Heavy FASTER Than Medium Tanks! | World of Tanks Object 260 Field Modification

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World of Tanks Object 260 Crazy Speed Mobility Gameplay with New Field Modification. World of Tanks Field Modification 2021 – New Loadout Feature. Test Server 2021. World of Tanks 1.14+ Patch News.

00:00 Introduction
01:15 Setting up 260
04:30 Full Setup
05:43 First Battle
10:10 Second Setup
11:00 Second Battle
17:45 Conclusion

Yesterday I uploaded an introduction episode about the upcoming Field Modification feature, which is under testing on the supertest server. Today however, let's talk take a bit closer look at it to see how everthing works. Let's set up couple tanks, including the mighty Maus.

Let me know what you think about that!


  1. Well, this is why we are able to test things, right? 🙂 All of this makes many bad tanks a lot more enjoyable, but at the same time, already beast tanks are going to be quite… Khmm, quite a bit better! What do you think about all of this?
    00:00 Introduction
    01:15 Setting up 260
    04:30 Full Setup
    05:43 First Battle
    10:10 Second Setup
    11:00 Second Battle
    17:45 Conclusion

    • Deiras Jankauskas

      Do max speed amx 50b or even 82 kmh rhm pzw

    • Forza Enthusiast

      PLEASE DO THE M48 PATTON WITH MOBILITY SETUP! Holy shit the DPM combined with decent mobility!

    • We really don’t need this crap in the game. This just goes to prove how broken this idea is!
      Stop with the gimmicks and balance the tech tree tanks already!!

    • Marlon J. Castillo

      if WG is going to make WoT a “faster” game, DPM is now more important then alpha, SPG reloads much faster then in the past, we now have Wheeled vehicle zooming around like flies, then they should think about expanding maps, making them bigger, increasing the number of players per battle.

  2. WG go sooo far from Reality . 63KM Heavy tank go . Do this same shit to OBJ 277 so it will go 90KM i think . EBR will be 200 KM GG WG.

  3. TYPE 4 OR O-HO with *SPEED BUILD*

  4. I’ve been playing on the test server and the thing I’ve noticed is that games are even faster. The changing loadouts is good for super heavies, but this is pointless when the games are 5min or less because everything else is also more powerful and mobile. the artillery ‘balance’ is a joke nothing has changed. The HE rework just makes Type 5 heavy usless. Before when you come up against a chieftain or 279(e) you can use HE but now you can do nothing, not even the Type 5 AP gold round is high enough pen to deal with 279(e). From what I can see super heavies are less viable than ever and fast mediums and heavy medium hybrids are the the strongest.

  5. imagine a speed turtle/t95, or speed e50 ramming build…imagine a reload build arty…Obj261 with even faster reload…bonkers

  6. *IS-7 is gonna be fun driving with this*

  7. Absolutely discounting. Makes all medium tanks absolete. Or even light tanks. This should be allowed to play only with other modified t10s. T8 can’t do anything against these monsters. Not alone t8 stock tanks. Werdict. A special t10 tier for only modified tanks. If you pimp your ride, you just play in t11.
    For testing 268 v4

  8. At this point I’m fairly certain WG couldn’t organise a fuck in a brothel. Absolute morons.

  9. Plz do the fastest realod tank whit k91

  10. World of Tanks is dead! Long liveWar Thunder!

  11. We wanted nerf.
    They just buffed :/

  12. Illbegoodinthefuture

    I have only tried field modifications with my ELC Even, and boy it makes a difference. 🙂
    Also this mobility for a heavy is just out of this world. 😀

  13. Same build with the IS7 for casuals would work

  14. On 1st day on SB I did E100 raming mobility set up it can wigle, ramed IS7 for like 1k dmg, was yoloing on enemy and wigle they could not penn me on the move … this field upgrades are stupid

  15. This game is all about speed and dispersion, You can right click and circle players who cant play well.

  16. Why not using objct 277 ? That very fast for HT

  17. i mean, ofc the possibility of specializing a tank will break some of them. WG should introduce this system in a way, that the better the stat already is, the less the increase becomes.
    something like
    x is the stats value already, buffs will be multiplied with (1+c)/x to avoid builds like 200% camo even90

  18. so basically russian heavies are faster than tier10 scouts.


  19. WoT In two words – BROKEN GAME.

  20. I think I don’t like the Passive stat thing about it because it makes players in addition to the bond and bounty equipment again better than if u play only a few or the first battles in a tank… This especially makes the already better premium tanks again better as tech tree tanks… Especially if they are stock

  21. WG wants the games to end even quicker.


  23. WG doens’t play their own game yeah maybe a red/yellow/green player without much knowledge of this game they break even more with each update but we don’t need to play it that is the best thing … so many other games which are better.

