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  1. 0:49
    No one has ever done that! No one has EVER done that in the history of war thunder!!

  2. Hey phly, I got a fun challenge for you! take out the phrench Jaguar A with the TBA Muti-dart or the TBA ECC rockets into ground RB and wreck some tanks!
    ps: I won’t quit
    attempt# 48

  3. I’m shcwasted and can’t get past the first minute and a half. Its just too good.

  4. and to the Thundershow with this

  5. New alt account name: PhritoLay

  6. All the choices making this vehicle by gaijin was so it would be easy to kill…

  7. 19:56 “No ArMoR iS bEsT aRmOr”

  8. Phly try use Baku Russia Carrier as cover in airRB xD

  9. Imagine showing modern tanks to a german and russian from WW2

    They would be like

  10. The Ocean Channel 2

    plese chage the channel icon

  11. Stryker not Striker

  12. German tree players are literally the sweatiest players in War Thunder.

    Change my mind

  13. If I was phly and didnt have the ability to buy every vehicle in the game, I’d enter that vid in Thunder Show to get me self another 5k golden eagles

  14. plsy strv 103 for fun gameplay and enjoyment

  15. Ah yes the lush landscape of moistganistan.

  16. I know you are making videos just to make crazy tanks with photoshop.

  17. PHLY! That’s your next T-shirt Design! Tank Jumping over a round. Amazing!

  18. That jump is a thunder show moment

  19. Prokurator Generalny Dziura w Dupie

    Christmas tree? Wtf, it’s not even december.

  20. When I saw this at first I thought ”Is that from Crossout?!” and then realized it actually exists….

  21. hardest hitting safety of the league

  22. you should summit that jump to the thundershow

  23. See Phly? The really cool moments are when you Phly! Even if its in a tank!

  24. That jump was sick. And the lucky fact that you dodged that shot at the same time is just Phantastic!

  25. Oh look, the shitiest “tank destroyer” in existence

  26. Play the PTZ-89 the chinese obj 120. Attempt 1.

  27. Gajin shoold add something like in rocket launchers to “light tanks” (cars) they shouldnt could shoot on full speed, like higher than 30 kph they shouldnt can shoot, not like now zooming around on 80 kph like Centauro’s and hiting everthing beacause stabilizaton …

  28. Hey Phly, play with some destroyers

  29. Day 1: play the He112 AO in ground battles

  30. Hey, did you know that the F8F-1 ( the one with the 4 x .50 cals) is 4.7 in air arcade? Give it a try :))))

  31. Its not spawn camping its capture the flag

  32. 10:21 that happens to me everytime, everyday. I happily shoot someone first, but the shot didn’t register

  33. I hope they decrease the reload by a second or two at least after watching the video (8 or 9 sec.)

    Really happy they added the Stryker. Gonna be fun when I get there

  34. Title correction: if the centauro and the Toyota yeet machine had a child.

    use flakrads corpses as ways to block passageways

  36. 9:39 Fly didn’t realize the flying ejected shell.

  37. I gave u a like for using the word “moist” lol

  38. Next day update: “The hull break effect from kinetic round hits on hulls only has been removed for the following vehicles:… m1128”

  39. TheHellPenguin LordsOfThePenguins

    The 10.0s reload would be ok if it had scouting, don’t know why this doesn’t have it while the T114 can be fucking ridiculous and scout

  40. That Dude Over There

    Gotta say, with that music during the intro, I immediately went to singing “LET’S GO BACK TO WHERE IT STARTED, WHEN MY LIFE WAS FILLED WITH PEACE…!”

  41. Freeze burn Blablabla

    Keep Up The Great Work

  42. the 10 second reload rate is actually accurate it takes so long because it has to move the round from the hull to the turret

  43. yo phly you gotta send da clip to the thunder show

  44. Seriously, the whole shooting first annd your shot not registering serverside is the worst goddamn feeling in this game. Next to being bombed by a g91.

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