Here’s How I almost got a Pools on Malinovka… Almost ._.

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Source: LemmingRush

Here’s the end all my videos up this point. As I’m writing this, all my previous videos for the past 12 days or so have been pre-recorded.
I hope the effort has been worth it, I expect the quality my videos has suffered considering i was recording and editing 3+ videos per day, but I hope no one minds.


PS Ill be back sometime in the next 5-10 days depending on trip times and getting back into wot, send me any your good replays, i might use some help get back into the uploading full time routine again.


  1. I am going down the chinese lines now. These lights are awesome. They are basically tiny mediums with good camo. your vids are helping a ton. thanks

  2. “i”ll just jumpe off the cliff, its the sulution to everything” bruh

  3. ILajkDoomTurtles

    Lemming, why have i seen this replay like 10times?

  4. *malinovka

  5. “I just jump of the cliff, that is always the solution”
    And they said suicide wouldn’t work.
    “Mom I’ll be back soon”
    *I won’t*

  6. 10/10 would jump off again

  7. I absolutely see no problem with the bottom tier scouts assisting with field vision, passively.

  8. In EU server 8 times out of 10 ppl go where that TD was. Well not exactly same place, but almost. Dunno if it is so different US / EU, but that sure was. And second thing what is different. All good arty players which I know (yes there are rly good arty players, altough they are scumbags) shoot nowdays lights and meds. Reason for that is, lights and meds dont have armor to take arty shots and almost never ever med, or light players use spall liner. Also the biggest threat for arty are 1 lights, 2 meds, 3 other arty and last but, not least 4 heavy.

    On the ranked battles you could know if the arty player was good if he shot heavies or not. I played Type5 heavy with spall liner and got 12 shots from BC arty. Ended losing almost 1k HP. In my opinnion that was bad trade.

  9. please make your videos avaible for translation :'(

  10. you played a first class game and did everything right.

  11. You cannot predict pubbies.

  12. It's not what you think

    They’re nerfing my fucking Type 4 heavy. What point is there in paying this shit game anymore except for the OHO buffs?

  13. “jump off cliff solution to everything” – lemmingrush 2017

  14. Driving through the 1 line would not be a bad idea but you would risk being spotted by the amx

  15. “Drive down the cliff, works everytime”
    Tried on overlord, didn’t work
    Goddamn lemming

  16. Don’t beat yourself up Lemming. It was out of your control, and you still played awesomely. That guy was right. You’re fun to watch.

  17. More “Mornings with Lemming Rush”?

  18. Tangled and Happiness

    “just jump off the cliff. That’s the solution to everything.” XD well said, LR. You’ll be convicted of causing a lot of suicides now.

  19. 2:08 My right ear didn’t like that very much:/ I’m a headphone user.

  20. Thankyou lemmingrush. since ive been watching yourstragey videos my winrate has gained at least 5%

  21. YOUR NAME IS JAMES?!?! Cool.

  22. 2:16 Oh God that rock looks gross

  23. From now on when someone has a problem, I’m just gonna quote lemming, “Just jump off a cliff, works every time!”

  24. oh so this is what WG meant by changing the maps. Yeah the new Muro looks like cancer

  25. Malinovka*

  26. Another good video, lemming! Who cares if you got the title wrong 😛

  27. Hmm. Pulling back and luring the Ru 251 into crossfire would have been the right play, but I don’t think there is a player in the world who would have been able to keep their cool and slam on the brakes in that situation, and definitely not TWO of them on the same random team… 🙂

  28. loving the videos man I feel they are helping in some way. it’s great the way you try to say what you were thinking at the moment that shit goes down. gives me a different way of thinking

  29. or I should say a different prospective of things

  30. Lemming jumping off a cliff?

  31. Hill hill hill…the game should have been won 13-7 by the enemy by capping and who ignored the hill.

  32. pools and kolobanovs

  33. “Fires gold at arty”

  34. Pls make a video about “NEVER going to beach on Overlord”

    had a game when we were winning 8-5 then it went out of control fast

  35. There is a faint rapid beeping sound in many of your recent videos. This one included. Please fix. It gives me a headache when watching these.

