HEAT Slinging French Fry – ELC Bis – War Thunder

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Source: JustinPlays

The ELC Bis, a HEAT Slinging Tank , with an emphasis on DESTROY!
(And has poor reverse speed)

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  1. Just use bushes, people who complain about people using bushes are the noobs cus they can’t fucking project a tank behind the bushes and rub two braincells together to figure out where to shoot.

    • (Inactive channel)SerenaGaming_RBLX

      I gotta love how putting bushes on your tank substantially increase the rate of yourself getting revenge bombed.

  2. Hey man, I have a question
    What headset do you use and do you recommend it?

  3. 12:46 if they decompressed the brs to 12.0 the whole game would feel much better but the devs at gaijin would rather stick to their predatory business model instead of building a good relationship with the community and they’ve proved this over and over again.

    • They already can decompress tanks to 11.3 but they are not doing it, only planes which is weird. Would be nice if they moved everything up 0.3 br from 7.3 – 7.0 so 6.7 at worst will face current 7.0 – 7.3s

  4. this is technically my first time seeing your true face.

  5. Tartaglia The Wig Splitter

    it would be a nightmare if gaijin added the Wiesel with 90mm gun

  6. Yeah I get that about the maps, I primarily play 4.7-6.7 and at that br I swear I get the biggest maps, red desert, firing arc, vietnam (its actually my one banned map because I hate playing that gigantic map with my slow ass 4.7 heavies) but on the rare times I play top tier, its always like advance to the rhein, cargo port, carellia, etc and its so annoying

  7. Johan Apolinario Veliz

    4:09 That is exactly what I complain in War Thunder Instagram posts. I get that shitty map Port Novowhatever, Berlin, Abandoned Factory and so on a lot on top tier, but in low tier like 4.7 as you say, where vehicles are slow you get Red desert ( a map which I have played like less than 15 times since its announce), Fulda, and so on. What is worst, in low tier the game puts you in that big big snowy map, I don’t remember its name.

  8. The day you will stop making french retreating joke the world will colapse .

  9. Gotta say you moan about commenters but I have legit never seen a comment complaining about bushes. Just use bushes. No decent players care.

  10. World of Tank: ELC Bis bean in the game for 7 or 8 years. We got AP and APCR.
    War thunder: WE GOT HEAT AND STABILIZE!!!

  11. literally all american tds and all light tanks BE AGGRESSIVE but at the same whilst ur doing it be cautious fortune favors the bold

  12. no scouting for that vehicle?

  13. i agree with the “big maps at mid-tier” thing! sometimes it’s not too fun, pretty much a “drive and die” situation, and in top tier, you can’t utilize the laser rangefinder and other sophisticated paraphernalia thanks to the tiny maps!

    • The problem with the big maps at top tier is that the laser range finder is the last upgrade you get when trying to spade a vehicle

  14. Sound mod name?

  15. Panzerkampfwagen V Dauphiné

    4:20 maybe its gaijing trying to make as many top tier matches as possible

  16. Panzerkampfwagen V Dauphiné

    bushes are a p2w mechanic bad players use to win, until it isnt

  17. becoming a po*nstar

    U don’t look at all like i thought u would

  18. If people can use CAS then you are more than welcome to use bushes

  19. Justin being surprised about a Tiger I being clueless is hilarious to me

    • Yeah the Tiger 1s seem to be a popular choice for players lacking spatial awareness including myself when I first started playing. Always like messing around with them in really small stuff like the ASU-57 now.

  20. good vid but you should’ve put bushes on the tank … that’s what they’re there for

  21. I played the shit out of it in WOT. It was the best light tank for tier 5 until the light tank rework.

  22. So… It’s a short bus RU-251?

  23. Judy Goes Electric

    I enjoyed watching this video as much as I enjoyed playing this thing, which is to say a lot. While you’re playing some French tanks, could you maybe do a vid on the AMX-30 ACRA?

