Helping out the lower tiers.. – ARL 44

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. I literally never get this match making in my lower tier tanks. I gave up on the French line because they sucked so bad. After seeing this I might start over at the ARL 44. Thanks Circon for showing us us these lower tiers.

  2. Nice streamer MM…. 2 top tier games in a row.

  3. Vedran Špoljarić

    can smn link me CIRC gun marks mod? 🙂

  4. Why no good 90mm gun

  5. It’s good to see your YouTube channel grow. Could you please consider doing showcases of vehicles on two or three maps, explaining tactics that scrubs like me can emulate and grow as players.

  6. “way too” is part of the memetric system.

  7. @circon what does the percentage above your ammunition mean?

  8. Watching this video with Fallout radio on the BG is so classy

  9. BagelsGamingOnline

    Circon can you link me to the download pack of that marks of excellence thing you got? I could really use it while grinding T-54 marks, Idk what I doing wrong when I get 4k combined then 6k combined and the % drops. that should help me out

  10. I think WG just forgot to lower alpha on apcr, when they were balancing the gun alpha :DD

  11. 21 minutes of our Lord and Saviour??? Today is a good day

  12. Making Tier 4s suffer.. it’s a service really.. they should pay you..

  13. What’s the depression on ARL44?

  14. You feel sorry for current tier 4 players? Back when i started playing WoT M24 Chaffee (highest tier scout then) did cost 55K XP to unlock and scout matchmaking was +4. I had so much “fun” playing against tier 8s in my tier 4 Stuart that when i finally unlocked Chaffee i didn’t want to play or even buy it.

    • Actually the scout MM was +5 when the highest scouts were Tier V.

    • Soshykin, i think it was before my time as i don’t remember playing against tier 9s. But i did confuse Chaffee being last tank in it’s line with it being highest tier LT overall. Scout matchmaking was reduced from +4 to +3 in June 2014 and in September Chaffee’s line was extended with T37, M41 and T49.

    • I have no idea when this was, but I remember figthing E-100s and IS-7s in my Tier V Chaffe when it had the weird, T37 looking turret

    • It were the days whan M24 was the most agile tank in game while T-50-2 the fastest and best overall light. Both tier V’s, both had to face tier X’s. Gold ammo was for actual gold so we all had fun penetrating top tier tonks. Weird days, I have to admit

    • VK 2801 had an amazing derp gun too. Shame I got it weeks before the HE rework. 🙁

  15. Totally balanced APCR in this tank…

  16. Great video Circon … to get more views … add boobs to it … #NoBrainer

  17. The lefh. The only Arty that still fires heat…

  18. welcome to norway circon, hehe, weather is all over the place these days

  19. ‘I don’t get a lot of draws’. Circon 2018 – 66% win rate.

  20. HAHAHAHAHA! “Welcome to world of tanks! Have you bought your tier VIII premium yet? Remember, it’s all the fault of Preferential matchmaking.” I LAUGHED SO HARD!

  21. new temperature index: “way too humid degrees Circonflexes”

  22. That humidity sensor/app was so precise! #waytoohumid

  23. Thanks for making this video man. Really highlight how terrible +2 really is.

  24. really dude? full premium in top tier OP tank?

  25. Ovidiu Alexandru Hubert

    Why making fun of low tier players? Not everyone have sponsors or are daily credit card users/shot gold run food or convert free exp users like you. Not cool! Dislike!

  26. Your videos are great circon. I am a big fan.

  27. Nathan Blackman

    Circon what mod are you using to tell you the damage u need to get per game for marks excellence?

  28. Кристиян Митев

    So about pc warming thing. Outside is currently like 33 and inside without AC it is 26-27 when i play WoT for like 2h the room temp gets up to 32-33 so yeah you kinda need AC. Also 10 years old CPU gets to 102 celsius under 4h of load with room temp of 27.

  29. i dont watch twitch, but if i did i would watch you. i love the arl44 and am surprised that you like it also. when i see you post 2 videos i watch them both. i like your commentary during fights.

  30. 28 degrees… lol pleasant winter day here in SA… Try 41…

  31. They all had fun!! XD

    Seriously. WG. fix your S**t!

  32. What is your favorite tank circon??

  33. *cranks volume to watch circon*
    *forgets to turn it down, goes to watch flambass*

  34. Where in Norway do you live?

  35. Finally a long episode 🙂

  36. Seems to me like the CC program is a whole lot more trouble than it is worth. They expect a lot of work from you with near nothing for compensation. What is your opinion of the new NA controversy BS?”

  37. I feel oddly compelled to play french tanks , Thanks Circon

  38. Regarding the temperature issue, come to Croatia in a month time when its above 40°C. And then try to play something on youre PC. You can feel youre skin melting away and few bad teams later you are sitting in youre chair like a skeleton while there is a huge pile of melt skin, muscles and fat under you.

  39. 18:40 savage xD

  40. A bit of feedback, I really dig the multiple game uploads like this. Would love to see more like it. I often find myself watching stream recordings on your twitch page to get my bulk circon fix!

  41. One video a day is perfect imo, I watch them while waking up for work with my b-fast and coffee. Circon starts my day off perfectly with the chill vibes bro.

  42. Seal clubber! 😉

  43. Check Hong Kong if you like humidity.

  44. NinjaMonkeyPrime

    I bet those guys you 1 shot are going to have so much more fun after pref MM is fixed and they won’t get +2 MM anymore. What? It won’t change anything? Hmmm.

  45. TheKoolaidman371

    circon man you don’t know humidity until you visit the southern US. It could be 85F outside, and feel like 110F

  46. How about 3 marking the ARL from stock to finish. It’d take you more than 35 matches to get your 2nd mark.

  47. When people complain about 28 degrees lol


  48. Feel bad about the moon talk; it actually does have an atmosphere of odd gases like sodium and potassium.

    BTW those temps are intruding upon Southern United States temps, man. And here I thought I could escape global warming by moving far north.

  49. Honestly, I love my arl44

  50. The weather in the Netherlands is a giant meme

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