HELP GERMAN AMMO RACKS NOW! (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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START PLAYING!! Download War Thunder NOW!
HELP AMMO RACKS NOW! (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)



  2. hello

  3. hello phylidaily

  4. Hallo.

  5. TheAdventuresOfNippleandFarty

    In the arms of an angel i hope you will be ok ply T_T)

  6. a menu where you could choose the position of your ammo would be nice, ammo
    seems to be placed in the most stupidest places possible with the least
    amount of logic.

  7. Can you make a cinematic or world of warship epic battle

  8. intro made me cry

  9. I want the t-29 in this game the vehicle is real is it because wargaming
    has the rights to it or I dont know can someone explain

  10. Here’s a combo for ya. M41 walker bulldog (with the updated sabot shells)
    and ad2. Gl hf

  11. M2a4 + p26 .50cal w/ bombs

  12. i would happily support those German Ammo racks Phly XD

  13. who tryed to send an email to that link LOL

  14. Hey Phly, do a SU-100Y box tank vs. bombers video :)

  15. that intro made me cry so sad. :(

  16. T32 and AD2 pleassseee 🙂 (attempt no.4)

  17. Christopher Lukeman

    One of those commercials was playing on the TV when I watched this

  18. Sekrit dokuments comrade )))) -_-

  19. British 40mil aa and tempist 47 mill

  20. Liek if you cry evry tiem

  21. how much should i donate?

  22. Take put the T-34-100 with the La-9.

  23. The m41 and the ad2 please

  24. Premium Achilles and Premium Hellcat! Beastly Combo!

  25. DAK panzer II with the Bf109 F4 trop. Renew the honour of DAK

  26. why you don,t play spt

  27. xaxaxaxaxaxaxaxaxa))))) game is balanced tovarische stop cry germanis
    xaxaxaxaxax sekrit doukments say russia stronk always)))

  28. Russian bias is real guys just go check the war thunder files

  29. Yeah and when you hit a tiger in the ammo nothing happens

  30. can we get the t-80 and an Il-2 with rockets

  31. HE filler you cretin

  32. I’m sooooo sad ????? I need too help em poor tanks

  33. Damn you Gaijin, abusing those poor defenceless ammo racks. Someone call
    amnesty international.

  34. 4x maxim gaz and mig 17!

  35. T-44 and Yak-9T/ Yer-2

  36. T-34-122 and Mig 9/L with Russian National Anthem. Stronk russian wood is
    stronk! :)

  37. Only take the KV-1 and the SpitFire.

  38. Help Sherman ammo! I’m pretty sure, the US was the only nation to use wet
    rack storage in their tanks. Basically, the Sherman’s ammo would be in a
    wet stowage consisted of surrounding ammunition stowage bins with a
    Glycerine and water mixture, which would poor onto any hot fragments
    entering the ammo compartment, stopping or at least slowing ammo

    A US Army study showed that 10 – 15% of wet stowage Shermans burned
    compared with up to 80% of dry stowage vehicles. This ammo was present on
    most Shermans after 1944 I believe.

    Yet in War Thunder, Shermans blow up to 37mm Russian AA guns.

  39. From the intro I thought that this is going to be a 20min video of you
    getting shot at the ammo rack!

  40. “Early soviet cold war”

    Tu-2-(59) and T54 1949

  41. Morale of the story… don’t expose the side of your casemate tank

  42. take the achilles and the mosquito FB Mk XVIII for the great queen….and
    for a life time supply of tea

  43. That is why I love german tanks – their rack explode nicely all the time ;)

  44. AirProduction -Airbajan

    M4 Sherman and The P-40 Kitty hawk with bombs (3)

  45. BT5 and MIG-17!

  46. The Sherman Firefly and the Fairey Firefly Mk V. The Firefly & Firefly

    attempt Nr 3.

  47. Unfortunately the germans dont have wonder bullet-sponges like the russian

  48. The germans mainly used APCBC or APBC while the russians used APHE

  49. fuckedupthunder

  50. That intro. So sad :'(

  51. Love for the swiss
    Atempt 3
    Play a plane used by the Swiss Air Force
    You can choose from: Bf 109 B, Bf 109 E3, Bf 109 G6/G10, P51D, Vampire,
    Venom, Hunter and the K+W C-3603 (Bf 110 in fictional camo) for ground
    pounding, (possible togheter with Pz 38(T) F)
    Defend the neutrality

  52. I was with you all the time yesterday when you streamed on twitch and
    heared everything you said about being ammo racked stupidly random in war
    thunder while playing world of tanks. I share your oppinion about the
    stupidtiy of the war thunder damage models and the pure RNG that gets you
    killed even tho you hit the enemy first the same way.someone on the forums
    data mined the ammo configs and you won’t be surprised when I tell you that
    T34 ammo has a much higher fire ignition ability for example than any
    german shell for example, not to mention us shells.dem feels tho.But there
    is the 128mm. Vengence is yours. o7

  53. Su-122-54 and Yer-2 for Uncle Joseph!

  54. American combo of tier 4 combo T 32 and B29 the best heavy combo

  55. NeverlostatBSgaming

    My ammo rack is frequently troubled in all my German tanks?

