Head 2 Head – Live Commentary – World Of Tanks

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Source: Plumb Tanker

Lyonsi in his vs TankerHopkins in his ..

My computer specs:
Intel Core i7-2600K OC to 4.4Ghz – 16gb Corsair Ram – MSI Geforce GTX 770 – Asus P8P67 Mobo – Benq 1920×1200 24″ – Window 7 Home Premium.


  1. Ah the days where I played on a potato of a computer and used auto aim a
    lot. Now I don’t use it as much and man they just had to nerf the hellcat
    🙁 Well I guess you could say I love it still because 3 perk crew 😀 and 2
    marks of Excellence. Anyways I think the Nashorn game was perfect it’s your
    perfect TD battle. You curb stomp the enemy and don’t take any damage. Then
    you have my replay and I’m just like “derp” lol but yes that shot over the
    firefly scared me so much I thought I may hit him. 

  2. Yay a video! Thanks plumb and also in the hellcat replay you will notice
    that I did not have 6th sense at the time and at the end of the match I ran
    out of AP shells (20 of them) so I had to use APCR on the SU-152 🙁 also
    when I saw that T-34-85 with the derp gun I sat there thinking “Oh no this
    is gonna hurt” lol the hellcat cries when hit with HE XD 

  3. I prefer the Nashorn one, personal preference of course, but I feel like
    the Nas played a perfect match and he couldn’t have done more, the Hellcat
    played a good match and he couldn’t have won because wot teams, but he
    wasn’t perfect, to or three shot missed that could’ve weaken those enemies
    enough to let his team mates survive a little bit more allowoing him to
    make more damage later and when he knew he was spotted he was too greedy to
    try and shot that T-34-85 and paid with a lot of his health, since the
    Hellcat’s reverse speed has been nerfed to 12 kph you have to start
    reversing for cover as soon as you think it’s needed, otherwise you take
    shoots and in machines like this you can’t afford it. He would’ve died, but
    later, thus allowing him to make one or two shots more finishing with more
    damage and XP. But this are minor things really, very good game anyway. As
    for the entertaining probably the Hellcat one was a bit better because the
    action and the tension, the Nashorn was never in real danger because he
    just obliterated the potential dangers before they were really harmful.

    It’s a really long time since I last played the Hellcat, it was so op back
    then. I’ve a friend new to WoT who is at the T67 now, I might rebuy the
    Hellcat when he’ll unlock it. I’ve not a lot of money and I’m grinding
    quite a few line, but I’m on a little break beacuse of the hard time I’m
    experiencing lately and playing good machines with good friends might be
    the right thing to solve this and rediscover the fun in WoT.

    Seeing the Nashorn was a little heartbreak for me, I loved the machine,
    it’s so good, so accurate, such a good penetration, it makes enemies
    evaporate so quickly and I’m struggling so much in the St. Emil. I can’t
    understand why the Nashorn, amongst the tank from tier 5 to 10, is the one
    with the lower win rate.

    One not WoT related question: are ” couldn’t have done more”, “couldn’t
    have won”, “could’ve weaken”, etc., the correct form? I’m not very good at
    english but I’m trying to improve…

    Nice video as always, your commentaries are really good, such a relaxing
    tone :)

    • +HirAmHelcaraxe all i can say is the grind through that turd of a tank
      called the st emile is so worth it for the rumba but oh how i hate that st
      emile i ended up running the stock gun and ran gold ammo only so it could
      play a little like the nashorn then i found that helped i lost count of the
      amount of sheels that bounced with the big gun

    • +HirAmHelcaraxe Thanks for the detailed reply, love when you guys engage
      with a video! Reversing in Hellcat is sooo painfull.. tempting when you
      camp to show your backside for the quick escape..
      Reply’s in CAPS for clarity, not shouting, honest…One not WoT related
      question: are ” couldn’t have done more”= CORRECT “couldn’t have won” =
      CORRECT “could’ve weaken” INCORRECT, ” COULDN’T WEAKEN” etc., the correct
      form? I’m not very good at english but I’m trying to improve…
      Your English is great btw..

    • I have definitely learned a lot about the hellcat and I think I play a
      little better in it now thanks to the patch when they nerfed it. I try not
      to take risks and now I have 6th sense 😀

  4. booooo nashorn for the win 😛 its funny i have both the hell cat and
    nashorn and i hate the hellcat but can consistently get games like this one
    with my nashorn, the st emile would also be so much better if it got the
    long 88 rather then its 2 crap guns

  5. Darren lee Moore (IBouncedAgain)

    here is a game to look at Plumb if you want 🙂
    http://wotreplays.com/site/1820021#self m2 med luv this Derp gun
    & for once the enemy team are bouncing & im not living up to my name lol

    • +Darren lee Moore Thanks Darren, I’d appreciate replays sent to my gmail as
      I can stick them in folders for quick finding etc…good looking game
      though..anybody else have a tier III medium game with 1500dmg and 1100xp

  6. Sixten “Wolfie” Vikberg

    Nashorn was defiantly better, The Hellcat played way too passively to win
    in my opinion, he just kinda sat in one position and kept farming damage
    when he needed to push etc.

    Both good games regardless, I just found the Nashorn played better.

    • Sixten “Wolfie” Vikberg

      Yeah, I just think the Hellcat could have done things differently. But what
      do I know? 😀

    • +Sixten Vikberg thanks for the comments and those bushes are pretty much
      the most op bushes in the game now since they have removed every other bush
      and more so since 9.6 esp now they changed the map which has made the other
      side of the map impossible to defend if anyone is in those bushes scouting,
      my one mistake i reckon was not putting a shot into the Churchill at the

    • Yeah I could have moved up but at the time I didn’t have 6th sense so I was
      overly cautious, also not the best tank driver, and I noticed how bad our
      team was going so I thought might as well use them as meat shields and get
      some exp out of this defeat LOL

    • Sixten “Wolfie” Vikberg

      +Tanker Hopkins Fair enough xD

    • +Sixten Vikberg Random battle team mates make excellent meat shields and
      spotters don’t they? I guess this is why I play TDs and arty XD

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