Helping reduce the player base in War Thunder | FLAK BUS 88MM (War Thunder)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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Helping reduce the player base in War Thunder | FLAK BUS 88MM (War Thunder)


  1. I swear Phly can go anywhere and not get shot. If I go hide in a forest across the map, it’s like the enemy team has telepathy and all turrets rotate to me.

  2. Günther, fire up de Audi, let’s cruise down ze autobahn, open up the V8, litsening to techno so loud it’s like listening to Thor’s arsehole… until we reach Berlin. If we go too far and reach Poland, then fuk it.

  3. mmm lower tier VFW much fun

  4. what innernet connection does he use?

  5. Why does the flak sound like its sneezing every time it fires?

  6. I was hurt inside when phly was “covering” that Pz. IV G and looked away as the T-34 poked out of the smoke
    Tunnel vision maybe? Just maybe.

  7. dis title LMAO

  8. How did you find matches? The servers are always empty.

  9. phlydaily became sphookdaily

  10. Always thought this needed to be painted black with some evil green energy spewing out of it. If this thing isn’t the closest to a real life Necron Monolith we’ve ever had, I don’t know what is. It’s a moving building with a death cannon on top, if you run out of shells just run over the enemy.

    Instead of Mortal Engines being a bad sci-fi movie, should have just been a documentary about this monster of a city.

  11. Phly, please phly the I-185 M-71! You’ve never featured it on the channel. Attempt #6

  12. The thing I hate most about WarThunder and World of Tanks is how easy it is to get killed in one shot or spray of fire without ever seeing who kills you or being able to do anything about it.

  13. phly: ohhh, this is kinda sneaky
    *tree disappears*
    phly: no, this is not kinda sneaky

  14. Phly: “tough matches” “can I get any unluckier?” *Gets every kill he aims for*
    Me: *Gets killed not even half way to the capture point area three matches in a row*
    Yeah yeah. Really tough matches

  15. I prefer breda 501

  16. HEAY!

  17. Sees first 45 seconds. Welp that’s the entire video no need to watch the rest. *watches the rest because it’s daddy phly*

  18. How about use the flak truck to kill planes

  19. Basically a slower VFW

  20. They really need to add the HE-DF for the flakbus again ?

  21. I tried to get back into War Thunder, but having to spend literally hundreds of dollars on golden eagles to get top tier vehicles or spending months of grinding with a premium account just wasn’t for me.
    Yeah, it’s ‘free to play’, but it’s ‘pay to unlock what you want’.

  22. Yo phly do a video on the f-82e with its 14 fifty cals

  23. Someone royally fucked up with the BR of this thing. Either the BR should be bumped up, or the reload speed should be made much longer. That thing is too OP.

  24. lucas spaceprogram

    Phly i swear if you don’t or ever take out the char 25T (bat-chat) i m gonna call you flyfaily til you play it ?

  25. As good of a gun that the flak bus has i absolutely hate it, mainly cause the terrible depression gets me killed alot

  26. Playing lower/mid tier Germans can be a struggle if you are wanting to frequently win battles.
    I often find that it’s against mostly Russian vehicles driven by lvl 100 account players, where most of the German vehicles are being driven by lvl 20-30’ish players.

    If I recall you commented about this in one of your videos in the past, something about new players are often drawn to the German vehicles and end up facing off against experienced players grinding out Silver Lions in their favorite lower tier vehicles to cover the costs of high/top tier game play.

  27. “Mr 3 inch” sounds like a devastating insult

  28. Big Daddy Boom Boom

    They should really nerf the reload of this thing. Hans can’t juggle 88 mm armor piercing rounds that goddamn fast. It’s really absurd when you think about it. I feel like a lot of vehicles in this game have unrealistically fast reload rates.

  29. Hey lol, something under tiered for Germany. hOw oRiGIonAL

  30. So…. is this thing an anti aircraft, or an anti armor gun?

    *88 Flak Bus* : Both. Duh. 😉

  31. Please would someone be kind and send me a good link for how to get started in this game. I play WOT already, but this looks so different. Just need some smart pointers. Thanks in advance.

  32. Reducing the player base doesn’t need help, people abusing aubls and spawn camping is already doing a great job at that

  33. I feel like you hate when I ask this but do you think the A-6 intruder should be added to warthunder

  34. Ah miss this game :'(

  35. How are you punching through the front plates of shermans? Everytime I do that they bounce every single time.

  36. Phly “enemy tank let’s get some depression”
    Me “ I already have depression do I win”

  37. Why doesn’t the flak bus have a flak round!?

  38. But now do it Flak

    I challenge u to kill one or more planes with the flakbus

    Attempt 1

  39. Phlippity Phloppity Whop please play the M103 HE only! Show the world what 120mm of FREEDOM derp looks like!

  40. I love myself a ww2 zombie killing bus colorized

  41. Loving the unloved please Phly
    I-16 type 10. Preferably with historical information.

  42. It’s incredible how many enemies just drive in front of your gun without any sense. I would’ve been blown up by the first guy who could possibly see me. But I see spotting is everything and you’re excellent in distinguishing vehicles from objects. If I still hesitate if something is an opponent or a rock I usually see a shell flying right to me from it and it’s too late^^

  43. 17:42 Welp, there goes my faith in russian bias

    Still playing in Soviet faction tho, wanna get to top tier before starting on others.

  44. Researching it atm. ?

  45. Whenever I play on Xbox instead of pc I’m always scared I’m gonna run into you dominating with mid tier vehicles??

  46. You guys follow this guy like puppy dogs. This guy does this crap for a living and gets paid to do it..and is one of the guys responsible for your vehicle’s Battle Rating to go up and thus making it more difficult for the “average” players to perform.

  47. Play Marder III H! Its a warcrime at its tier…

  48. Only when you have air superiority…

  49. I might reach this vehicle today.

  50. when she given head but he ask for more

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