HEAT Spammer Pays to LOSE

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  1. Hell yeahhhhh that is satisfying

  2. Republic of Texas

    Nothing feels better than some try hard in their top tier op tank shooting heat into your bottom tier tank tracks and not penning

  3. QB spitting FIRE :’D

  4. Pls stop swore mr quickerbabs

  5. Love when this happens

  6. Video is excellent, love the content, keep up the good work, “detritus of the battlefield” is a hype phrase QB spittin bars.

  7. Im yorse bigest fan cen wi play togever pls im subscribed and a now everi yorse videos i have like o everi video

  8. 😂😂😂

  9. “Victory defeated you” lol love it

  10. More shorts pls QB

  11. Qb unleashes it’s evil side

  12. what tank does he play please I’m not familiar

  13. François Bergmans

    o7 those courageous boxes sacrificing their lives save QB’s ass make me emotional.

  14. QB unleashes the sleeping rage inside him. 😂

  15. Did QB just say the N word at the last 25% of the video?

  16. I once got killed because my tank had HEAT as standard and it went into a tractor🤣

  17. Nothing better than using AP and owning a player spamming gold ammo

  18. Big brain gaming

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