Helping the high tiers out! – STA-2 – World of Tanks

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  1. Jingles?

  2. Nice TL-1 LPC title hehe 😀

  3. This video is ok.

  4. Great game, but you should have another look at wargamings official spotting mechanics video they posted 2 years ago. two bushes in a row just increase your camo by a load, but they dont make you unspotable. In other words, double bushing decreases the distance from where you get spotted, but it still is a little higher than the proxy spotting distance (maybe 60-70m).

  5. Circon you are by far the best WOT youtuber on youtube, and probably also the best twitch streamer for WOT although I watch more of your youtube than Twitch as I dont always have the time. q

  6. 300+ xmasboxes is surely a million credits of consumables

  7. I have seen much worse heavies. At least he was at the front.

  8. The Pz VII played as good as the tank is.
    Cuz that thing is complete garbage

  9. Another tank that was so good to me back a few tears now it’s like I’ll be lucky if I get a team that lasts 5 mins.

  10. I used to go to that spot Circon was criticizing. It works….if the enemy is awful and lower tier then you otherwise it’s just a fast track to garage.

  11. The STA-2 is apparently one the best premium tier VIII’s on console. Due to the balance changes due to the nature of gameplay on console it has stupid dpm and is really consistant. Id love to see everyones reaction to the Italian’s being the worst tech tree on console because the dpm of the Progetto 65 was nerfed by i believe 27%(?)

    • Yeah the STA2 is superb on Console when it was introduced it was given PMM due to sub par mobility despite it having one of the best premium rounds on a Tier 8 medium now it’s practically a Better STA1 with Pref MM

  12. You poor poor old man

    Jingles 2.0 coming

  13. That Panzer 7 just wanted to have you get the Damage.

  14. It’s not the support role, it’s the gold spam role. And yes, -2 MM is back in full swing. Time to see how it’s going at armored warfare I guess

  15. Well, gotta give some props to the Panzer VII: he didn’t get himself killed in a mindless YOLO charge and actually did the heavy tank thing of being up front. Yes, I know, average stuff, but given how BAD people in this game can be with heavy tanks it’s mildly refreshing to see someone only be half-stupid instead of completely stupid.

    • I always breathe a sigh of relief when at the start the team at least goes to positions relevant to thier tanks, increases your chance of having a win improve greatly, even if they are average to bad players but in just the right places.

    • And you know whats the true bottom of the barrel? After YOLO-ing to death the heavy instantly started to rage in chat how everyone should have YOLO-ed and died with him etc etc.

  16. Jūšțīň Hēłłēř

    That conqueror had 2020 view range.

  17. 2:49 tbh though if I was the conqueror and you could shoot me through those without being spotted I would be pissed

    • It’s happened to me before. I’ve been in the Conqueror’s position, with max view range and I get blasted through the bush and can’t spot them back. It’s so dumb

  18. Don’t worry worlds greatest Panzer 7 is here! Lol

  19. Maybe E100 forgot to take Ammo? Is that still a thing?

  20. Circon you are awesome! I’m really happy to see your content again! Here’s to a great 2020!

  21. Just panzer 7 things

  22. Did you notice you were burning through your Gold ammo first?

  23. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who has noticed the ‘Go left under the bridge’ play. It’s just so stupid and i’ve been racking up damage scores catching people doing that. Whoever made the Youtube video encouraging people to go left, THANK YOU.

    • ive realized the same thing a while ago and think “god damn they are so stupid” as they die 2 seconds later, really wonder who made it popular

  24. fuck that bush

  25. The Panzer 7 did not have any more windows to lick.

  26. circon, most trees only count as cover if knocked down

    • I’m fairly positive this isn’t accurate. The foliage from a tree provides cover as long as it is inbetween you and the enemy. So in that instance, the tree might not be giving him anything because he is below the foliage, but the foliage was still active cover even without being knocked down. I’m happy to be proven wrong, though, if you have any sources.

    • @Cloud 9 that was my point, it doesn’t always give the camo when standing

    • @Veteran Noob cool, my bad. Please read how you worded it and see if you can understand how it was easily misunderstood.

  27. This channel is way to underrated.

  28. Is that an illegal mod? The one that tells you armor pen or whatever?

  29. 5:4 hashjasjhasjhasashhahhahahaj 1°

  30. No spotting for heavies-be heavy!

  31. Circ, bro, you’re one of the best out there…but no, that bush and tree are nowhere near enough at that close range to keep you unlit there, in my opinion. If you were back another 50m or so I bet it would keep you covered, but that close…just outside of proxy range…I would never expect to remain unlit there bud. Really not trying to come off like an asshole, just surprised you thought you’d stay dark there.

    gg’s as always.

  32. Nice game, but damn, look at the 7k+ dmg your T50/51 got!

  33. I’m loving all this content recently circon, especially with the daily uploads. Keep it up you memelord

  34. Anyone else thinks that without facecam Circon sounds like really gentle guy and when you see him he looks like very angry guy even if he isn’t 😀

  35. Not sure if Circon is serious or sarcastic about Philip in his Pz.7

  36. That was some serious monk ass shit

  37. I wish they added a prestige thing to tanks… Cause if i could 3 mark the stb1 and sta2 again as well as the cromwell and tiger 2 i would. I absolutely adore those tanks… Tiger 2 needs a nasty buff though

  38. Your first comment rang true to me as well.. last night. 8 games at tier 6 and 8. 7 were +2mm!

  39. I don’t see people supporting from the first drawer position very often. One knows it makes angling a lot harder.

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