,arty with buffed up HE would be a good counter to such tactics.

  26. i would report the sh*t out of platoon 1…. the 100LT goes suicide-mode, the WZ132 just leaves the battle afterwards… thanks to these jerks your team has to play 13vs15 without a light…. players like them should be harshly punished.

  27. Someone give QB tissue so he can wipe his brown nose….

  28. Szymon Omieljaniuk

    This video is wrong in so many ways…

  29. Crying about gold, because you are unable to hit anything. HE was unbalanced and needed nerf, deal with it

  30. NorthernUnion13

    What is the point of HE?

  31. Using a healthy amount of HE in my German lights with the top-HE. Would never go HE only, though, because against well armored vehicles HE is so much worse than before.

  32. 70% of people my arse

  33. Michael Robinson

    How many AP would have penetrated in the same scenario though?

  34. i sure a hell did not want this

  35. people that want a he nerf where idiots that want to be farmed by op down tanks all day as the sit hall down so lame

  36. Bet the chieftain wrote him a love letter

  37. Did this in my WZ-111-5A a couple months ago by accident by forgetting to resupply and did 5k dmg lmao

  38. Baron von Limbourgh

    Wargaming never listnens to the community… they literally do the the opposite most of the time.
    And yet, this desaster they want to blame the comunity for.

    They always pretend to do what people want, cause usually technically they do, but then at the same time implement something else together with it that basicly negates it at the same time.

    Instead of just limiting arty, they kill it with these changes. But also take away the ability of regular tanks to deal with hull down tanks themselves. They do this all the time.

  39. HE should not of been nurfed for arty just tanks and the clown cars (especially)

  40. Every tank is a bossfight with HE

  41. Lorenzo Falorni

    Make HE relevant again…

  42. It still works for the T110E4

  43. I wander what the 3 critical hits were on the T95? One less obvious silver lining for HE is the crew/module damage.

  44. Aleksandar Novakovic

    Why don’t U QB make video about amount of bots in games these days. Just do stats . It’s insane ……

  45. sad part of the HE change is that is barely works against even the points of tanks that are less armored. you hit the butt end of that E-50 for almost nothing. that should be a pen. that is makes the change dumb.

  46. samuel tschiderer

    I was literally about to download the game and start playing again after years of not playing, then the HE nerfs came down and reminded me that you never trust companies that run F2P games.

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