  24. Hello Justin, lets see the most fun tank in the game, the avre! You havent made a video about it yet even tho its such a fun tank to play

  25. Erik Miran Gregorec

    I myself am a full out german tanker, and at top tier it was really hard to get a game where I would win, at least it felt that way, my win rate is actually 48% which is basically half the time and lately I’ve noticed I win a lot more

  26. I wish other trees is as fun as france/Germany e.g im a Britain main n they kinda suck from 8.3 up

  27. murdered a ELC Bis with the DShK on my T-44-100, absolutely loved that

  28. And i thought the T92 was a small tank for its BR… the ELC its even smaller lol

  29. (day 3) of asking you to do aircraft since you are good at flying

  30. tbh I wanna love playing this thing, but the turret traverse limit & the bouncy suspension is really annoying to deal with. I still wished gaijin would give this thing scouting tho

  31. I came back to WT after 3 years (I’ve been playing since release of the game) and I was shocked by the new map pool. They added so much wide-open maps and I’ve never been good at sniping and it’s almost impossible to play right now for me at mid tier like 5.7-7.0 RB without range finder. Like all these Fulda, Volkolamsk, Campania, difftrent variants of Mozdok it’s unplayable. I know some players really enjoy these maps becasue they somehow fit into player’s playstyle but I can see that majority of the comunity just struggle. Especially when it’s one cap map whoever get there first wins the game. Damn I miss old WT maybe it was buggy and scuffed but somehow easier to play 😀 great video btw!

  32. Bushes on your tank? Dew it!

  33. Whats with the bushes, I allways use them, even at top br. If I can get some little advantage over the other players in battle, (I mean sometimes it helps a lot, sometimes it doesnt) i will take it.

    • (Inactive channel)SerenaGaming_RBLX

      Bushes can easily obscure the weakspots and people are annoyed by it also being something so grindy to get , or you can simply “p2w” and buy it with 500 GE

  34. if you enjoy this thing at 6.7, try the italian C13 T90, it’s a lot funnier

  35. that shot of the T34 had you on cargo port was like watching a moray eel coming out of a reef to snatch its prey

  36. YES moooooaaaaarrrrrrrreeeeeee LOW TIER!

  37. ECL Bis is very sneaky

  38. Large maps in mid BR, favours only the british, german, french, and the swedes. Because they have the long range guns needed there. But it is a pain to play thanks to the general mobility of vehicles at that era.

    Tiny small maps with “top tier” Cold War era vehicles are just a shit-show. CoD with vehicles, too arcade.
    For those guns even 3km is point blank range, plus with the average mobility of those vehicles, you drive half a minute and you are in the enemy spawn. It’s far from being fun.
    Yet Gaijin forces the MM to do sh!t like this, because they think quicker action equals better gameplay.
    …and because they think faster paced action is the most important thing in the world.
    This is simply just not the type of game, that suits these ideas well.

  39. And again, it should be more mobile than that.

    His real combat weight is not 8.9 T, but 6.7 T.

    2 T less for already light weights is not nothing I think, he would gain even more mobility and speed.

    It should also be able to turn its turret without limit when stationary, normally.

  40. Honestly I have a few bushes on some of my vehicles, Russian I have on very few for Germany ru251 I have on standard camp but usually I take out brown and some of my tank destroyers I have it on and ofc all my wiesels, bushes can come in clutch sometimes tbh

  41. you know HEAT is abysmal when even in his highlights he’s struggling to kill let alone damage those tanks

  42. Fire_Drake12 .Arc.

    Along with the “Join matches in progress” toggle in the options, under it should just be a “Allow Battle Uptier/Downtier in match making” that way if you want to have a possibly longer queue time but be guaranteed a match AT your BR, its your choice. Uptiers and Downtiers should also just outright be +/- .7BR not +/-1.0BR

  43. 17:40 When you play too much top tier.

  44. wojciech strzelecki

    By all means- bush it up

  45. why mentionning french fries on a french vehicle?

  46. Sergeant Yukari - 9102


  47. Général Leclerc 2.0

    This moment 9:03…

  48. Man can I ever relate, played 11.0, was like Advance to the Rhine and Abandonned factory, I switch to 6.0 and I get Fulda then Red Desert…

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