Hell Yeah! – Sheridan – World of Tanks

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. We need a Warhammer update. How goes the progress?

  2. game is strange & broken in all kind of ways 😉 sad but true

  3. what kind of casino will kill-off their big cashcow ?

  4. Sheridan is a giant sack of balls.

  5. Spotting thru the bushes…it’s called wargayming doesn’t give two shits about the quality of their game texture and shortcut where ever possible to cost them as little as possible all the while forcing out garbage and expecting the players to just hand over their wallets at the alter of their bullshit.

  6. What a gane indeed

  7. I hope to see that Sheridan Survival Level: 100 match up too. This tank was pulling some memes for sure

  8. *no arti tiem to partii ayyyyyyy*

  9. For whatever reason I’m not getting notices from twitch when Circon streams.

  10. Ohh Batchat, you’re so good with you’re HEAT – BOOM!- Sit the Fuck down! ???????

  11. Fake bush? I’ve sat on the other side spotting tanks behind the building thinking the same thing about his bush line. Tho the 430U could have seen some of them too. As the bush line around the pillar is not as tall to cover them if the poke up. I’ve had better spotting games on his spot , VS were Circon was on E6 targets.

  12. Those bushes are fake!? So that’s why I got spotted there…

  13. Nice game, the fake boob to bush comment was the cake!

  14. The gun on this tank is so good

    Screw accuracy, gun handling all the way

  15. Fake bush = Merkin

  16. I regret to inform that I am unsubscribing cuz i no longer play this game. Thanks for the last 5 years Circon.

    Kind Regards

  17. Need a mod for highlighting effective bush models

  18. “Scouts have bad accuracy to not snipe”
    *meanwhile Circon is sniping*

  19. It’s not bug its feature da

  20. I live for umm… heavy and umm… medium….and ahhhh……..

  21. Anyone noticed how after the micropatch there is a spotting bug where it shows 2 digit spotting values when post game stats show MUCH MORE. I think it also means the uncounted spoting doesn’t ad to 3 marks .

  22. Sheridan 152 memes please

  23. what mod does cricon use?

  24. When your camo system draws confusion from some of your best players… You know you’re in World of Tanks.

  25. More seal clubbing! ?????????????

  26. “fake bush” a tank with a toupee and fake moustache?

  27. Respect Circon 😉 wp

  28. Love how the bat chat snipes

  29. Memewhile at WG HQ:
    A light tank did over 6k damage?
    Needs a nerf.

  30. at SEA server u cant get spot the enemy like E4 position because no one will go the route

  31. Yet again it shows how broken these maps are and the advantage one side has over the other.

  32. Mag ik vragen of je in Nederland woont? (Dutch for: May I ask you If you live in the Netherlands

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