  56. i m crying like a baby

  57. Morale of the story : Russian Bias

  58. explosive filler much?

  59. so a russian killed you and another one and another one and another one 0
    allied tanks jist alll russians suspicious isnt it oh wait its russian bias

  60. “Our testing does not reveal any biases

  61. Leopard and Mig-15bis <3


  63. Something needs to be done about the German Ammo Racks :(

  64. play the Marder and the h111 medium bomber do it for The Füher

  65. Gaming With Daniel The Scot

    Tiger H1 and MIG 17

  66. best video in a while

  67. Ok, let’s do this. Leopard I with the CL-13A for a combined arms of speeds

  68. I think the Queen is tired of waiting for the Firefly and Firefly combo!!

  69. No bias blyat, what are you talking about cyka?
    XAXAXAXAXAXA gib moar money plox

  70. my name is not Max Ström

    M4a3 76 and the b24 I have not seen the b24 in action XDDD

  71. OOOOOOH MY GOD! As soon as Sarah McLachlan’s song came on I started craking
    up. Thank you for that man, that just made my day.

  72. play the T-60 and the PE-8

  73. You need to play “the american rut” Full linup of 3.7 american tanks. with
    your choice of fighter bomber as backup.

  74. I’ve never cried so much

  75. 🙁 Where can i donate xD ?

  76. *cough is-3 and t-10m turret ammo cough*

  77. Exactly why WT ground forces is boring. So fun to be one shotted every
    other death… Complain about hit points all you want but atleast in that,
    you have a chance to have fun….

  78. “Soviet sekrit dokuments combo” T-34-85 + IL-10

  79. Take out the Centurion Mk3 and the Lancaster w/ 2 4000lb bombs.

  80. I like to read the chats i saw this: OMG Fhly daily omg im ur fan

  81. Panther F and Fw 190 F8! (bombs of your choice)

  82. the intro tho hahaha ,, the feel!!

  83. Try to shoot down a plane with the KV-2 in Sim battles

  84. that fucking intro…holy shit. I cried

  85. timo ter schuur (GamingwithTimo)

    how to get your ammo count and fuel count on the screen??????

  86. t28 american tank and b24

  87. Sekrit dokument say spawns just fine comrade.

  88. The Tiger E and the FW200!

  89. Try and get a tank kill in Tank RB with the 40mm Hurricane IV

  90. Soviet tanks have more explosive in them then Germans, just saying.

  91. Daniel Rominger (MrVoodu77)

    i always wondered how many hours you play war thunder a day. how many games
    you have to play to get a good game to post on youtube.

  92. Help german tech tree in GENERAL!

  93. American and British ammo racks too

    Only Russian ammo racks explode rarely

  94. Is it a bad thing im enjoying the phly tears?

  95. the music is great XD

  96. lol the music

  97. That intro. Like if you cry every time.

  98. Dun wurry comrad iz hiztorical!

  99. T-54 and the MIG-15 PLZ

  100. The Russian Combo
    T-34 (Anyone)

  101. BLITZKRIEG COMBO !! #secondtry
    PZ II AND ARADO (or a High tier stuka)

  102. Comiser Phly by order of stalin u must take the IS-2 and dominate the nazys
    if you die wich sould not happent u have the IL-10 bomber in reserve to
    avenge the los of a tank if you do not acept this you will be sent to gulag
    for the rest of your mizreble life good luck comiser phly!

  103. German 37mm Combo (ATTEMPT 4)
    37mm flak/milk truck and Ju-87 G1
    Teach the allies ze good world of Hans!

  104. best intro NA ???

  105. Beautiful plane, hope to see it again.

  106. Jpancer

  107. i wish thire is a Japanese tanks

  108. T-32 & AD 2

  109. PhlyDaily good game =)

  110. Great video

  111. Phly please do the American rocket combo, the T34 Calliope and the P-47

  112. If the Germans get so raped by Russians, imagine what’ll happen to the
    Japanese if Gaijin adds them.

  113. Please keep these type of videos, they r so dam funny

  114. Sadly this has become normal that a 88 can’t explode a t34 from the side…

  115. Happy Sataphly folks!!!! Can you take out next ze FW 190a8/r2 sturmbocke (2
    20mm & 2 30mm cannon) & ze konige tiger ,thanks

  116. Could you turn the ingame volume up a notch?
    like engine and gun sounds maybe?
    Thanks mate :)

  117. Panzer 4 (H) and Stuka D-5 with gunpods!!!

  118. I want ton create a petition to add premium jets un warthunder, Like
    Lippisch-P13 A for deutsh nation or French mister-4 for exemple…
    I think it’s a good idéa 🙂 ( sorry for my english, i am french)

  119. a pink panther/fw190 with rockets

  120. It’s true. I ALWAYS ammorack German tanks if their ammo is hit. Always. But
    I hardly ever ammorack Russian tanks. Fucking Gayjin. Always the same with
    Russian/Belarusian games.