  36. Honestly i wouldnt expect a tank a where you said the average player would be at j8 or f8/f7

  37. Welp great vid lemming keep it up xD

  38. Enjoy your vacation Lemming

  39. U pretend to be a really good player u actually really arent the games u show us are full of retarded players

  40. A good player would of gotten that pools medal….. haha just kidding love the vid as allways

  41. I think the RHM driver is a huge fan of yours. They said where would he expect me? ok so i will go the 1 place he never think of me to be. And Bam suprise!!!!!!!!!!! lol

  42. This was good. I like the trick for getting off the hill. It’s rare for me to even make it off the hill alive. In other words, I don’t know what to do in that position because I rarely make it to that position. That’s one of my biggest issues: what to do when I get farther than I usually get. That’s happening a bit more lately because I’m getting a little better and living longer. A game on that map where the hill is not contested is rare. It unfolded like it was a low tier game. Of course you had something to do with it by going to an advanced position on the flank where the heavies go and shooting at vehicles as opposed to passive spotting while you wait for your team mates to catch up. That looks to be a common theme with your play style and a lesson others like myself can (or should) learn: passive spotting is a lot like sniping–it really doesn’t work (or end well). Play a fast vehicle, go to an advanced position early, try to get some spots and damage on vehicles headed for their alpha positions, then, based on what has happened so far, go somewhere else. That seems to be what you usually do. My only question in this particular battle is why stop to engage the RHM at the end? Your job at that point was obvious (to reset the cap). Like you said, you weren’t going to kill him either at all or in time to also reset the cap. Why not use surprise, speed and maneuverability in an effort to avoid getting shot while you reset the cap? Those are your strengths, and, as far as I can tell, your accustomed style of play. You probably had v-stab, so zig-zag, try to get away, reset, find cover, all the while deciding what to do next (aka maybe make some more of your own luck). That’s what separates us as players: you can do all of that in real time while I can’t. It’s like you couldn’t help it. You spotted him, you had him flanked (his side was to you), and you couldn’t resist stopping to put a shot into him even though you knew he was at full health and you had something more important to do. That’s food for thought. It’s like your default is to do damage rather than win. Maybe that’s the better way to play–I don’t know. Of course now I sound like one of those I dislike the most: an average player (on his best days) who thinks he’s in a position to tell another (possibly better) player what he should have done. One more comment: I play arty sometimes. Don’t ever, ever worry that arty will ask for help and others will rush to his aid. It doesn’t happen. Think about how you respond when arty asks for help. My suspicion is you ignore it, laugh at it, or don’t even see it because you’re busy playing your game. That’s exactly what most everyone else does. A relevant story: I was in a tier 10 game a long time ago. I believe it was one of the first high tier games I was ever in. If I remember correctly, it was because I received a tier 8 Scorpion as a free rental. And, as usual, I was bottom tier in this tier 10 game. Back then I had in-game chat enabled. At the very beginning of that particular battle some tier 10 guy requested in chat that someone stay back specifically to guard arty. I didn’t know what else to do so I took it upon myself to guard the arty. It worked. I kept all of the arty alive for the whole game. They were able to do their job without worrying about repositioning, who is hunting them, when/where to run, etc., and we won with relative ease. With a premium TD I was able to get relatively early spots and shots on any vehicles that tried to approach. In those days I ran binoculars. camo net, and gun rammer on every vehicle I had. For that job those items were appropriate. The obvious problem with guarding arty is it’s soooo boring. And that’s if the battle goes well. If it doesn’t you’re likely to be over run which isn’t much fun either. When I play arty I dream of having someone back to guard me. It never ever ever happens. I also dream of having of having team mates fall back to help me when things get dicey. That never happens either. That’s part of the reason I don’t ask for help or use any of the signaling keys. I feel they are more of a distraction in a game that is by it’s nature every man for himself (with regard to public random battles).

  43. “I just jump of a cliff, that’s the solution to everything” – LemmingRush 2017

  44. Of you could stop calling arty clickers and what they’re doing clicking, I would have no issues with anything you say. It’s informative but calling arty players clickers just irks me.

  45. Jumping off a cliff is the solution for a lemming 😉

  46. I once go to the middle of the field in a LT stay silent through the game no shot fired, no movement at all, got 3.5K spotting damage.

  47. I for one would like to see the post game stats on that battle… I’m *really* curios if the Borsig did manage to do *anything* other than killing you the entire game…

  48. I wanna know where I have seen this battle before…

  49. Allmost getting it is the same as not getting it.

  50. once you took gone down the out the arty you should of gone around the west side of the map to destroy the RU and then travel back the way you came as the rhm would be expecting you to come from a different flank.

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