HEAVY LIGHT TANK – JUMBO BR 6.3… (War Thunder)

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Source: DOLLARplays

I’m playing today with Jumbo 76mm (M4A3E2 76) at the new 6.3br… (and some 0)
War Thunder realistic battles gameplay. Enjoy!




Intro: Wonder Boy – Syncro

Background: The Ballad Of Miimé – Saint Samuel
Metamorpheus – Hampus Naeselius
Becquerellah – OTE

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  1. Well at 6.3 it doesn’t feel like a heavy tank anymore, all that armor only slow you down. And the gun is real bad at that br. Only good in city maps

    • 》PL7《 MaciekPL08

      true, but on full downtier muhahah

      #8 attempt
      can you make something abouutut M163/M103/T32 ? please 🙂 ❤

    • NO NAME GUY #g manqué d'inspiration

      I just love the sound effects for the shell 😂 8:33

    • 6.0 is an oddball br tbh. Most ppl used it in a 6.3 set up anyway so didn’t really change much. 6.0 means your more likely to be a mid tier or downtiered more often though.

    • @Voodu dont forget the Pershing’s are 6.3 now because the majority of the smol brein german players think they are gods and cant play the game right

    • Hi im from brazil, Dollar what happened to your other channel, i really liked it and its compilation memes 😩

  2. Jagdpanther 6.0 no problem

  3. Ok I spit my drink at your “one more time”

  4. Nice i now got the Decal

  5. Dollar can you do a video on the premium germany tank (brummbär) plesi

  6. Can you make video about the new german tanks? (pls Wiesel 1A4)

  7. I love this channel

  8. my pc wont run war thunder bc it will just shut off randomly pls tell me how to fix

  9. This tank must be not higher than 6.0.

  10. I cant fix the problem with Easy Anticheat make a video pls

  11. At 7:36 how he know it?? Engine sounds? He was moving the whole time so i hear his own engine. Or may some kind of feeling?!

  12. SALVE dollar I from Brazil one like for you bro nice video

  13. 06:07 one of the best scene i have ever seen! Very very good job! Beside of the addiding, i wish i could see those players in my games… 😀

  14. Я единственный Русский кто тебя смотрит 😀

  15. Parece um sherman

  16. Man I miss his *SnowRunner* videos 😛

  17. Now after u kill 11. German player r complaining to Gaijin. “Up Jumbo to 8.0!! Jumbo very OP”

  18. Данил Диванный боец

    In case TigerII its totally imba if somebody with arms not from @ss play on it.

  19. Are you planning to make a video in the future that will include a Russian / Soviet light tank or infantry support vehicle?
    For example, BMP or other very similar .
    The videos are really good just so on.

  20. Lets go brandon!

  21. what is your main tech tree

  22. Amerricana bias

  23. Dollar as always with AWESOME edit and vid!!! Thx… i think ur doing the best yt video from WT

  24. I need that Erica beat in my life, someone help!

  25. Dude I just love your videos it always makes me laugh

  26. Shermans have no chances vs Tigers 2s

  27. plz use the 50 cal to take out tracks, it really helps

  28. Cooking on the Cheap Cheap

    Don’t play the game. Just watch Dollar, it’s a 1000 times more enjoyable than War Thunder could ever be. Unbalanced mess.

  29. Ehh i see a new E.B.R in tech free
    Would you play it?
    It have over 90mm pen at 10m

  30. American tanks stands at no chance against german ww2 late tanks

  31. Was thinking of maybe going back to WT just to experience some good ol’ tank combat. Saw the Jumbo 76 with 6.3 under it…yeah fuck that.

  32. Etiënne Bruggeman

    How to get the “did you angle today” sticker?

  33. Omg that edit with floor breaking was so good

  34. You better stooop, Arrrrrrrh

  35. That T30 edit was insane

  36. Jumbo hits different

  37. love german tank passage songs 😀

  38. Nice, the part with those 2 tigers wats the song? Im not expert on memes

  39. Максим Гоголев

    Русские есть?

  40. How can one get your decals ????

  41. A sherman will now fight leopards… Sounds crazy but thats the reality of german teams

  42. I miss that man.

  43. 6:10, I want that song. What is it called?

  44. I started plAying WT about a month ago and I’m at the jumbo… I’m starting to think going with the American line is painful. My initial reaction was “finally I won’t be a one shot”…. Nope the jumbo armor is paper.

    Such a painful existence too play American but I’m so far in I don’t want to grind another line.

  45. How satisfyn is when you kill that damn cats with little hans of 12 yeras uwu

  46. it can pen the tiger tho

  47. GeRmAn SuFfEr

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