  121. I need Cromwell V and Huricane mk.II with rockets :)

  122. Tiger II (H) and FW 109 f-8

  123. pe 8 and t10m or t54

  124. Tiger II and me-163

  125. ye they mixed up m4’s with all german tanks kinda sad

  126. Because “yerman dankz r op”

  127. T32 and B57 MURICA FUCK YEA❗

  128. take on just cause 3

  129. … nothing feels better than pushing a half charge HEAT shell in a turret

  130. I havent seen the M4A3(105) Sherman in a while so heres my combo!


  131. jacques bernoux (jacber2)

    lol so true

  132. jacques bernoux (jacber2)

    russian ammo bias

  133. T10 and il20

  134. challenge: destroy a MAUS with 10kg bombs of he-51
    its possible.

  135. It’s kind of fun to see people cry about “Russian bias”, when in both
    matches, the one who won was the British. Kek.

  136. I think how the voting works is if people see the comment with a lot of
    votes they will thumbs it up. THIS IS RIGGED I WANT A REVOTE

  137. Bad shot ad-2 and the m-15

  138. ~intro: this is russian game so russian ammo never explodes 🙂 don t be

  139. it’s funny how solid AP shells explode ammoracks better than AP shots with
    explosive filler

  140. Hi phlydaliy hope make more vids

  141. right, if you REALLY want a challange you could try the t-60 and po-2 at br

  142. phly, its your fault for taking conqueror-ammo instead of russkie ammo made
    of stalinium! it obviously has to explode when being looked at…..

  143. even when you play english you get amo rack really often but you can’t
    detonate those russian amo rack. coming from somebody whose don’t want to
    believe to any bias :/

  144. Let’s see if this one will make it. The third reich is falling apart use
    your Panther 2 to defend at all costs and the new superweapon Horten 229
    for ground attack.

  145. IS2 is 122mm

  146. I cri evritiem :'( wher 2 donat?

  147. The Master Chief 2000

    Secret Weapons Combo! Maus and Ho-229

  148. During the intro song I noticed 3/4 deaths were from Russia, go figure.

  149. I hit German ammo and it never goes off for me

  150. P-26 with bombs and a M-22 Locust!!!!! Tiny Combo!!!!!!!!

  151. The intro…….. And they say there’s no such thing as Russian/Belarusian
    bias in these games, smh.

  152. Saying this right now you deserve more way more subs then you have your

  153. nico justfun (GER-RAINBOW DASH-MLP)

    i cry evry tim xc

  154. wow the music is depressing

  155. I cant play this game anymore ;D just fuck it.. And i noticed this long
    time ago.

  156. Panzer III L and Cl-13 Sabre MK5!

  157. Hy Phly! T-34E + Pe-2-205 ;)

  158. d f you can see those tanks…i see nothing….Game
    madness….Nice video…love watching your videos….

  159. fuck gaijin

  160. that intro
    i crie evrytiem

  161. this is kinda sad lol

  162. deltaforceairsoft579

    It blew your right track off cause it’s like the “exit wound” of the round,

  163. AC Mk. II AA and Spitfire Mk. IIa


  164. *U.S. Marine Corps early 1945 combo:* F4U-1C Corsair & M4A2 Sherman (75).
    Bring freedom to the islands of the pacific!

  165. #panzerlivesmatter

  166. PLAY KV-2!!!

  167. 11:09 dat hit, shell went trough ground and quietly hit :/ Happens to me so

  168. I have stopped playing ground forces. Its too much bias now, its too

  169. Fricking hell…. I should stop choping them darn onions during that
    intro…. Damn you Phly.

  170. XD

  171. Wendell Shrewsbury

    if i donate will i get a picture each month of a tank i am helping through
    the tragedies of ammo racks

  172. yuri de oliveira barbosa

    Big Boom German eddition

    Jadgtiger and Me-262 with the big gun

  173. I… have been deeply saddened

  174. SU 100 and IL 4

  175. Glad I’m not the only one dealing with this bs

  176. The Russian Bias got out of hand long ago. It is ridicolous.

  177. What do these ballons do? Or what did they do in ww2

  178. 999is666upsidedown

    I love the Jagdpanzer IV 70 .-.

