Hell LET LOOSE | Panther Tank DECIMATION (War Thunder)

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Hell LET LOOSE | Tank DECIMATION (War Thunder)

Hell Let Loose Steam Page – https://store.steampowered.com/app/686810/Hell_Let_Loose/

Phellers in the video!


  1. I don’t see this in my match .-.

  2. Phly here is a challenge for u.
    U remember the voice control video?  Now play it wit r3 double recoiles guns. Good luck mate.
    Attempt 5

  3. Minecraft ww2 modrealistic graphics?

  4. Do some war crimes

  5. Phly, you should use the SCOTT STERLING speedy artillery with a “turret” (m8 HMC) with HE only
    Attempt 12

  6. 11:15 A Panther Brokedown after 150km of driving 1944

  7. Wow your driver had some… issues… understanding orders and requests.

  8. Post scriptum or hell let loose?

  9. Y’all remember when Phlee and Baron used to play together?

  10. Enemy tank at 3 on clock. Let’s point the gun at 12 then 9 on clock. Must be an American special clock

  11. Phly is so high he dont even know what he is playing anymore

  12. When I play warthunder it looked the same 😒

  13. 3:01 Whats wrong with you guys? ….. Charge! …………There is smoke with a Sherman behind……..^^

  14. War… thunder? Phly?

  15. War thunder’s got a sweet looking update since i played it yesterday.

  16. wait this is war thunder?
    big update you got there gaijin

  17. Marvin Zwijnenburg

    just play osrs, sorey phly

  18. Sentinelus The Dragon King Of Harmony

    Just make sure you replace the final drives before combat. When they break you are basically a fancy looking bunker.

  19. I liked post scriptom more than help let loose (the title)

  20. New update huh?

  21. I keep getting some red box that says workshop. Does anyone know what it is?

  22. omfg… I actually love AFK Arena x3

  23. Phly,please play Panzer IV H,the best vehicle on WarThunder

  24. Great gameplay, but your driver is a fucking moron.

  25. You should play the game Hero’s & Generals

  26. This is just Post Scriptum??!!?!

  27. They added what?

  28. Phly I do not know how you had the patients to deal with the driver if I was the gunner I would be yelling at the driver

  29. I smell…. a new gamemode….
    Which means…..

    This isn’t war thunder 🙁

  30. I watch your videos high,you can’t make titles like this I’m so confused. Hahaha

  31. Loving the unloved please Phly
    F7F Tigercat
    Fairey Firefly
    I-16 type 10
    Preferably with some historical information.

  32. WT has changed!

  33. I want more flak toaster and more hell let loose

  34. Why does it say (war thunder)

  35. War thunder?

  36. I swear if this driver doesnt hold….

  37. Wich is better? Hell let loose or post scriptum? Thx



  39. When did WT get it’s annoying CAS removed and when did gaijin add infantry

  40. PHLY !

    The Germans need a reconnaissance run.
    Play the Sdkfz 140/1 Aufklärungspanzer 38t – No video on the channel

    Attempt: #5

  41. Wait this is not War Thunder, this the new Fortnite Update right?

  42. C’est pas War thunder, ou alors ils ont fait une mise à jour révolutionnaire xD

  43. Play the Challenger 2 !!!!

  44. Yo PhlopyWhopy plz play IS2 WITH HE(IN WAR THUNDER)
    ATTEMPT #15

  45. Sherman? That’s not sherman, that’s spaceman!

  46. whats with all these dislikes? lol

  47. I playt a week not war thunder and this so changed

  48. 😂😂

  49. I didn’t know that War Thunder world war mode is released already.

  50. Phly : reverse this puppy (10:55)
    Me : what ?

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