Heavy Lifting – KV-13

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. 1st for once!! lmao

  2. Seems like a fun tank to pick up and club high tiers in.

  3. Cornelius Qvist Tøpholm

    9 seconds reaload!??
    The M4 sherman have under 9 seconds at least!

  4. kv 13 with derp i sould have tried it seems dope

  5. jonathan Wieringa

    it didnt show your vid in my subscriptions list…i had to actually tap ur icon and go to vids to see the new vid…wtf you tube

  6. Epic beard style circ

  7. i swear circon is going to get an absolutely ridiculous game in this soon and send it to jingles

  8. very nice!

  9. circon is op.

  10. I hate kv-1s/t150/kv3/kv85 but i love the KV-13 with HE… strange 🙂

  11. Another great example of arty doesnt do much damage anymore…

    • Mark van Eldik well, it is balanced and prevents camping, as we all know.

    • m0nkEz i feel it was more balanced before but i probably think that way because id rather get oneshotted then killed by a thousand cuts

    • I mean, both are garbage. I generally feel the same, but if we went back, I don’t know if I’d actually like it much better. Grass is always greener on the other side, and all.
      It was actually fine in AW, and then they removed it anyway. That game is basically how wot should have been designed, for the most part.

    • m0nkEz thats true but oh well the thing i dont like is how people are like “our teams arty was useless”when they where shooting at the enemy and just couldnt do enough damage to stop them from pushing and killing their team

    • The new arty would be GREAT if they removed the stun. The fact that they still deel almost as much damage, just not as much in one shot, AND ruin your game even when a shell lands 10M away from you is what makes the new ary so shitty IMO. Ive had plenty of 2/3 arty games on prohorovka where I got shot by nothing but arty, because I was the bluenicum in a heavy tank on our team. (I once even left a game in my 112, even though I love that tank to bits, cause even after going a minute+ not spotted the moment I peeked again, guess what 100-200 damage and stunned and it was that way all game no fun at all TBH.)

      Stun could kinda work if the limit was at 2 arty and 1 in most games. I understand some people somehow enjoy playing them and I completely understand we need them for tanks like E3 in hulldown position, but maybe thats more of the poor balancing than us needing them. Like maybe make the “weakspot” on E3 a weakspot, give type 4/5 a weakspot that isnt 250mm+
      Basically move back to how tanks used to be e.g. pretty much every tank has a 200-ish MM weakspot on the front, so even tier 8s can deal with them with skilll. (In the case of the maus and type 5 its fine if these are really small, cause they rely 100% on their armour, but they should always be there. Making arty unnesecary (Completely butchered the spelling :P) cause I am actually of the opinion that 2 or more arties encourage camping instead of preventing it. (as I described above)
      Also after seeing the latest news episode from dez Im starting to fear the flattening is real, which would really dissapoint me, cause that makes me feel WG actually wants to kill WOT…

  12. Are you playing this just for the LOL/rare tank factor?

  13. Bad Circon, you filthy seal clubber. Beating on higher tiers like that. You should be ashamed.

  14. can you make a video with your favorite derp tanks tier for tier?

  15. YourFavoriteSpartan

    Hi Twitch

  16. Who say russian bias ? Tsss 😀

  17. whatever tank you play you still get good games.

  18. TFW three of the top four players in the match were arty

  19. And the best tank at tier 7 returns.

  20. I have no idea how this guy gets away with this shit. I usually play on the NA-East server. If that had been me I would have been shot at by a multitude of enemy tanks half way up that hill including by an arty playing on the EU server.

  21. Think artys been neerfed a little too much. Basically Cant defend itself at all now against anything. Think its bad when 3 arty Cant take out 1 medium tank with repeating hits. The stat drop after being hit is redundant when there’s only arty left

    • Good. Hopefully less and less people will be playing arty. One can only dream.

    • NinjaMonkeyPrime

      Jamie Merton So arty needs to be able to kill from across the map from behind rocks without moving AND be able to defend itself if a tank actually manages to find them? You don’t seem to get the concept of support tank.

  22. Lmao their WT PZ IV did no damage… Circon carrying the plebs as usually.

  23. Can someone explain how Circon is getting the win percentage at the bottom center right?

  24. “Got one bond-Poggers dude!” laughed out loud

  25. Late game I kept seeing what I thought was a teammate cruising to your left… then I realized it was that stupid Sherman animation. Lolz

  26. * i have a bad feeling about this game*…. lol

  27. Just got horrifying flashback from years ago. Drove my Tiger at the same spot near the middle, then got brown alert when got these things called ”Skorpion G” raped me after about 1,5mins in game. It was about the time when Skorpion was just about to be released to public and those two were running with press/test accounts.

  28. Laugh out Loud.

  29. KV-13 bed tonk yis

  30. Sircon as Obi-Wan Kenobi – “I have a bad feeling about this……”

  31. Circon OP, pls nerf.

  32. Youse the 105mm on the tiger

  33. High tiers no problem for circon

  34. “I have a bad feeling about this game” he says. 4800 combined, feels good bruh

  35. There is no youtuber like Circon ….he make so much memes !! OMG

  36. Where’s the real torture at? I mean, when are you going to play the TVP VTU again?

  37. Don’t think I ever played KV13 as a Derp. Maybe it’s nimble enough with ok armor enough to give it a shot. Might have to go back and see what’s up. Only Derp I enjoyed was the O-I and that was because I could smash all the light and medium tank bugs that got under my tracks not to mention it’s outstanding view range (clutch driving, rammer, and binos all a must in that beast), one game killed 4 in under a minute, having fired only 1 shot….Splat! Squish! Crunch!…nothing but a patch of grease spots left, lol (and I don’t Derp in O-Ni cuz that gun sux on tier 9s… oh-boy, I did 50 HP on a heavy!) all you really have is the same slow O-I with more hps fighting tier 9s, I prefer to pen stuff, and not feel like I’m shooting arty shells as direct fire and watch the fugger back away from the shot 2 seconds B4 it lands…never cared for KV2, M4, PzIV, or Hetzer…seemed to bounce or miss over 50% of my shots in those. Then die with slow reloads as enemy bum rushed me…methinks many videos we see on those are once in a blue moon lucky games. Yet, I did A wild hair shot with an O-I once and nabbed a ELC on the fly at about 400 meters… I calculated where he was gonna be when shot landed, and got him by pure luck…Boom! Dead ELC…got in game congrats and after game trolling saying I was aim botting…over 1000 games in O-I did it take me to make that kind of a shot.

  38. Why is it that mobile game has only +1 but PC with more players has +2

  39. i know who doesnt hate +2 MM, tier 9 spammers

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