  179. Brother Ptolemaios

    I never see anyone using the rangefinder. It’s in setting around
    binoculars, somewhere, and it’s nice if you have a second to measure before
    firing. Get the range, line it up with you hash marks, boom. Also, is it
    just me or d shots never pen the top? Continuously, i have a shot of a
    tank, slanted on a slope or something, and I have a good shot of the
    driver’s hatch or the engine deck. But it never seems to pen, and they just
    bounce onto the turret and disappear.

  180. Drive out the Tortoise and fly out the Firebrand!!! For the Queen!!!

  181. wait am i really the only one who cant ammo rack a German tank?
    it works fine on american tanks but Germans never get racked by me

  182. Challenge: pz2h with 50 mm apcr, and then bring a bf109 g6

  183. +PhlyDaily Valentine mk. XI and Hawker Hunter. I’ve killed an M60 with this
    tank, so no excuses!

  184. ahhhh the jagdpanzer 4/70 once feared by many tankers in the early days of
    WT GF now its just a target practice for everyone

  185. How do you use binocalars i now the spelling isn’t right

  186. phly do a custom battle with the M3 Lee’s 37mm gun as a AA gun it’s
    glorious :P

  187. Sir Stefan Channel!

    Didn’t someone find it when datamining that Russian shells are 3x more
    likely to ammo rack/cause fires or something?
    Also yeah, my German tanks are always getting racked, and I’m forever
    racking German tanks too. NEVER Russians, despite firing an APDS from 10
    metres into the ammo of a T-34-85

  188. You dont have one single Video on the Jagdtiger, so Jagdtiger + Me 262
    Pulkzerstörer aka narwhal! It is time foa ze german bik Kaliber!! :O

  189. Phly take out the t25 and f8f-1b with bomb and rockets do it for America!!

  190. i dont enjoy the 4/70. its got the same gun as the Panther but worst.

  191. Rip in peace Germany tonk

  192. Stug and ju 87

  193. That moment when a 75mm Panther round detonates in the middle of 4 people
    and only one perished. GG Soviet pride.

  194. At 14:23, .50 cal, or Wookiee?????

  195. It wouldn’t be a Phly video without a Matt Damon Advertisement..

  196. what did you expect from a hit in the side by a is-2???

  197. Comrade the Kv-2 and SU-152 have let us down they have been sent to the
    Gulag so our had working designer have come up with the biggest and most
    durpest tank yet The Box Tank! ride your Box tank into battle with Tu-2 air
    support and lead the motherland to victory! plz take out (SU100Y and Tu-2)

  198. the Pershing ;-;

  199. DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

    theres a reason why WT ground forces failed able to take WOTs crown of
    being the most popular mmo tank game.

  200. 0:57all you have to do to save an German tank is pay 2,000,000 an hour

  201. conqurer and hunter

  202. Phly I love your videos can you take out THE FIST OF STALIN THE SU-152 AND
    IL-10! FOR STALIN!!!!

  203. Sherman 76 (W) (m4a3 I think) and A20G. haven’t seen a Sherman 76 vid in a

  204. looks cool

  205. T5 and Pe8

  206. Phly plz teach me da ways of the ME 109

  207. BMD4 and SU25

  208. Bf 110 pls

  209. 99CCFF 756e6b6e6f776e65786961 647072746c646b

    17 pdrs got nerfed lululul

  210. Sniff tears have been shed this day . MURICA!!!

  211. germans are nerfed

  212. P-51-D and Sherman Jumbo “Merica”

  213. butt tank and swordfish attempt 3

  214. Lol vee or five or cleavage phly you clever bastard.

  215. Hahaha the start of the vid with the music and the Germans blowing up made
    me laugh

  216. Sekrit Dokuments say that German ammo racks were coated in nitroglycerine.

  217. Patrick Adams (Orion)

    Dude, you WEP waaaay too much.

  218. That intro, I can totally relate.

  219. Phly do the T95 and any b-17 of your picking, I want to see you suffer in
    this tank.

  220. Only carry about half ammo capacity and never get racked

  221. For every shits given your donation can help these poor German tanks, make
    hitler proud :D

  222. Churchill VII and 57mm Mosquito

  223. AlOhAPvP HawaiiBoiz

    Yo phly hey over here use de fat plane and de fat tank

    hunter and conquer

  224. SgtArsekicker PPSH41 (PPsh41)

    true phly true ;c

  225. How Shermane pen Tigre?

  226. thx phly! now i know a reason why to don’t play with german td :D

  227. Matilda and Venom

  228. I love the Me 410 so much (B-6!) shame Gaijin is to damn daft to give it
    it’s 75mm bullet-proof windshield it had IRL.

  229. that begining kills me 😀 U r over the top dear Phly, nobody catch U 😀
    (sorry 4 my english)

  230. the m4 sherman and b-17 g and cus less in your vids

  231. for get it do do do it

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