HE ONLY – WILL IT WORK?!? World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

After a bad run of luck in World of Tanks I decided to try something stupid – load ONLY HE at Tier 10 will it work?


World of Tanks a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

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  1. HE is a great idea lmfao (Sarcasm) Thanks for another cool vid how long did it take you to grind the 277 ?

  2. One word: hacks

  3. firing only he? Use kv2

  4. hope a review of obj. 907 🤪

  5. I think this shows how a versatile tank can make use of HE shells when controlled by a good player.
    Of course your loadout will depend on your tank. HE works best with derp guns, of course, like the KV-2 or I’d say the Pz. IV H with the Stummel.

  6. Christian Alboroto

    Lol, this is funny as hell 😂
    Well, my friend only uses HE on his E-100

  7. wait… but I love AP rounds on the KV-2…

    How about the next video be: Firing only Premium rounds in WoT and compare 🙂

  8. Imagine what game you would have got with normal loadout

  9. Please don’t encourage stupid

  10. Mark Mendoza Hernandez

    why did this work? russian bias . . .

  11. Ivan-Gabriel Crnjak

    Well, i always start with HE in my IS7. Especially when you know where the heavies will go. Its a easy starting dmg+critical shots.

  12. QB you said “stupid video” this is a GREAT video. It was awesome to just someone having pure FUN with the game.

  13. Why u dont add memes? Like… this, this is not okay, this needs to stop, now! XD

  14. 0.0 Wait you guys don’t play like this?

  15. Benedict Romalius

    I thought you got trolled by peppidy again

  16. This video shows:
    RU tanks are OP
    The HE is broken
    and arty is retarded

  17. So that is why I sucked so hard in my T57 heavy. Loading full HE rn.

  18. HE is the way

  19. QB told me to shoot only HE – always works! thx for tip

  20. Absolutely no one:

    Still no one:

    Commander:” CRITICAL HIT”

  21. Because of you, I see 3 players who ruined my game in 277 full he

  22. So does it work in all depy guns and doesn’t in normal ones got it. I was looking all over the place for wether I should do this or not and this pops up in my notifications thanks

  23. guillem fuster adrover

    Ok… thanks, you just credited all the HE morons…

  24. The “morons” are called “new players”. Just FYI 🙂

  25. I’m actually disappointed that there aint more high caliber guns like the KV-2 and SU-152 where HE is quite usable for the USSR line, those tanks are quite satisfying to play… and they don’t wreck your wallet either!

  26. Great, now the tomatoes will shoot HE and expect to do more then 300 damage per game

  27. Remember the time Tanya (sorry if written wrong but you know i mean QB’s wife) gave his IS-4 the stock gun with full HE loadout and made his chat play him with it where he noticed in the game and not in the garage.
    I remember 😛

  28. HE only is the way! Thanks Quicky! Ahahahaha!

  29. you can play the T110E3 and JagdpzE100 with only HE and still have quite successful games

  30. Always some tosser hugging your arse cos you’re in “their” spot.

  31. HE as the only shell in WoT for one week would be very fun. Or, that failing, sufficiently stupid.
    Caveat. Wheelies get no HE, and have to ram enemies to death.

  32. pabasara fernando

    quicky baby, Higher experience usually can earn using HE than using other types due to more crew injuries and module damages .That why It usually leading to high experience even with 1k to 2k damage.But importantly HE can use to efficient tracking with sufficient gun caliber ,That’s why I love to play piggies. Assistant damage.

  33. Good, now embrace the memes Quickybaby! Full HE, double-barreled tank of your choice, double shots only!

  34. Wow I can’t believe this 😂

  35. QB I will do this wiht IS 2 ll. Maby u can do this too.

  36. 1 or 2 in the team with only HE it’s ok, but not all the team XD

  37. i miss TYPE 5 with that derp cannon

  38. Meanwhile im doing 10k combinated with 277 no Ace😀

  39. You are just lucky … artys didnt shot you from a first minutes of the game .

  40. LOL – Be careful what you wish for!

  41. remember the roof of tanks made by wg are all paper.

  42. perfect example of pro play and knowing the tanks and game

  43. only happens in a russian heavy!

  44. HE scrub

  45. I’m going full HE on my 277 haven’t Ace that tank😀😀😀😀

  46. Well, now you’ve done it. The genie is out of the bottle.

  47. The biggest problem here is not that you shoot HE, but that you play a heavy tank like a light tank, and that it is very effective. I’ve known about this for a long time, and repeated the trope “Light tanks are a lost place on the team” for a long time.

    When you get to tire 8 and above, there is nothing an light tank can do, which no medium or even heavy tanks can do better … and additionally have better gun and armor. This is because of the way that Wargaming has been tuning tanks for years.

    Thus, the whole class of light tank is useless, and with this also arty … and consequently also TD. You can see this from the stats if you compare across classes. If you play a heavy as if it were a light, you will score better on support average, then you can achieve in a light, and in addition do more damage yourself.

    This is the reality of the game … if you focus on efficiency regardless of class, then light, TD, and arty are wasted. A team consisting of only heavy and medium tanks will win against a balanced team of equally good players… always.

    You yourself have pointed out the problem when it comes to ranked battles … you just haven’t drawn the conclusions yet.

    The reason it is not reflected in the winning statistics is that a class of tanks is machined against an equal class tank on both teams in random matches … so you can’t possibly see it. If this were not the case, then everyone would stop playing the wasted classes verry quickly.

    Good hunting.

  48. I just can’t get enough of playing the Foch-155 with HE only. It’s so much fun.

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