^^| Heavy Tank No.6 – Japanese Tiger! (World of Tanks)

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  1. I really shudder every time I get this map and play a heavy tank. Just want the map gone.

  2. whos that hipster giving a single hate


  3. Japanese Tiger

  4. dude do u ride a harley?

  5. ys dys tenk stronk skaut tenk yes

  6. I am having anxiety over choosing which tanks to keep+train crews for and which tanks to spend my female crew members on.

  7. Looks like you’re actually highlighting all tanks with the 8,8. What are you going to do next? The VK 36.01 H?

    On a more serious note, isn’t the Ht 6 basically just a better VK 36.01 H?

  8. Circon has been rolling out a lot of good videos. Thanks!

  9. This tank is the highest tier premium tank I have. Nice meme!

  10. shapaneees tigah

  11. FaZe Failure of the Sphincter

    does this guy have an ace with every tank hes ever played in?

  12. Luister je veel naar Somertijd? 🙂

  13. tha yapones yigah

  14. I make swedish pancake da!

  15. Wait…. what did you say again? I’m afraid I didn’t understand it correctly.

  16. Now if only the M6 had that kind of DPM, It would make up for the utter trash armor it’s stuck with.

  17. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    Circ Japanese new Sync Speaker confirmed^^

  18. I somehow managed to 1 Mark this thing way before the buffs. Might start taking it out more, it is kind of a fun tank…

  19. Now, how did I know it would be top-tier seal clubbing??

  20. 3:50 Banzai!

  21. The buff on the short 88,thank for that

  22. this aint gonna be japanese tiger if arty in the match…more japanese tiger rugs

  23. pre buff turret was awful but now it actually seems ok and the pen buff to standard ap and apcr help it alot

  24. Like a submarine in the end.. Dive! Dive! Dive!

  25. Yapaneees tiguh

  26. maximum effort

  27. circon do u remember these lyrics lol…

    I’m a farmer boy, goin’ Scottie Pippen in Illinois
    Teeth full of diamonds and corduroy, been a while since I was unemployed
    I’m the real McCoy, not Hatfield
    My RV got rims on 12 wheels, I ride to the club on a school of seals
    Turtles and beluga whales, Escargot and a plate of snails
    My farm grows broccoli and I get paid well
    Only time will tell, armored like I just cracked the liberty bell
    Gracin’ on the cover of Mademoiselle, sicker than a sick guy with sickle cell
    Andy Milonakis just went to jail
    Drinking V8 in the V12 with three L’s smelling like Adele

  28. Basileus Kopernikus

    Pff, merely a 5 minute long video. What can you possibly do in such a short amount of…
    Well, nevermind. I’ll see myself out.

  29. I have both the 30.02m and the 36.01h and they suck for tier 6. The panther and tiger should both be moved to tier 6 and replace the vk’s. Give them a bit of a nerf and they’d be awesome tier 6 tanks. At tier 7 they suck in comparison to their tier counterparts.

  30. i keep saying it, tiger 1 should be brought down to tier 6

  31. Jumping Tigaruuuu!

  32. lol “I a make a sweedisssh pan-a-kake”

  33. Louis-Philippe Nault


  34. Tora Tora Tora!

  35. is there a tank you don’t do well in?!

  36. This tank got knee how ki lan shook

  37. Circon, how do you get the blue servercross, i have servercross2 but it just copies the client reticle. Thanks. 😛

  38. That Chi-nu in the end was like “Ha now I am with my daddy :)”

  39. xD I watched it on stream lmao I love his cliff dive

  40. Damn, you always make it look soooo friggen easy

  41. Wow his engine gets much more damaged than the engine on my japanese tiger wut probably because i have preventative maintenance or whatever the skill is called i rarely get set on fire and get engine damaged unless its an isu with the bl10 ofc

  42. I don’t think I’ve had a good match in a TD on that map. Ends up like those enemy TDs that Circon just feasted on.

  43. I usually call it the Jiger.

  44. this tank should have prem mm

  45. 2 minutes in and that’s a great game for me. naturally he does 3X what I’d do

  46. Zjhapanese Svedizch Paankeak Maekr lulz.

    Also why is the Tiger 2 still so fubarred when ze zuper hevis in the Chermen line gets massive lurv in the last patch

  47. zapaniz taigaa 😀

  48. Impossibruh offensuh! ^_^

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