  24. marquitoescort2011

    Well, crew 2.0 was bad, and comunity spoke. This is as bad or even worse. What are they trying to accomplish? Ruinin the game for good? Some aspect like loadouts are good ideas, but this…

  25. Seems the time is ripe for a community version of WoT. With all the diverse engines out there can’t be that hard to make one, just needs to be done. Simple as that!

  26. Well… what to say??? for sure battles are going to be even shorter… one team full of experienced players with all setups and the other team new players with only one setup.. balance??? then it will be for sure 0/15 and 15/0!

  27. Radosny Rozmaryn

    I played like 20 battles on Sandbox server yesterday and I didn’t test shit. No matter what type of tank I choose. Every battle ended after 3 minutes (tier X). On tier IX was a bit better, but still having a battle longer than 5 minutes was considering as a miracle.

  28. I love how after years of people complaining about tanks becoming too fast the one thing WG decides to do, is to make all the tanks even faster xD

  29. what a fucking joke…

  30. Dez, this whole testing is a preview for where WG is aiming to take the game. Everything is getting faster, better DPM/ pen.
    The end product will be so unfriendly for casual players it’s not going to be worth playing. There is no need to test the second specialty equipment slot as we’ve tested it & it’s broken hence the players a said NO.
    So what does WG do? Oh that’s not the answer we want. Let’s try and sneak it in but only give it to the older players.
    Yeah, you know the people who have already bought all the premium tanks that they want.
    The new players who haven’t bought anything will be crushed in a ridiculous grind & probably stop playing. Great business plan there.
    The more I see with this the less I like it. I’m getting the feeling that Sir Foche was right.

  31. The Nuclear Humanist

    Is this possible on EBRs?

  32. Michael Grießacher

    WG: “Russen heavy tank with 69 top speed? We see there no prob.”

  33. All this stuff that makes good players better would not be an issue if random battles had skill based matchmaking.

  34. Thank God you don’t meet them often…!

  35. Well here we go…
    First of all there is a very simple solution to fix totally out of meta tanks, it’s called a buff.
    Furthermore, the players spending hours per day on the game, having the best reward tanks on top and are most likely also the best players overall will have a real blast.
    After clown lights, lady’s and gentlemen welcome clown heavies, mediums and td’s…
    I would urgently advise WG to re-design the garage, maybe adding some mini-games to it, because that’s about all what casual players will see if this madness goes trough…
    Of course the idea could be great, but the way the want to implement it will create abyssal gaps between players and even same tanks with different load out.
    As for tier 4’s and 5’s, if there will be full spec tier 6 well “No fun for you”… GARAGE.
    This is not a rant by all means, just watch your vid Dez….
    This said great job for bringing us always the latest news explained in a understandable manner Dez.
    Happy hunting, for the time it last 😉

  36. Imagine using a bond Turbo too lol

  37. Game is and has been becoming more and more unrealistic. Heavy tanks flying through the air “REALLY”. Warble wheel EBR’s running around like Mario carts. Tie Die camo in the 1940’s. Screw this Russian cluster fuck game!

  38. WoT Development Team: Ok, guys lets make the broken meta much more worse! So the idiots have to spend much more money for “Pay to Play”……[bad smirks]

  39. Cristian Calin Dreghiciu

    Turbo on mobility slot for heavies it is already broken

  40. This is stupid beyond stupid

  41. They are speeding the game up. Is this not obvious? Fast MM, turbogames in under 5 minutes. This is WOT 2021. Ton of customization in this way. And then ..still cancerous EBR’s. Worst addition to the game so far.

  42. WG should balance the tanks themself, instead of creating an other grind to max out the tanks.
    Before this, if you bought a tier 10 tank, then it was maxed out(in most cases), with this you will buy a stock tier 10 tank and can start grinding 224.000 XP.

  43. Tor Egil Gulliksen

    This game is now broken 🙁

  44. Looks like I’m updating test server and try Chieftain with this build. Already beats russian heavis in flat ground acceleration and hills.

  45. Nothing new. This is to be expected from a Russian-bias, Russian game. Shall we count how many months will WoT take until it shuts down for the not RU servers? of course, it will still survive in RU server since it’s their hometown.

  46. Sergey Trusevich

    Imo the most stupid things in WoT are artillery and having to pay gold to take equipment off. It’s just sad. Like why on earth do I have to pay money to take a piece of equipment off of a tank??? They should at least make it for credits or something. And artillery is just broken and OP.

  47. is that still a tank game???

  48. It is making Tier X tanks way too OP. Any Lower Tier match-up (8-9 to 10, 7-8 to 9, and 6-7 to 8) will overbalance to the highest tier. On the plus side, Tier 9-10 tanks will not be beaten up by Premium Tier 8s.

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