Here’s How a Unicom Sets up His Tier 9 and 10 Light Tanks

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Source: LemmingRush

Ill make a new video if anything changes, but i doubt it will. Maps havent changed, main changes lights seems to have been their guns and hp.


  1. Thank you for your videos, you have made me so much better at the game, i was a orange average, now i am winning most games, thank you so much 🙂

  2. Ahhh, my daily dose of LR. Better than bacon o7

  3. So load it standard way – focus on maxing view range and DPM, get repairs and sack off passive spotting.

    How is this different from mediums, lol? Not a dig at you mate, just the type of gameplay they seem to be pushing…

  4. do you think those tanks are any good though? Even Quickybaby cried they butchered them, and he rarely does that to WG.

  5. 9.18 on eu when(date)????

  6. best LT per tier after 9.18???



  8. I would probably drop vents and bring coated when I get BIA in the crew, just of the massive view range boost. For me personally it’s worth the dpm loss to get all the spotting damage and secure those open map games.

  9. Nice video! I’m not sure what to think about the new lights at all. I think I’m just gonna wait for a bit to see what to do with it, looking at skills, going for what lines etc.

    Btw, I heard Quickybaby say that Situational Awareness gives more view range then Recon. Like 3% vs 2%. Didn’t know that before. He probably has it from a website that shows hidden stats etc.

  10. Thanks for the tips!

    Quick Q: Does it make sense to double up on repair kits now that it’s a reusable consumable?

  11. Interesting: my thinking was the opposite: since consumables are reusable now, I thought repair will be less important, because u can solve ur problem more often with a repair kit.

  12. which Lt seems the best in your opinion?

  13. little tip take situational awerness before recon because it gives you a little bit more view range

  14. So is light tank still good for clan wars or med would be a better option now

  15. #buffthelights Just look at the official World of Tanks North America channel’s video announcing patch 0.19! It’s full of that hashtag!

  16. I’m curious to see your thoughts on the new light meta. Several other youtubers have not had good things to say about the changes.

    I haven’t played 9.18 yet, but I’m very afraid they have ruined two of my favorite tanks: ELC and the Ru 251.

  17. Lemming what do you think of the new T49 90mm? It’s reload is stupid quick and has okay pen on standard (212). I bought the tank while it was still tier 8 a few days ago


  19. who cares. tanks suck anyways now:/

  20. t49 master race

  21. Oh look WG: “oh we needs to nerfs the view ranges of the light tankses”, Lemming still don’t give a crap using rammer/vents/stabs :)))

  22. When you’re on the EU server and haven’t gotten the update yet 🙁

  23. I agree on no HE for other than the German tier 9/10s.  That high pen HE is damned effective vs other lights!  I always hit the 3 key as the game starts cause I’m likely to run into lights first then later switch to AP.

  24. You don’t run a food item?

  25. It's not what you think

    But will they survive a Type 5?

  26. had anyone noticed that the tier 10 lights cost quite a bit more xp then all the other tier 10’s?

  27. Heres how a sensible player sets up new T10 light tanks:

    step 1: Sell it, it’s shit.

    step 2: Profit.

  28. Snap shot is 7.5% stabilization (works like vstab) when moving the gun, smooth ride is very disappointing at only 4% and that is only when moving in a straight line or reversing in a straight line. I even do camo and vr setups in certain meds and heavies to make it a little easier hunting down passives.

  29. Thumbnail made me expect Unicum Guide Daniel Text to Speech reader voice.

  30. Arthur de Oliveira

    I wanna be sure to see more. lol

  31. Best way to set them up is to play a tier IX or X medium instead.

  32. Real question is why woyld you play the new light tank instead of any med?

  33. Lemming,

    Do you think the lights are going to be competitive at all? I still think the Bat Chat is the best tier 10 light tank, unless something changed that I didn’t see… I’m probably going to sell most of the light tanks and just keep one around for da boosts. Speaking of which, do you think the RU T10 will be good for that? I don’t want to grind the others. 😀

  34. What view range you get with that setup?

  35. Nangrahari Malang

    i have lttb on eu server with pewmium camo it go to tier camo or not ?

  36. Nangrahari Malang

    man stop reading from notebook its ok if your english is weak . just joking ..

  37. I don’t see how a 2% increase in DPM is worth giving up like 40 viewrange. Taking vents over optics is just greedy IMO.

  38. You’d figure they’d put a big fat popup when you log on that your gold was refunded for your up-tiered tank camo and stuff. I thought it was just missing until I expanded the message box. :/

    -What happened to our camo, gold and inscriptions on our tier-shifted lights? Did we get our gold refunded or something? So confused.-

  39. New patch makes me want to quit the game. Anyone else feel that way?

  40. legit thought you were going to post a video of you selling all your tier 9/x lights in lieu of the lastest light tank nerf storm

  41. I seriously thought this was going to be a video of you selling them all.

  42. Love these specific tank set up vids. Would like to see all the top tier mediums!

  43. Hey, when you say “every single light tank in the game” do you mean “all tanks of all tiers”?

  44. Tried to use a cool nickname but failed miserably

    So basically they broke “pure scouting”?

  45. I really suggest carrying HE, even if you only carry 1 or 2 shells. It’s how i was able to kill a KV-4 while driving my Chaffee. Splashed HE onto the side of his turret over his engine deck for like 16 damage to kill with 1 shot. i was laughing so hard i nearly crashed lol

  46. you play your lt like meds, so repair is good, but i think that repair in lt is not good. if you get hit and used rep kit and you got hit again, repair wont help you. you are dead. but that just me. im not uniqum just a yello guy who dont know to spell english xD

  47. Hi LR, just don’t get it..why u use recon on commander instead of situational awareness on loader? R=2% view range SA=3%…any particular reason 4 that? thanks

  48. Seriously Dude,

    you quickly became one of my most favorite Youtuber who’s focusing on World of Tanks videos.
    You are far off from the typical “look at me how good i am” and commenting other players great achievements.
    While those are from time to time very entertaining, you show off how to play the maps or tank roles while explaining why.
    One of the best examples is the video on the hill of Himmelsdorf.

    I’d like to thank you very much with my comment and i hope you keep up doing the videos you do, instead of some other Youtubers who “promise” they upload videos how to tank better and then follows up just one video and thats it.

    with best regards from Bavaria ( obviously playing on EU Servers ),
    home of Lederhosen, Dirndl, Maß Bier and the overhyped Oktoberfest!

  49. Camo is a *skill*, not *perk* (ie it works from 1% & up), so why wait until it’s 100% to change over?

  50. No camo crew? That basically makes you ineffective as a scout should you want to be one though

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